The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 119

Chapter 119

Little cub had a look of shock and took two steps back: "TV says police officers never lie! How could Bai Qingrui lie together with mother?"

Liu Hua narrowed her eyes, and Bai Qingrui instinctively stood at attention: "Well, Yan, I'm not lying."

Little cub stomped her foot, huffed arrogantly, and ran toward home: "Bai Qingrui is lying! Yan is the smartest and won't believe it!"

Bai Qingrui tried to explain: "No... Yan, listen to my explanation!"

Halfway through running, little cub paused, looked around sneakily, then tiptoed back and whispered to Bai Qingrui: "Officer, my brother never listens to mom, so you can arrest them next time."

Bai Qingrui was a bit confused: "Huh?"

Little cub looked determined: "Uh-huh!"

Bai Qingrui's expression was a bit speechless: "Okay."

Witnessing everything, Liu Hua leaned against the door frame, laughing nonstop: "Little cub, does your brother know you're betraying them like this?"

Sui Yan put her finger to her lips: "Shh, mom can't tell brother, because he always bullies me!"

Liu Hua cooperatively lowered her voice: "So does Yan want to give mom a gift, so mom won't tell your brother?"

Little cub was dazed for two seconds, then decisively pulled her mom down and pouted, giving her two kisses.

"Yan gives mom kisses!"

Liu Hua smiled and wiped off little cub's saliva from her face: "So this is the gift Yan gives mom?"

Sui Yan grinned mischievously: "If mom thinks it's not enough, Yan can give mom more kisses."

Liu Hua tapped little cub's face, laughing and crying: "You're so clever!"

Bai Qingrui felt deeply wronged: "Auntie."

His image in his sister's heart must no longer be grand and magnificent...

Liu Hua cleared her throat: "Well, why don't you call your grandparents and brother to come eat dinner here?"

Bai Qingrui immediately stood tall and firm: "Yes!"

Sui Zhi passed by the doorway and vaguely heard people talking outside. Curiously, he came over: "Mom, who were you just chatting with?"

Liu Hua carried little cub back: "Someone you know, Bai Qingrui, the one you should call brother."

Sui Zhi was a bit puzzled: "Didn't they say they were going home? Could it be they bought a house nearby too?"

Liu Hua patted Sui Zhi's shoulder: "Yes, I invited them over for dinner tonight. Call your brother and Xiao Ze to help in the kitchen. And you should learn too!"

Sui Zhi forced a laugh: "Okay."

A day of being forced to learn cooking!

Upon hearing the news, Sui Yu was a bit surprised: "Grandpa and grandma didn't go back to the Capital?"

Qiao Ze touched his nose, a bit sheepish: "Well, we spoke a bit too rudely that time."

Sui Zhi said unreasonably: "But we can't blame them entirely, they didn't go back and didn't tell us."

Qi Linhan looked thoughtful: "Maybe they were afraid you all or Aunt Liu wouldn't welcome them, so this is doing it first before telling?"

Shen Nian tapped on the carpet: "If Aunt Liu really wanted to make an issue of it, doing it this way would make everyone more resistant, right?"

Ye Anning shook her finger: "You're all still too young. As long as the Bai grandparents handle that little foolish cub, Aunt Liu's relationship with them will slowly improve."

Sui Yu glanced at the foolish cub: "But that's the most difficult step, right? Yan may seem gullible, but she's very clear in her heart."

As long as it involves Liu Hua, she'll unconditionally stand on Liu Hua's side.

Ye Anning spread his hands: "But the Bai grandparents and those two seemingly not-so-smart brothers don't know that."

Shen Nian held back laughter: "Seemingly not-so-smart?"

Qiao Ze felt deeply appreciative: "You're so right."

Qi Linhan yawned: "But they're actually quite capable, right? Bai Yuanmo already has his own company in entertainment. And Bai Qingrui is quite famous in the police force."

Sui Zhi clicked his tongue and shook his head: "Doesn't look like it, yet they're actually quite something."

"What's quite something?" Sui Yan had somehow come over, looking curious.

Ye Anning couldn't help but pinch little cub's face: "Yan, you always sneak over here."

Little cub didn't admit it: "Yan didn't!"VSit no(v)3lb/!n(.)cm for new ovl

Qi Linhan reached out and poked little cub's face: "I just saw Yan sneaking over."

Little cub said defiantly: "Since Qi Linhan saw it, then Yan definitely wasn't sneaking!"

Sui Zhi ruffled the little tuft on little cub's head: "I just heard that Yan told Bai Qingrui to arrest your brothers."

Sui Yu narrowed his eyes: "What's this?"

Sui Yan pounced on Sui Zhi, covering his mouth: "Nothing! Sui Zhi is lying!"

Qiao Ze said calmly: "Then why is Yan in such a hurry?"

Liu Hua came out of the kitchen with a bowl of cut fruit: "Kids, come have some fruit, don't make noise."

Little cub dashed over, quickly climbing into her mom's embrace, obediently waiting to be fed.

Liu Hua hugged her little foolish cub, feeding her a slice of apple: "Did Yan do something to your brothers and sisters again? Why did you run over so quickly?"

The little foolish cub ratted first: "Mom, brother bullied me again!"

Liu Hua went along with it: "Did they pinch your face again or play with the little tuft on your head?"

Sui Yan instinctively answered: "Both!" Then she realized, "No no! Brother just bullied me!"

Sui Yu strolled over slowly: "I heard everything."

Little cub switched extremely quickly: "Brother, do you want an apple?"

Liu Hua leaned on the sofa, laughing nonstop: "Such a naughty little kid!"

Switching faces faster than turning pages!

At the Bai residence a few villas away from Liu Hua's family...

These past two days, Yang Huijun and the others received many packages delivered, all sent by her two sons, Liu Hua's two older brothers.

Saying it's a few small gifts for their sister, niece and nephew.

But the two elderly people stood in the living room, looking at the huge pile of packages, feeling it didn't seem like just a few.

Yang Huijun shook her head with a helpless smile: "They're like that!"

Old Master Bai was quite happy too: "These were definitely all prepared by their wives. Those two careless guys could never think of these."

Yang Huijun saw some cosmetics boxes inside and nodded in agreement: "Yes."

Bai Yiping sighed: "Now only Bai Heng in the military still doesn't know he finally has a younger sister."

Yang Huijun gently patted the old master's shoulder: "He's becoming more and more capable too. In the future, he can protect Yan more."

The old master had an objection: "Yan may be small now, but she's formidable. Maybe in the future these several brats won't be as formidable as their younger sister."

Chapter end

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