The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 125

Chapter 125

Little cub was ultimately no match for the great demon king.

But she stubbornly tried to salvage what little dignity she had left: "Yan didn't ask everyone to feed her! Yan is the best!"

Zhou Yuyuan looked at her with concern: "Look at our little cub, so sensible. Grandma will hug our little cub."

Yang Huijun also frantically agreed with the little cub: "Yes! Our Yan is the best!"

Liu Hua: "..."Okay then.

Sui Yu and Qiao Ze watched as the small child was doted on by everyone, and quietly retreated to a corner by themselves.

Truly differential treatment!

Although Liu Hua said that Sui Zhi would return to school, when the new semester actually started, Yan didn't see her brother come home.Th. most uptodat nvels are published on n(0)velbj)n(.)co/m

Little cub lay dejectedly, poking Liu Hua with her finger: "Mama! Big brother hasn't come home yet."

Liu Hua was looking at her phone with Sui Yu and the others, even quietly discussing something.

Hearing the little cub's words, she waved her hand dismissively: "Mmm."

Yan was not resigned, tugging at her mother's clothes: "Mama!"

Liu Hua pulled the little cub into her embrace: "Yan, don't be naughty. Mama is looking at your brother."

Little cub curiously craned her neck: "Where is big brother? Yan wants to see too!"

Liu Hua swiped on her phone screen a few times before showing it to the little cub: "Doesn't your brother look good in these clothes?"

The photo displayed Sui Zhi wearing a long white robe, with a lustrous white jade pendant hanging at his waist, looking like a noble young master from ancient times.

Yan was instantly captivated: "Wow! Big brother looks better than the big brothers on TV!"

Qiao Ze tilted his head: "Big brothers on TV? Yan, who have you taken a liking to now?"

Little cub mumbled evasively: "Um...just a good-looking big brother. Yan doesn't like anyone!"

Liu Hua pushed her little cub down, stroking her chin thoughtfully: "So Xiao Zhi's drama stills have been released, and quite a few people have taken notice of him. And the public opinion seems to be favourable towards us for now."

Sui Yu also took out his phone and scrolled through it: "Xiao Zhi is playing the male lead's younger self, doesn't seem bad."

Qiao Ze analyzed carefully: "Actually, a lot of current TV shows and movies have actors in their thirties playing teenagers. This role was probably given to Sui Zhi because of Uncle's connections."

Liu Hua recalled some of the TV shows she had watched recently and shuddered: "That's probably for the best, otherwise it would be too creepy."

Yan also looked pensive: "Mama, there was this one show where an uncle was dating a sister."

Liu Hua's mouth twitched: "Don't watch those kinds of shows from now on, got it?"

Little cub tried to escape: "But Yan watched it with Mama and AhMan."

Liu Hua reached out and pulled the little cub back: "Then you can't watch TV with us anymore. Go play with your brother and sisters instead."

Little cub was displeased that her drama viewing rights had been revoked, but she didn't dare object, curling up in a corner in a huff: "Hmph!"

Liu Hua stood up and patted her clothes: "Alright, you guys play. I'm going to work. Xiao Yu, Xiao Ze, you two have to register for school tomorrow, right?"

Sui Yu had a look of utter disbelief: "Mom, Uncle Xu took us to register today already."

Liu Hua paused momentarily: "Ah, I know, I was just saying it without thinking."

Sui Yu: "......" Or did you just slip up?

Qiao Ze smiled gently: "Auntie, you go work. We'll look after Yan here."

The little ball curled up in the corner peeked through the gap, watching Liu Hua's back disappear up the stairs. Once her figure was out of sight, she immediately sprang up happily: "Big brother, let's watch a drama together!"

Sui Yu tossed a cushion lightly at his sister: "Yan, Mom said you can't watch those dramas anymore."

Standing on the sofa, the little cub was struck squarely by the cushion, causing her to plop down onto the soft seat.

"Sui Yu! Are you trying to get killed?" Ye Anning, who had just entered, was almost scared out of her wits. She hurried over and gently patted Yan's back. "Yan, are you hurt?"

Shen Nian and Qi Linhan, who followed behind, paused for a moment before glaring coldly at Sui Yu.

As for the little cub, she was still dazed: "...Sister?"

What had just happened? Was she hurt or not? She should say she was in pain, right?

Although she really didn't feel any pain at all.

Sui Yu hurriedly tried to flee: "Wait, wait, wait, let me explain!"

He really didn't do it on purpose!

Ye Anning swiftly located her signature wolf-tooth club, turning to give chase: "No need to explain, just let me beat you up nicely."

Yan furrowed her little brows and pouted, watching her brother and sisters make a fuss for a while. Then she crawled over to Ti Zi and whispered: "Ti Zi, big brother and sisters are so childish."

Ti Zi looked at Sui Yu and the others with disdain: "Woof woof~"

That's right! They're so big now but still so childish! Not as adorable as our little cub!

Little cub was unaware that in Ti Zi's eyes, she was the most childish one of all.

After watching for a while, she craned her little neck and called out: "Sister! I'm hungry!"

Liu Man was coming downstairs to help Liu Hua carry things when she heard the little cub calling.

"Yan, if you're hungry, you can go find your own snacks in the cupboard in the dining room. Get some for Ti Zi too. I'll come make you something delicious in a bit."

Yan got up: "Okay! Then Yan will find food for herself!"

Ye Anning stopped chasing Sui Yu: "Yan, let me find it for you. What do you want to eat?"

Yan licked her lips: "Sister, I want those little fish from last time. Ti Zi wants beef jerky!"

Ti Zi: "Woof woof~" Yan is so smart!

Sui Yu rushed over to protect himself from the little cub: "Yan, do you want me to make you meatballs?"

"Yes!" Little cub answered faster than her brain could process.

She didn't realize until her sluggish reaction caught up that her brother had already gone into the kitchen.

Little cub nodded proudly. Her brother really understood her!

After their chaotic efforts, a few decent-looking dishes were brought to the table.

The little princess Sui Yan obediently climbed onto her chair, waiting to be fed by everyone.

Sui Yu wiped the sweat from his brow: "Why did you all come at this time?"

Ye Anning proactively handed over her bowl: "It's like this, since we're starting school again in a few days, we thought we'd take the opportunity to let Dad bring us to Sui Zhi's set for a visit."

Visiting a drama filming set seemed like it would be lots of fun!

Chapter end

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