unsheathed – Chapter 104: Sharing the Spoils

Chapter 104: Sharing the Spoils

Chapter 104: Sharing the Spoils

The turtles were native to Go Table Mountain, so they were naturally very familiar with the mountain paths. Moreover, their ability to traverse mountainous terrains was also far superior to donkeys and hinnies, so it wasn't long before they arrived at the outskirts of Go Table Mountain. If they used the post road and headed south for another 10 kilometers, they would arrive in Red Candle Town.

Even though this post road was obstructed and partially cut off due to the sudden fall of Jewel Small World, Chen Ping'an and the others still decided against using it out of an abundance of caution. They didn't want the three giant turtles to startle the hunters, woodsmen, or merchants.

Chen Ping'an and the others took a break on the top of a small mountain. Li Huai looked around in anticipation. Even though he detested the young mountain lord, A'Liang had said that the horizontal treasure pagoda was filled with treasures, one for each of them. Li Huai was extremely eager to get his hands on one, and he was thinking about how he would show off to his sister Li Liu when he saw her again in the future.

Wei Bo quickly arrived as promised. He didn't use his mystical power to travel through the earth this time, and he instead strode up the mountain with his white robes billowing in the air and his large sleeves fluttering like two wandering clouds. Even Li Baoping's maidservant Zhu Lu had to concede that the young mountain lord was the living embodiment of the description "spirited and handsome".

Behind the handsome mountain lord were A'Liang's white donkey and the Li Clan's horse. Not only had they kept up with everyone, but the donkey and horse didn't appear tired at all Wei Bo had most likely used some kind of mystical ability.

Carrying the long wooden box in his arms, Wei Bo who was heaven knows how many hundred years old first bowed and paid his respects to A'Liang. A'Liang nodded back in acknowledgment.

At this moment, the shrewd mountain lord and the light-hearted swordsman surprisingly gave off the same feeling.

It was as if they were companions pursuing the same Great Dao.

Wei Bo handed the bright red wooden box to A'Liang, and Li Huai hurriedly ran over to caress the box that was made from some unknown wood. The wooden box was warm to the touch, and it felt as if he were running his hands over the most valuable silk satin in one of Dragon Riding Alley's fabric stores.

He had gone to a fabric store with his mom and sister to get clothes made at the end of last year, and he had been angrily kicked out by a fuming shop owner after secretly touching a beautiful brocade that was decorated with flowers and birds.

Li Huai looked up and asked, "A'Liang, let's discuss something. After dividing the treasures, can you give this wooden box to me?"

"And just who do you think you are?" A'Liang answered in retort.

"After you marry my sister, I'll naturally be your brother-in-law!" Li Huai replied with a serious expression.

A'Liang smacked him on the head and said, "Then call me older brother!"

"Actually, I don't want to be a brother-in-law anymore[1]," the little boy suddenly said. "They're some of the worst people in the world."

A'Liang turned to Wei Bo and asked, "Is the box valuable?"

Wei Bo smiled in self-ridicule and replied, "It's not too bad. It's made from delicate yellow ebony, and its become more fragrant after being buried in the earth for some years. Its color has also turned from yellow to red. I wouldn't call it valuable, but it is indeed quite rare."

A'Liang looked down at the expectant little boy and said, "Since it's not valuable, I might as well give it to you."

Li Huai was just about to snatch the box from A'Liang's hands in excitement. However, he was smacked on the head again, and A'Liang scolded, "Are you trying to take all the treasures for yourself?"

A'Liang looked around before waving his hands and gesturing for everyone to come over. He then squatted down and opened the long wooden box, shouting, "Chen Ping'an, Little Baoping, Lin Shouyi, Zhu He, Zhu Lu, come over here! It's time to share the spoils! First come first serve! There's only a single rule you're only allowed to take a single treasure from the box, and you're not allowed to exchange it after you make your choice."

Chen Ping'an looked toward the young mountain lord. Wei Bo detected his gaze, and he asked in a gentle but puzzled voice, "You're not going to fight for this fated opportunity?"

"I'll let them pick first," Chen Ping'an replied with a smile.

Coincidentally, Chen Ping'an had something that he wanted to discuss with the young mountain lord. This pertained to how the black python would settle down in Downtrodden Mountain as well as the situation surrounding Wei Bo after he left this area and set off for Dragon Spring County. When returning from the bamboo forest, A'Liang had roughly told him about formal mountain gods and river gods and how they couldn't casually leave their officially designated territories as they pleased.

This was similar to how many empires and nations imposed the rule of "feudal lords shall not meet". If this rule was broken, the offending gods would face punishment of varying severity. On the lower end of the scale, they would be admonished by the imperial court and have their incense offerings reduced. On the more severe end of the scale, their godly rank would be lowered, and they would receive no incense offerings for a set number of years.

Throughout history, there were some mountain gods and river gods who suffered even more miserable fates. Their statues were removed from the shrines and dragged from their pedestals, after which the law enforcers would beat them with sticks to serve as a warning to others. Sometimes, the local official would personally whip the statues. In fact, some local officials would even command enlisted commoners to use hammers to smash the statues to pieces. Such kinds of punishment were common throughout all the empires and nations.

Thus, even though Chen Ping'an was willing to accept Wei Bo's gesture of goodwill, where he would personally bring the black python to Downtrodden Mountain and also construct a building out of courage bamboo for him, he certainly didn't want Wei Bo to suffer severe punishment because of this.

In fact, Chen Ping'an was still barely able to understand the situation surrounding gods and offerings, empires and feng shui. This was partly because A'Liang always liked to hop between topics, causing his explanations to be extremely convoluted and confusing. In order to flaunt his knowledge, A'Liang would sometimes use the most complicated words and profound reasoning to explain the most simple things.

In the end, it was thanks to Li Baoping's example that Chen Ping'an was finally able to understand the situation. The little girl had said that incense offerings and fate were just like the situation surrounding Dragon Whisker Creek outside their small town. This was the only source of water in the area, so in order to raise their crops and improve their yields, the surrounding commoners would all fight tooth and nail for water. Large-scale brawls would break out almost every year.

Little Baoping ran up to Chen Ping'an and asked anxiously, "Junior uncle, why aren't you going over to pick a treasure? Look, even someone like Lin Shouyi is sprinting over to make a pick. And Li Huai is more so trying to stick his head into the treasure box!"

"It's fine, I'll pick last," Chen Ping'an replied casually.

"Don't worry, junior uncle. I'll pick a treasure for you!" Little Baoping said as she turned around and ran back.

Chen Ping'an was just about to speak, but the little girl in the bright red jacket had already run back to A'Liang's side. She shoved aside Li Huai's head with one hand, and she pushed aside Lin Shouyi's shoulder with her other.

"Li Baoping, you're bullying me!" Li Huai shouted in grief.

Little Baoping looked at him and said in a righteous manner, "I'm picking a treasure for junior uncle!"

Thinking about the bamboo bookcase that he was yet to receive, Li Huai could only sigh and say, "Alright, then you pick."

Lin Shouyi wasn't annoyed about being pushed aside, and he simply pointed at a wrinkled and yellowed ancient book inside the treasure box. This book was bound by a thin golden thread, and with the way that it was positioned in the box, they could just make out its title which was written using seal script[2]. "I'm going to pick this Daoist book, the 'Recite Atop Clouds Scripture'. This is all I want, and I won't fight for the other treasures with you guys."

Li Huai leaned forward and craned his neck, allowing him to look past Li Baoping. He glanced at the treasures and asked, "Shouyi, why didn't you pick that saber? Look at how beautiful it is. If it were me, I would have definitely chosen the saber."

It took great willpower from Lin Shouyi for him to drag his eyes from the saber that occupied the most space in the treasure box. "I'm not suited to practice martial arts, and I don't like to wield swords and sabers either," he replied softly.

Seeing Lin Shouyi refuse to budge from his choice, Li Huai turned to Li Baoping and encouraged, "This saber is clearly a peerless divine weapon with a blade of unparalleled sharpness. I reckon it could even sever the chains hanging above the Iron Lock Well. Li Baoping, you really don't want this supreme treasure? In any case, doesn't your junior uncle need a new weapon? I think this saber will be a good match for him. Taking a step back, just how impressive will he appear if he uses this saber to chop trees and slash shrubs as he makes his way through the mountains? It'll definitely be better than using a broken machete, no?"

The slender saber was like a refined lady hiding in her room. The blade quietly rested inside its white scabbard, and its curves were astonishing in their beauty.

A'Liang smiled as he bent down and unsheathed the saber.

The might of the saber was unrestrained, and it was as if the blade of the saber were a ray of soaring white light left in the world.

There weren't any words carved on the saber, but there were naturally formed veined patterns that looked like the divine cloud patterns carefully engraved by Daoist immortals.

A'Liang was slightly surprised, and he lightly flicked the saber with his finger. What he heard wasn't a dull and muddied ring, but instead a crisp and melodious tone. A'Liang listened to this for a brief moment before nodding and saying, "Not bad. This is most likely the bottom-ranked 'Auspicious Talisman'."

A'Liang placed the saber back in its scabbard before handing it to Li Baoping and saying with a smile, "Here, take it. This saber is very suitable for you. In the future, you can look for a Sword Nurturing Gourd and pair it with this saber. You can hang the saber by one side of your waist and the gourd by the other. You can also find yourself a mighty horse and a beautiful red robe. As you ride across the land and drink on a galloping horse, which passerby won't take a liking to you?"

A'Liang laughed heartily and remarked, "Indeed, who won't like such a lady?"

Li Baoping dazedly accepted the hefty saber.

Zhu He was squatting nearby, and his daughter Zhu Lu had initially not wanted to come over. She had even said in a sullen voice that she wasn't interested in this "contemptuous handout"[3]. However, Zhu He had glowered at her before forcefully dragging her over. This was the first time Zhu Lu had seen her father becoming angry. She was a little afraid, but she still refused to squat down next to her father. Instead, she stubbornly stood next to him with an aloof expression.

While Li Baoping was still in a daze, Li Huai seized the opportunity to grab a painted puppet that was exquisitely made and lively in appearance.

This was his true target.

Lin Shouyi carefully picked up the wrinkled Daoist book. Holding it in his hands, a rare expression of delight spread across the introverted young boy's face.

Meanwhile, Zhu He picked a book and an alchemical pill that was encased in mud. He quickly looked up at A'Liang with a stunned expression, and the latter simply chuckled and said, "What's wrong? It's coincidentally something that your daughter needs? There's no need to thank me. If you want to thank someone, then thank Wei Bo and that python for working so hard to accumulate these valuable treasures over hundreds of years, such that they were able to offer us a secret martial arts scripture from an immortal sect and an exclusive alchemical pill from True Martial Mountain."

Zhu He held the alchemical pill and asked in a quivering voice, "Senior A'Liang, is this really the legendary 'Hero's Gall Pill'?"

A'Liang ignored the ecstatic middle-aged man. He cast his gaze further, and he saw Chen Ping'an walking over with Wei Bo. When Wei Bo saw the remaining faint golden seed in the treasure box and the slender saber in Li Baoping's hands, his expression remained calm and unfazed. However, he couldn't help but falter when he saw the books and alchemical pills in the others' hands. He involuntarily looked toward A'Liang.

A'Liang ignored his gaze, and he said to Chen Ping'an with a smile, "This is the only thing left. However, this is probably what you would have gotten regardless of how early or late you came."

Chen Ping'an smiled as he bent down and picked up the lonely faint golden lotus seed, placing it in his sleeve.

"Junior uncle, I'll swap with you," Li Baoping said softly. "A'Liang said that this saber is very impressive..."

The little girl hurriedly shut her mouth, with an expression of regret spreading across her face. It was clear that she shouldn't have uttered the second sentence. Sure enough, Chen Ping'an patted her head and said, "Then you should keep it if it's impressive. Your junior uncle doesn't practice saber techniques anyway, and a machete is more than enough for traversing through the mountains."

"Exactly! Chen Ping'an is a swordsman, so using a saber won't be very suitable," A'Liang teased.

"So that's why you're still using a bamboo saber?" Chen Ping'an retorted.

"And what are you going to do about that?" A'Liang replied.

"A'Liang, this wooden box is mine now, right?" Li Huai asked quietly.

A'Liang looked at him and asked, "Why do you want this box? Do you have that many treasures and belongings to put away?"

"And what are you going to do about that?" Li Huai countered in the same way as A'Liang.

Everyone received something, even the young mountain lord Wei Bo and the black python. Apart from the white python that had been killed and eaten, it could be said everyone was left happy and satisfied.

Chen Ping'an had received a slightly withered lotus seed that was as large as a thumb. Li Baoping had received the slender saber called "Auspicious Talisman", yet she was wearing a gloomy expression for some reason. She sulkily placed it inside her small bookcase, though she had thoroughly wrapped it up using a piece of cotton fabric at her junior uncle's suggestion. The saber was completely covered up.

Meanwhile, Li Huai had received a painted puppet and the wooden box. The former was temporarily "lodging" in Li Baoping's bookcase, and before reluctantly putting it in, the little boy had patted his chest and promised the puppet that it would definitely move into a more spacious house after he got his own bookcase.

As for Lin Shouyi, he kept the book 'Recite Atop Clouds Scriptures' on him. The title of this book was strange, yet it was filled with an ancient flavor.

Even though Zhu Lu was unwilling, she still accepted the secret immortal scripture 'Purple Qi Guide'.

Zhu He was like a thirsty person who had finally come across water, with a wide and unconcealable smile on his usually solemn face. He was feeling far too fortunate at this moment. Right now, this Hero's Gall Pill from True Martial Mountain was worth more to him than a mountain of gold or silver. This was a pill that could gather one's soul even if it had scattered to numerous different acupoints. In the end, it could help a person develop a hero's gall where a Yin god could reside.

Zhu He wasn't a Qi refiner, nor was he a Militarian cultivator. However, the Hero's Gall Pill was rare and valuable exactly because it was useful for pure martial artists like him as well. This was especially the case for those who were stagnant at the peak stage of the Fifth Tier like him. Obtaining a Hero's Gall Pill was almost equivalent to doubling one's lifespan.

"How was your conversation with the mountain lord?" A'Liang asked softly.

Chen Ping'an smiled and replied, "It went fairly well. I gave that pouch of things to him as well."

A'Liang clucked his tongue in wonder and said, "Well, you're certainly not someone to dilly-dally. You gave it to him without a shred of hesitation even though I only mentioned it in passing. Moreover, if we talk in a business sense, you should have used that as leverage to make a trade with them. With those two pythons' wealth, I'm sure the black python would have been willing to part with something genuinely valuable regardless of how stingy it is."

"One shouldn't allow benefits created by one's own work to accrue to others, and a seed planted in spring shall be reaped in autumn I understand these concepts," Chen Ping'an replied.

A'Liang nodded, and he fixed his bamboo hat and said, "We're almost at Red Candle Town."

He then wiped his mouth and murmured, "Newly brewed apricot blossom wine and decorated boats with beautiful hosts... I, A'Liang, am back!"

Chen Ping'an suddenly had a bad feeling about this Red Candle Town that A'Liang seemed to miss so dearly.

Wei Bo sighed as he looked at the figures disappearing down the mountain. With a tap of his foot, he leaped onto one of the gigantic turtle's back, where he sat cross-legged and traveled for dozens of kilometers. The black python had a bulging belly as it followed him from afar. Even though its body appeared uncomfortably swollen, its aura had clearly risen by an explosive amount, with an extraordinarily fierce aura radiating into the surroundings.

Wei Bo suddenly smiled and tossed a pouch into the black python's path. The black python carefully lowered its head and observed the pouch. After determining that it was harmless, it turned around to look at the mountain lord who was sitting on the forest turtle.

The ethereally handsome mountain lord smiled and said, "Just think of it as a housewarming gift from that young boy."

The black python with four legs and four claws on each foot hesitated briefly before eventually using its fangs to tear open the pouch. A dozen or so snake gall pebbles that Chen Ping'an had collected from Dragon Whisker Creek rolled out onto the ground. However, their luster had already faded, and at a glance, they were no different from the ordinary pebbles in the creek.

However, after some careful inspection, a look of scorching fervor appeared in the black python's eyes. At the same time, it was filled with a sense of unease. It was afraid that it would be met with disappointment in the next moment. It slowly hissed and flicked its tongue, cautiously taking one of the pebbles into its mouth.

Upon seeing this, Wei Bo commanded the forest turtle to continue moving forward. "They've started to cultivate a good relationship, though I wonder whether this relationship will also conclude on good terms," he murmured to himself.

A short moment later, the black python behind him dug its claws into the earth and looked up at the sky as it unleashed a bellow that reverberated throughout the mountains. Countless birds frantically flapped their wings as they fled.

Even the young mountain lord was slightly envious, and he muttered to himself, "Apart from Jewel Small World, I've heard that such treasures are almost extinct from Eastern Treasured Vial Continent. Upon ingesting these pebbles, those of the snake and flood dragon families can grow genuine dragon bones and whiskers."

When they neared Red Candle Town, the crisp clip-clops of the white donkey rang against the bluestone slabs of the post road. A'Liang wasn't holding the donkey leash, but the donkey would still obediently follow behind him. At this moment, A'Liang vaguely heard the loud bellow behind. He smiled and said, "By the looks of it, it was genuinely useful."

"I kept the most valuable snake gall pebble. I was reluctant to part with it," Chen Ping'an confessed softly.

A'Liang roared with laughter and said, "How miserly of you."

Trailing at the back of the group, Zhu He walked with the horse and created some distance between himself and Li Huai and Lin Shouyi before whispering to his daughter, "You definitely have to take care of that 'Purple Qi Guide'. If everything works out, it can help you cultivate up to the Fifth Tier! If you then use the Hero's Gall Pill at that time, you can assuredly advance to the Sixth Tier!"

The young girl was astounded, and she asked, "If I use the pill, then what about you, father?"

"Your father is still young," Zhu He replied with a chuckle. "Now that I've rediscovered my spirits, perhaps I'll be able to advance to the next tier by myself. If I take another step after that, I'll be able to witness the scenery of the lofty Seventh Tier. Your father dares to dream about this now."

A smile finally replaced the young girl's dispirited expression, and she teased, "Still young? Father, then why don't you find yourself a young wife when we arrive at Red Candle Town? Don't worry, I won't stop you."

An awkward expression appeared on Zhu He's face, and he shot a glare at his daughter and scolded, "What utter nonsense!"

Zhu Lu pondered for a moment before suggesting, "Father, I think you should keep that pill for yourself. I'm only at the peak stage of the Second Tier right now, so I'm still ages away from reaching the Fifth Tier."

Zhu He laughed heartily and replied, "Alright, then I'll keep it for the moment. I'll just treat it as your dowry for the future."

As if thinking of someone, Zhu Lu's face immediately flushed bright red. Zhu He was in a terrific mood, and he remarked with confidence and pride, "When we arrive at the Great Li Empire's capital in the future, let's see which noble gentleman has the fortune of marrying my daughter."

Zhu Lu stomped her feet in embarrassment and exclaimed, "Father!"

Zhu He hurriedly waved his hands and said, "Alright, alright, I won't say anymore."

Walking along the post road that was illuminated by the soft glow of dusk, A'Liang continued to stand on tippy toes and rub his hands together as he looked at the fuzzy outline of Red Candle Town in the distance. It was as if he were gazing at a beautiful woman who was lying down drunk in a tavern.

"Chen Ping'an, let's agree on something first. You need to lend me a gold ingot," he hurriedly said.

Chen Ping'an nodded in agreement. However, he asked in slight confusion, "A'Liang, you also suffer from a lack of money?"

A'Liang grinned and replied, "You don't understand this, huh? When traveling around the world, those who lend money are suckers, while those who borrow money are the bosses. During our journey, I've been belittled and frowned upon by the bratty children such as Li Huai and Zhu Lu. So, I definitely have to experience the thrilling sensation of being a boss to compensate myself."VSit no(v)3lb/!n(.)cm for new ovl

"Then I'll give you a gold ingot for free," Chen Ping'an said in exasperation. "Not lend to you, but give to you for free."

A'Liang slapped him on the shoulder and laughed, "Deal! A gold ingot for free!"

A'Liang gazed ahead and clenched his hand into a fist, saying, "To receive a gold ingot from someone as miserly as yourself for free... Sure enough, I'm a fierce and impressive person!"

Chen Ping'an didn't regret his decision upon hearing this. Instead, he quietly gazed at the town that they were drawing closer and closer to. The familiar smell and sound of a bustling town swept over, replacing the smell of lush mountains and the sound of flowing rivers.

Chen Ping'an turned around and said to Li Baoping, "When we arrive in town, let's see if we can find you some tanghulu after buying all the food and necessities we need for the trip."

Li Baoping skipped forward in delight, and she lightly bounced her small green bookcase up and down as she exclaimed, "Junior uncle, let's buy two small skewers of tanghulu! The smaller ones taste better!"

1. The author has used two different terms for brother-in-law, and the little boy is actually referring to one of the two. However, there's no such distinction in English.

2. An ancient style of writing Chinese characters.

3. Contemptuous handout, or literally "food handed out in contempt" references an ancient Chinese story where someone suffering from famine refused to eat the food being handed out in contempt, resulting in their death.

Chapter end

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