The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 120

Chapter 120

Yang Huijun thought for a moment, then nodded in agreement, "That's right, our little one will definitely be amazing when she grows up."

Bai Yuanmo came downstairs carrying a laptop, "Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle and Aunt said they'll be coming over in a couple of days?"

Yang Huijun waved her hand dismissively, "Whatever, let them come if they want to. Aren't your parents coming as well?"

Bai Yuanmo frowned, "Grandma, even though we moved here, someone still needs to be in the capital! Anyone who usually visits us only knows the address there."

Old Master Bai chuckled, "It's fine, it's fine. It's better if irrelevant people don't know we're here, we don't want them disturbing your aunt and your younger brother and sister."

Bai Yuanmo nodded, "That's what I was thinking too."

Yang Huijun interrupted their conversation, "Alright, enough chit-chat, let's unpack these parcels. We'll sort through our things over the next couple of days, then send some over to your aunt's place."

Bai Yuanmo glanced at the pile of parcels, then nonchalantly looked away, "Grandma, I still have things to take care of, Qingqing will be back soon, let's have him help unpack, he's better at it."

Yang Huijun rolled up her sleeves, "Less talk, get moving!"

"Coming, coming!" Bai Yuanmo quickly tossed his laptop onto the sofa and hurried over to help.

Old Master Bai was originally just watching the commotion, but after receiving a glare from his wife, he silently went to help unpack the parcels too.


As usual, Sui Yan slept in late, but when she had put on the clothes her mother Liu Hua had left by the bedside and finished getting ready before leaving her room, she sensed that something was amiss.

The entire second floor was empty! Even Ti Zi, who would usually be waiting for her in the living room, was nowhere to be seen!

But the second floor looked very beautiful today, with delicate little roses and baby's breath adorning the windows, along with various balloons and ribbons.

The little one ran up to the coffee table in amazement and gently picked up a large bouquet of baby's breath.

"Mommy! There are pretty flowers!" Sui Yan instinctively called out to Liu Hua.

Liu Hua's voice soon came from downstairs, "Sweetie, come down quickly!"

The little one, hugging the large bouquet, scampered down the stairs, "Mommy, Yan is here, Yan is here!"

Sui Yan was so eager to share the flowers that she didn't notice the ribbons and balloons tied to the stair railings.

She struggled down the last step, and in that moment, the already bright living room became even brighter.

"Happy birthday, Yan!" A cacophony of voices rang out, completely different from how Liu Hua had intended to greet her daughter.

Sui Yan's view was obstructed by the large bouquet in her arms. When she finally adjusted her angle and saw the scene in the living room, she was both delighted and a little confused.

"Mommy! Uncle Xu! Why is everyone here?" The little one ran up to her mother, holding out the flowers, "Mommy, here are the pretty flowers! They're all for you!"

Liu Hua took the flowers from her daughter, "Sweetie, these are for you! It's your birthday today."

Xu Yi also smiled, "That's right, you can do whatever you want today, Yan."

Sui Yu and Qi Linhan came over, "Happy birthday, Yan!"Ne/w novel chaptrs are published on no/vel(/bin(.)co/m

The little one seemed a bit dazed, "It's Yan's birthday? Yan is growing up!"

Liu Hua found it a little amusing, "Yan is only turning five, still a little kid."

Li Yuan struggled out of the crowd, "Yan, happy birthday! And happy new year too! It's all my parents' fault for making me go to my grandparents' place for the new year, I couldn't even be the first to wish you a happy new year!"

The elders from the Bai and Sui families smiled as they approached, "Yan, do you want to see your birthday presents?"

Sui Yan followed everyone's gaze and unexpectedly saw a towering mountain of gifts in the middle of the living room!

"Wow! So many presents!" The little one exclaimed in amazement.

Liu Hua brushed her daughter's hair and put a custom-made little crown on her head, "Are you happy, Yan?"

Sui Yan's eyes sparkled, "Happy! Yan loves playing with everyone the most!"

Bai Qingrui cleared his throat, trying to get the little birthday girl's attention, "Yan, your brother is still a police officer today."

He had deliberately worn this uniform to stand out from everyone else.

Sui Yan was very obliging, "Wow! Brother is a police officer too!"

Bai Qingrui's expression froze for a moment, "...Yeah, that's right." It seemed he couldn't escape being called a "police officer" by his own little sister!

Ti Zi also came over, its gentle gaze rubbing against the little one's leg.

Sui Yan looked at the hat on Ti Zi's head and couldn't help but give it a big hug, "Wow! Ti Zi is super, super, super cute today too!"

Sui Jinhong finally managed to poke his head out, "Yan, Daddy bought you the latest toys!"

Sui Yan smiled broadly, "Thank you, Daddy!"

Old Master Sui waved his hand, "Forget about him, Yan! Let's see what presents everyone got you."

The little one was like a cherished princess, surrounded by everyone as she approached the large pile of gifts.

Liu Hua pondered for a moment, "There seem to be too many presents, why don't you just pick a few to open first, Yan? We can open the rest later together."

The little one was already reaching out towards the largest box, "What's that? Yan wants that one!"

Qi Linhan smiled mischievously as he handed the big box to the little one, "Open it and see, Yan."

Ti Zi, occupying the enviable position to Sui Yan's left, secretly sniffed, trying to figure out what was inside...

But wait, could someone tell it why it smelled its own scent coming from inside?

Before it could ponder further, Sui Yan had already grabbed a delicate plastic knife and gently cut open the box.

The contents of the box slowly became visible...

"Why is it Ti Zi? Hahahahaha!" Liu Hua stared in disbelief at the contents of the box, then burst into unrestrained laughter.

Sui Yan, however, was very pleased, "Wow! It's Ti Zi! Ti Zi, look, it's you!"

Ti Zi: "..." Oh, what's there to be so happy about?

The plush toy in front of it was about the same size. If it didn't move, everyone might really have trouble telling the two apart.

The little one was overjoyed, "Mommy doesn't let Ti Zi climb onto Yan's bed, so now Yan can hug Ti Zi while sleeping!"

The smile on Qi Linhan's face froze as he realized something seemed a bit off.

Could it be that this was like shooting oneself in the foot?

Chapter end

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