The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Lin Yifeng looked around helplessly and said, "Things have been pretty much resolved now, so why don't we all sit down first. I guess we're fated to meet."

She said this, so Liu Hua didn't ask further questions, assuming it was a private matter for the Shen family.Alll test novl on novelbn/(.)cm

An Sitong coughed lightly, seeming a little embarrassed by her previous fiery temper.

She picked up the little girl she had noticed earlier and sat down naturally on a nearby sofa, "I'm Qi Linhan's mother. I just moved here recently."

Liu Hua looked at her black-faced, "So why are you holding my daughter and not letting go?"

An Sitong pretended not to hear. She didn't care, she just wanted to hold the soft and fragrant little darling.

Sui Yan had been in a dazed state all this time. She finally came to her senses but found herself being held by an unfamiliar lady.

She grinned foolishly, "Sister, you're so pretty."

Liu Hua: "..." This is so embarrassing!

An Sitong's heart instantly melted, "Darling, you should call me auntie now."

Sui Yan blinked but didn't say it again.

Qi Linhan was a little helpless, "Mom, don't scare Yan'er."

An Sitong suddenly felt extremely disgusted with her son, "This little girl is called Yan'er? What a cute name, if only you were half as cute as her."

Qi Linhan: "..." Alright alright, I know you're my biological mom.

Ye Wan watched this warm scene unfold with a gentle smile.

After being held for a while, Sui Yan suddenly remembered Tizi. She struggled to look back, "Tizi!"

Tizi, who had been itching to bite someone several times but kept getting interrupted, sluggishly crawled over.

"Awoo awoo~"

An Sitong's eyes lit up, "What a cute little puppy!"

Sui Yan said proudly, "Tizi is Yan'er's bestest friend!"

An Sitong regretted for the nth time not having a little princess. She couldn't help pinching the girl's chubby little face, "Really? No wonder Tizi and Yan'er are both so cute!"

Liu Hua said lazily after watching for a while, "That's not a dog, it's a wolf cub. Be careful."

She felt that Tizi was interacting with the kids too frequently and still needed to warn the parents. If they couldn't accept it, she would have to wrong Tizi and keep it in the yard.

An Sitong's stroking paused for a moment when she heard it was a wolf cub. She examined Tizi closely by holding its tail before her eyes shone even brighter, "That's so cool!"

Liu Hua: "..."???

Little Sui Yan felt even more proud, "I know! And our Tizi is suuuppeerr obedient!"

Lin Yifeng reacted more normally. She asked hesitantly, "The little wolf cub doesn't bite, right?"

Ye Wan also looked at Tizi worriedly.

Hearing this, Tizi just rubbed An Sitong's palm gently without struggling at all, as if to show that it really doesn't bite.

Liu Hua also said, "Tizi is very well behaved. It's very humane."

Lin Yifeng was relieved, waving her hand, "Then that's fine. As long as safety can be ensured."

Ye Wan also marveled, "That's right, in the future Tizi can also protect the kids."

Liu Hua: "..." That's it?

Sui Yu and the others were also very surprised. They thought it would be difficult to persuade their family, but the result...was just that?

The few "kids" who had been ignored for a long time couldn't help but want to snatch Sui Yan back. Little kids should play with other little kids!

That's right, in order to play with little Sui Yan, Sui Yu and the others readily admitted that they were little kids too.

Qi Linhan tried to rescue the little girl from his old mother, "Mom, holding Yan'er like this will make her uncomfortable. Let us take Yan'er out to play."

Sui Yan scratched her head, "Brother Linhan, Yan'er is not uncomfortable."

Qi Linhan: "..." Stinky kid!

How could An Sitong not know what her son was thinking? She kissed the girl's soft little face reluctantly and put her down, "Go play with your brothers and sisters, darling."

Sui Yan stood firmly, then tiptoed to kiss An Sitong's face before running away shyly with red cheeks.

An Sitong felt her eyes brimming with hearts, "The darling is just too cute!"

Qi Linhan: "..." Jealous! The little girl still hasn't kissed him like that yet!

He rolled his eyes before taking Tizi out to play with the others.

The backyard at Shen Nian's house hadn't been landscaped yet and was full of weeds everywhere. So after discussing, they ran back to play at Liu Hua's house.

Sui Yan flapped her little legs and climbed onto the swing with difficulty. Then she patted the wide empty space next to her excitedly, "Sis! Nian! Let's swing together!"

Ye Anning walked slowly, "Don't hurry, Yan'er."

Compared to Sui Yan's little short legs, Ye Anning's legs were simply extraordinarily long.

So the little girl watched as her sister just tiptoed and sat directly on the swing she had struggled bitterly to climb onto.

Sui Yan pouted her rosy lips, "Sister, you have such long legs!"

Shen Nian glanced over then silently looked away again.

Indeed long.

Ye Anning ruffled the girl's slightly curly hair and said with a smile, "Yan'er's legs can be even longer than sister's in the future."

Sui Yan snorted, "Yan'er doesn't want that. Sister should always have the longest legs!"

Ye Anning didn't know whether to laugh or cry but somehow also felt moved.

Shen Nian also snorted, "Yan'er, what about me?"

Sui Yan blinked her eyes, "Same as sister!"

Shen Nian reluctantly felt satisfied, "Hmph."

Ye Anning looked up at the sky, "Childish."

Shen Nian looked the other way, "None of your business."

Sui Yan looked left and right in confusion as she scratched her head.

The four "kids" arrived a bit later. As soon as they got there, they heard Sui Yan urging, "Hurry up, brothers!"

Qi Linhan came over holding Tizi, "Does Yan'er want to swing?"

Sui Yan nodded busily, "Yes! Brother Linhan, help push the swing for Yan'er and sister and Nian!"

Qi Linhan stuffed Tizi into the little girl's arms, then stood behind her, "Hold on tight to the sides, Yan'er. Be careful."

The swing was quite big so it didn't feel cramped with three girls on it. Qi Linhan didn't dare push hard, just pushed lightly for show.

The little girl leaned against the back of the swing, spreading out her limbs, "Whee! Yan'er is flying!"

The joyful mood infected everyone. The atmosphere between the fake kids and the real little girl was especially harmonious.

Feeling the wind blowing past its ears and listening to the girl's cheers, Tizi closed its eyes contentedly to rest.

Chapter end

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