The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 108

Chapter 108

Sui Yu, who was waiting for Qi Linhan downstairs to discuss something, stretched lazily and looked at the time impatiently.

"What's taking this kid so long? He's just putting a child to bed."

Sui Zhi, who had been beaten up by the group, carefully set aside his sister's toys before sitting down. "It's not you who got beaten up, why are you frowning?"

Ye Anning also came over, carrying her signature wolf's tooth club. "Where's Yan? That brat's run off to play again?"

Qiao Ze looked around thoughtfully. "Qi Linhan's not here either?"

Sui Yu stood up. "He went upstairs to put Yan to bed, but for some reason, he hasn't come back down for a long time."

Shen Nian looked puzzled. "Why did you let him take Yan upstairs?"

Ye Anning seemed to understand. "That stinky Yan probably wanted Qi Linhan to carry him." She gripped her wolf's tooth club tightly. "I'll go find those two."

Sui Zhi also stood up. "Let's go beat up Qi Linhan."

We can't let only him get beaten up!

The group charged upstairs to a certain cub's room but found...

"Qi Linhan, why are you lying by Yan's bed!" Ye Anning lowered her voice, furiously asking.

Qi Linhan had been sitting on the floor, leaning against the bedside while playing on his phone. The sudden intrusion startled him.

He raised his hand helplessly. "Yan grabbed me, I can't leave."

Sui Yu came closer and saw that the sleeping Sui Yan was still tightly gripping one of Qi Linhan's fingers with his little paw.

Ye Anning stared silently, feeling sour. What should she do!

"Woof~" Ti Zi had also come in at some point and growled at Qi Linhan.

Qi Linhan sighed. "Don't tell me you're jealous too."

Ti Zi bared its teeth, barely resisting the urge to bite him.

So what if it was jealous! It's not its fault the cub likes this man so much!

Perhaps there were too many people in the room, causing some noise.

The little lump on the bed mumbled sleepily and slowly opened his eyes. "Big brother Linhan..."

Qi Linhan immediately turned to face the cub. "Yan, did we wake you up?"

Sui Yan rubbed his eyes in a daze. "Sister? Why are you all here?"

Ye Anning poked the cub's paw with her inflatable wolf's tooth club. "Yan, let go!"

Sui Yan's little hand was still tightly gripping Qi Linhan's finger. He looked confusedly at his sister, then at Qi Linhan, before burying himself in Qi Linhan's embrace. "Wah wah! Yan wants big brother Linhan to hug!"

Although everyone knew the cub was just trying to provoke Ye Anning, their fists still clenched.

"...Sui... Little... Yan!" Ye Anning gritted her teeth as she called out.

As soon as her voice fell, the others rushed forward and began beating up Qi Linhan.

Meanwhile, the cub who started the fight was quietly trying to sneak away.

Shen Nian unknowingly followed behind the cub and hooked a finger on the back of his collar. "Where does Yan think he's going?"

Sui Yan froze, then turned around with an innocent and adorable smile, as if he wasn't the one who started the fight. "Nian~"

Shen Nian felt that the little lump before her seemed to be slowly turning into a sesame seed filling.

She pinched the cub's face. "Yan is a little brat!"

The cub pouted. "Yan's not a brat, Yan's a cutie!"

Ye Anning sensed what was happening on this side and squinted her eyes. "Don't waste time talking to the stinky brat, grab him!"

Having been trained by Liu Hua, Sui Yan sensed a hint of danger and immediately turned to flee.

Shen Nian simply picked up the fleeing cub. "Where does Yan think he's going?"

As she spoke, she carried the cub over to where Ye Anning and the others were.

After beating up Qi Linhan, the group surrounded the cub again. Ye Anning snorted coldly. "Didn't Yan want big brother Linhan to carry him?"

The cub kept his eyes closed and tilted his head back, calling out, "Ti Zi, help! Big brother and sisters are going to beat Yan up!"

Ti Zi had only planned to watch the fun but became agitated when Sui Yan called out.

Just as it was about to rush over and rescue the cub, it met the gazes of Ye Anning and Sui Yu.

The wolf king couldn't help but feel a little cowardly now.

So it decisively closed its eyes and pretended to sleep, letting Ye Anning and the others torment the cub.

Sui Zhi poked the cub's round, chubby face. "Yan, Ti Zi doesn't care about you anymore."Ne/w novel chaptrs are published on no/vel(/bin(.)co/m

Sui Yan pouted. "Hmph! Ti Zi is bad! Yan will cut ties with Ti Zi for a whole hour!"

Qiao Ze's voice carried a hint of jealousy not easily detected. "A whole hour, that's so long."

The cub took him seriously. "Big brother Qiao Ze, really? Then Yan will cut ties with Ti Zi for just half an hour."

Qiao Ze clicked his tongue. "...Tsk! Isn't this just shooting myself in the foot?"

Ye Anning tossed her wolf's tooth club aside and cracked her knuckles. "Enough talking, let's beat up the stinky cub!"

Sui Yu and Shen Nian immediately cooperated by pinning the cub down on the bed.

The cub felt like he was acting out a scene from a TV drama, so he began his "masterful" performance.

The adorable little lump defiantly tilted his face up, putting on a defiant expression. "Hmph! Even if sister beats me up, Yan still wants big brother Linhan to hug me!"

Ye Anning stretched her claws towards the cub. "Then I'll beat up your precious big brother Linhan again!"

Liu Hua, who had noticed the kids were missing, came upstairs and heard her cub's continuous giggles from inside his room.

She smiled helplessly and pushed open the door. "Kids, it's time for dinner. Stop playing for now."

The tormented cub broke free from his siblings' grip and pounced towards his mother. "Mommy! Sister was tickling me!"

Ye Anning lowered her head guiltily and rubbed her nose.

Liu Hua looked disdainful. "Did you provoke your sister again?"

She knew her cub - he always loved to deliberately annoy others for fun.

Moreover, the kids were just playing around. They all knew their limits, so she was too lazy to intervene.

But Sui Yan, the drama queen, began his theatrical performance. The cub sprawled on the floor, blinking his eyes to make them look wet and teary. "Wah~ Yan is no longer mommy's favorite cub anymore..."

Liu Hua was uncooperative with the cub's act and waved her hand dismissively. "Can you change your line? You've said that one too many times already."

Unhappy with being told to change his line, the cub refused. "No, Yan wants to say this one!"

He had spent so long choosing this line, finally satisfied with it!

Meanwhile, Ye Anning, Sui Yu and the others stared at the cub in shock, deeply impressed by his "masterful" performance.


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Chapter end

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