The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 109

Chapter 109

Everyone was messing around and joking with each other every day, and the family had become more accustomed to the new addition.

As the days went by, the long-awaited New Year's Eve arrived.

Sui Yu came down from upstairs with his listless sister: "Mom, Uncle Xu, Grandma said we should go to their place for the New Year's Eve dinner."

Liu Hua lazily leaned on Xu Yi's shoulder: "What's wrong with Ah Yan? She doesn't seem to have much energy!"

Sui Yan was completely snuggled up in her brother's embrace, her little paw resting on his shoulder, swaying back and forth.

Sui Yu carried the little cub to the sofa, letting her sit by herself, but the little cub rolled over and ended up lying on the sofa.

"Ah Yan wants to eat snacks, and we don't let her, so she's like this."

Liu Hua narrowed her eyes and gently kicked the little cub: "Ah Yan, don't do that!"

Sui Yan got up and hugged her mom's leg: "Mom, I want to eat jelly! And potato chips too!"

Liu Hua pinched the little cub's cheek: "Your brother just said we're going to Grandma's for the New Year's Eve dinner, so you can't have any snacks now."

Sui Yan sighed in disappointment: "Okay..."

Liu Hua looked at the little cub's fluffy outfit and nodded in satisfaction: "Ah Yan, put on your hat and scarf, and let's go help at Grandma's place."

Sui Yan had a bit of distaste for the little panda hat: "Mom, I don't want to wear the panda hat today."

Liu Hua directly put the hat on her: "You have to wear it whether you want to or not!"

The little cub huffed and ran out.

Liu Hua was a bit exasperated: "Yu, you three go keep an eye on Ah Yan. This child has been so full of energy lately." She turned around and called Liu Man, "AhMan, let's go freeload at Ah Yan's Grandma's place!"

Sui Yu looked at the lively and mischievous little cub with a mixture of amusement and exasperation, but overall he was still happy.

Ti Zi was also following them at a leisurely pace, seeming to be in a good mood as well.

It felt that this was better, at least now Ah Yan had so many people accompanying and loving her, unlike in the previous life when she was all alone.

Sui Yu, Sui Zhi, and Qiao Ze followed the little cub out, but as soon as they stepped out, they saw her squatting by the roadside, seemingly doing something.

"Ah Yan! Don't touch those bugs!" Sui Yu couldn't help but shout.

The little cub, who was about to reach for a beetle, silently retracted her hand, even righteously akimbo-ing: "Brother didn't say anything, Ah Yan didn't touch any bugs!"

Sui Yu couldn't be bothered to argue with her, just walked over and led the little cub away: "Yes, yes, you didn't touch any bugs. Now shall we go to Grandma's place?"

Sui Yan looked around: "Where's Ti Zi? I want to go with Ti Zi!"

Sui Zhi sneakily said: "Ah Yan just tried to catch bugs, Ti Zi is disgusted with you."

Sui Yan lightly slapped Sui Zhi's arm and then ran off: "Stinky brother!"

Ti Zi just watched as the little cub ran around the flower bed, and then came back to the starting point, seeming a bit dumb.

The little cub ran and then saw Ti Zi, she hopped excitedly: "Ti Zi! I just saw a really shiny little bug!"

Ti Zi was a bit helpless: "Woof!"

Silly cub!

Sui Zhi also looked at his sister helplessly: "Ah Yan, your hat is going to fall off."

The little cub was startled: "Brother, why are you here?"

Sui Zhi directly picked up his sister: "Don't be silly, let's hurry to Grandma's place. Otherwise, if you run around outside for too long, you'll catch a cold."

Sui Yan raised her arms, imitating a strongman, and clenched her fists forcefully: "Ah Yan is super strong! I won't catch a cold!"

Sui Zhi looked at the little cub's arms wrapped in multiple layers of clothing and couldn't help but roll his eyes: "Yes, you're so strong."

These few people were bickering as they walked, but they were quite harmonious.Ne/w novel chaptrs are published on no/vel(/bin(.)co/m

The decoration at Grandpa and Grandma's place was similar to the old manor, all with an antique style, and many of the furniture looked very vintage.

Sui Yan hadn't even entered the house yet when she started shouting: "Grandpa, Grandma! Ah Yan is here!"

It didn't take long before Zhou Yuyuan came out smiling: "Little cub, come give Grandma a hug."

The little cub hopped out of her brother's embrace and bounced over to her grandma: "Grandma, what are we eating today?"

Zhou Yuyuan pinched the little cub's nose: "How come the first thing you ask about is food?"

Sui Yan puffed out her little cheeks and tattled: "Mom and brother said we're coming to Grandma's for dinner, so Ah Yan can't eat snacks! It's so unfair!"

Zhou Yuyuan also echoed the little cub: "Yes! It's so unfair! How can they starve our little cub?"

With Grandma being so cooperative, the little cub was a bit embarrassed. She cupped her little face and giggled: "Grandma, Ah Yan loves you the most."

Liu Hua, who had just arrived a few steps behind, paused in her steps.

Hmph! Stinky cub!

Last night, she said she loved Mommy the most!

Sui Yu, Sui Zhi, and Qiao Ze, who were standing aside and ignored, looked up at the sky in exasperation.

Who was it who said she loved her brothers the most just yesterday?

Ti Zi, who was slowly following behind, rolled its eyes.

Didn't she say she loved it the most?

These people and a wolf simultaneously snorted inwardly, stinky cub! Not a word she says can be trusted!

Zhou Yuyuan was delighted by the little cub's antics, she smiled and kissed Sui Yan's cheek: "Little cub is so obedient, Grandma loves you the most too."

Just as she was speaking, Ye Anning came out from inside: "Grandma, Grandpa said the soup in the kitchen is done."

Zhou Yuyuan slapped her thigh: "I almost forgot, cub, go play with your sister. Little Nuan, you and this gentleman and AhMan go rest in the living room, I'll go check on the kitchen."

Liu Hua released Xu Yi's hand: "Auntie, let me and Xu Yi go help you." She told Liu Man, "AhMan, go play with Ah Yan."

Sui Yu, Sui Zhi, and Qiao Ze watched them interact harmoniously, seeming very accustomed to it.

Liu Man was a bit restrained in the Sui family, feeling less at ease than at the Liu family.

And a certain little cub had already rushed up to hug Ye Anning: "Sister!"

Ye Anning held the little cub's hand and walked inside: "Ah Yan, you guys came quite late."

Sui Yan swung her arms cheerfully: "Brother just said we should come to Grandma's for dinner, Ah Yan didn't know!"

Sui Yu quickened his pace to catch up with the two girls: "Are my dad and Aunt Ye also here?"

Ye Anning shrugged helplessly: "Yes."

The two elders had summoned the two families, basically just hoping that everyone's relationship could be a bit better.

But they probably didn't know that although Liu Hua's relationship with Sui Jinhong wasn't great, her relationship with Ye Wan was actually quite good.

Hearing her brother mention Aunt Ye, the little cub scurried to the living room and obediently squatted in front of Ye Wan.

Ye Wan saw the little cub and paused for a moment: "Ah Yan, you're here too! If you don't come soon, your grandma might have your sister come call you."

Sui Yan didn't answer Ye Wan's words, but propped up her little face and looked at Ye Wan's belly: "Aunt Ye, is the little brother doing well?"

Ye Wan couldn't help but smile a little, she gently pulled the little cub up: "The little brother is doing very well. Ah Yan, do you want to touch the little brother?"

Chapter end

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