The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 123

Chapter 123

Ye Anning pursed her lips: "This is good too."

Liu Hua leaned against the dining room entrance, gently tapping on the doorframe: "Kids, come eat!"

One little cub who was looking for fish to eat immediately raised its head and ran towards its mother: "Coming, coming! Ti Zi, hurry up!"

Liu Hua couldn't help but tease her own cub as usual: "Every time I call for food, Yan is always the first one to come running."

Sui Yan actively hugged his mother's arm: "Who said that? Ti Zi is coming with me!"

Liu Hua raised her arm, and the little cub skillfully hugged her tightly, being lifted up by its mother.

"See, Yan has gotten a bit heavier," Liu Hua felt the weight on her arm and clicked her tongue, shaking her head.

Sui Yan wrapped her little legs around her mother's, stubbornly refusing to listen: "No way, no way! Yan won't get fat!"

Xu Yi heard their voices and poked his head out from the kitchen: "Yan, you'll make your mother tired doing that."

The cub's movements paused for a moment, then she nimbly got down from her mother: "Okay! I won't do that anymore."

Liu Hua flicked the little tuft of hair on the cub's head: "Our cub loves her mother so much, huh?"

Sui Yan raised her paws and covered her head: "Mom, you're messing up Yan's hair! Don't play with Yan's hair anymore!"

Liu Hua withdrew her hand with some regret: "Alright, I'll try to be more careful in the future."

The cub tilted her head in a spoiled manner, letting out a milky whine, then ran towards the kitchen: "Uncle Xu! Yan wants to eat little fish!"

Ti Zi's steps were still unhurried and graceful, looking every bit the noble lady compared to that certain cub.

But it raised its chin slightly, with an air of spoiled petulance... just like a certain cub.


The winter vacation was about to end, and this bunch of faux kids would soon have to prepare for school again.

Except for Sui Zhi.

Liu Hua frowned as she stood in front of Sui Zhi's room. Even though she knew her child could take care of himself, she couldn't help but worry: "Are you sure you'll be okay going alone?"

Sui Zhi finished packing his suitcase and went to hug Liu Hua: "Mom, don't worry."

It was rare for her obedient and sensible son to be so affectionate.

Liu Hua was taken aback for a moment before hugging him back: "Okay, tell me or Uncle Xu if you need anything at the film set... You can tell your dad too, we're not short on money, so don't deprive yourself."

Sui Zhi couldn't help but smile: "Mom, why would I deprive myself?"

Liu Hua's gaze softened: "Alright then, I won't say much. If you miss your sister, tell your dad to bring Yan to visit you."

Sui Zhi nodded obediently: "Okay."

Although she said she wouldn't say much, she still couldn't help giving a few more reminders, and Sui Zhi patiently listened and responded earnestly to his mother's words.

The originally planned departure time was pushed back a bit, leading to...

"Brother, where are you going?" A little cub in a fluffy pajamas emerged from her room, looking bewildered at Sui Zhi carrying his suitcase.

Sui Zhi's movements stiffened for a moment as he casually said, "Yan, I'm just going to give dad something."

Sui Yan slowly processed this, toddling over and clinging onto him: "Brother is lying, he's trying to sneak out without taking Yan to play!"

Sui Zhi was at a loss, and he couldn't help but shoot a pleading look at his mother.

Liu Hua cleared her throat: "Yan, your brother is going to film a movie."

The cub pouted sadly, tilting her head up with teary eyes at Sui Zhi: "Yan wants to go too."

Sui Zhi wanted to bring this lucky charm with him, but he didn't feel comfortable doing so since he wasn't familiar with the crew yet.

"Yan can't do that. I'll be back soon," he said helplessly, ruffling his sister's little head.

Sui Yan simply clung onto Sui Zhi entirely: "No, no! Brother can't leave!"

Ti Zi observed the commotion, but when the little cub started throwing a tantrum, it didn't know what to do either.

It walked over and gently nuzzled Sui Yan's leg.

The cub looked down at Ti Zi, calling out pitifully: "Ti Zi, let's not let brother leave, okay?"

Sui Zhi looked on with a wry smile: "Yan, I'll be back home soon."

The cub didn't quite believe it, sniffling: "Really?"

Sui Zhi raised his hand: "I promise, okay?"

Sui Yan hesitated, then heard her mother say, "That's right, your brother still has to go to school."

The cub looked at her brother, then at her mother, slowly detaching herself from Sui Zhi: "Okay then, but brother has to come back soon."

Sui Zhi nodded solemnly: "Yeah, I promise I'll come back soon."

Sui Jinhong had been waiting for Sui Zhi downstairs for a while. Now that Sui Yan wasn't causing a fuss, Sui Zhi comforted his sister a few more times before leaving with his father.

Seeing her brother leave, the cub squatted on the sofa, cradling her face with a worried expression.

Liu Hua wanted to laugh at the sight, but she pursed her lips to look serious: "Yan, why did you wake up so early today?"

Sui Yan looked accusingly at her mother: "Mom, if I hadn't woken up, would brother have just left?"

Liu Hua averted her eyes guiltily: "What nonsense are you talking?"

Sui Yan stood up insistently: "It's true! Yan is usually still asleep at this hour!"Aall west chptrs on n.o./vli/n/(.)cm

Liu Hua turned the tables: "But you know you wake up late, right? Who can wake you up when even the alarm clock can't?"

It was the cub's turn to feel guilty: "What? But they didn't wake up either!"

Liu Hua remained composed: "But they prepared gifts for your Zhi-gege last night, did you?"

Sui Yan stared blankly for a second before reacting: "Yan just hugged brother!"

Her hug was the best gift for him!

Liu Hua looked puzzled: "You call that a hug? Since when is a hug where you cling onto someone like that?"

Sui Yan insisted stubbornly: "That's how Yan hugs! Yan hugs mom like that every day!"

Liu Hua scoffed: "If I wasn't your mom, I wouldn't let you hug me like that."

Unable to argue with her mother, the cub's lips trembled as she was about to cry.

Liu Hua quickly covered her precious daughter's mouth: "Don't you dare cry! Who let you develop this habit of crying at every little thing?"

Ever since the two elders from the Bai family moved into the neighborhood, Sui's grandparents became wary.

The four elderly people constantly flocked to Liu Hua's house, vying for the little cub's affection.

With so many people doting on her unconditionally, the little cub had become increasingly spoiled lately.

The most obvious manifestation was thiscrying!

If she cried, everyone would take her side!

Chapter end

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