The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 97

Chapter 97

Sui Jinhong pondered for a moment, then asked, "Who was the person that sent the anonymous file last time? Have you found them yet?"

The man looked a bit ashamed, "Sir, we haven't found their exact location yet, but we've narrowed it down to a general area."

Sui Jinhong raised an eyebrow, waiting for him to continue.

"We can confirm that the person's location is not far from the residential area where you currently live. They should be nearby."

Sui Jinhong looked thoughtful, suddenly seeming to realize something. He smiled wryly, "Don't bother looking anymore. Just deal with the person mentioned in the file. They're suspected of misappropriating public funds, so we can prosecute them now."

The man's expression turned solemn, "Yes."

...Line Break...

Inside the Shanshui Residence

Liu Hua took out a shopping list, checking items off one by one.

"Candies and chocolates for the New Year..."

"We can buy fruits later."

"Gift boxes for giving..." But we don't have that many gifts to give, so just prepare a few."

"Toys and gifts for Yan..." Sui Yan sneaked in, trying to mislead her mother.

Liu Hua calmly tapped the little one's head, "Yan already has enough toys. We can't buy any more for now."

The little one looked disappointed, "Okay..."

Liu Hua thought for a moment, "In a couple days, we can ask our neighbors what they plan to buy. We can buy together."

Sui Yan picked up a piece of candy from the pile in front of her and chewed it happily as she said with her mouth full, "Mom, can we have cake for the New Year?"

Liu Hua didn't even look at the little one, "No... Never mind, let's buy one. Or should we make one ourselves?"

Liu Man, who was squatting nearby, propped her chin on her hand and mused, "Madam, let's make one ourselves."

Liu Hua nodded, "Okay, it's decided then."

Sui Yu and the others, who were squatting in a circle looking bored, said, "So should we discuss what birthday gift to get for Yan?"

Ye Anning sat down directly on the carpet, "Doesn't she like chocolate and building blocks the most?"

Qiao Ze ran his long fingers through the carpet fibers, "Actually, there's one more thing... We could get Yan a set of experiment equipment, but it might be hard to find a really good one."

Sui Yu took out his phone to check his current funds, "As long as we have money, it'll be fine."

Qi Linhan felt the same, "Yeah."

Shen Nian exchanged a glance with Ye Anning, and they both shrugged, "But we don't have money."

Sui Zhi sighed, "Right, if we spend all our money on Yan's birthday gift, then we won't have money for future gifts."

Ti Zi, who was lying nearby, glanced at them before her gaze returned to a certain little one.

The little one crawled over and stared at her siblings for a while before saying, "Brothers and sisters, what are you talking about?"

Ye Anning was startled, "Yan, when did you come over?"

Sui Yan was very displeased, "Hmph! Does sister not love Yan anymore? She can't even see Yan!"

Shen Nian seized the chance to egg her on, "That's right, you clearly don't love Yan. Unlike me, I saw Yan coming right away."

Ye Anning, "..." So are you the new Tea King or something?

Ti Zi looked at Shen Nian with admiration in her eyes.


The little one was so naive that she believed whatever anyone said.

Hearing what Shen Nian said, she immediately turned her head away from Ye Anning with a huff, refusing to acknowledge her.

"Nian Nian is the best! Yan wants to sleep with Nian Nian tonight!" The little one clung to Shen Nian and acted spoiled.

Shen Nian narrowed her eyes in satisfaction and gave Ye Anning a provocative look.

Ye Anning couldn't stand it anymore, "How is she better? She steals Yan's candy, kisses Yan secretly at night, and has to make Yan wear that panda outfit she doesn't like..."

She listed Shen Nian's "crimes" one by one, but after listening for a while, Shen Nian just lightly said, "Weren't those things we did together?"

Ye Anning, "..." Careless!

Sui Yan looked shocked, "Sister, how could you do that!"

After Ye Anning's long explanation, the little one only hugged Shen Nian tighter.

She sighed and dejectedly turned away, "It seems Yan hates sister now. I won't bother you two anymore."

Shen Nian, "?" Did she just unlock some profound inner power?

Ti Zi was shocked again, "!!!"

Learning, learning!!

As expected, the naive little one felt a bit guilty, "Sister, Yan didn't mean that..."

Ye Anning turned her back to them, holding back laughter while her voice quivered slightly, "Sister knows. Yan doesn't have to say anything."

Sui Yan hurried over in small steps to hug Ye Anning, "Sister, sister, Yan will always love sister!"

Ye Anning looked touched, "Thank you, Yan!"

Ti Zi, "..."

Shen Nian, "..."

Everyone, "..."

Sui Yu and the other straight guys who witnessed the whole thing were completely confused by such dramatic antics. They exchanged glances, seeing the same shock in each other's eyes.

So that's how it is!

Wasted learning opportunity!

Liu Hua passed by holding the shopping list, "What are you kids doing huddled up here? Are you hungry? Want me to make something to eat?"

Sui Yan held Ye Anning's hand, "Mom, Yan wants to eat the fried chicken that Uncle Xu Yi makes!"

Xu Yi was helping Liu Hua move things and immediately stopped when he heard the little one, "Then I'll go make it for you all."

Liu Hua didn't care about that. She suddenly stopped and pinched the little one's chubby cheeks, "Yan, you seem to have gained some weight."

The mother's tone was too serious, and the little one was a bit scared. She felt a bit guilty, "No..."

Liu Hua cut off Sui Yan's words, "It's been snowing this whole time, so you and your brothers and sisters haven't been able to go out for a walk in a long while. And you're at home eating all the time, so of course you've gained weight."

Liu Man also reached out to pinch the little one's face, "Madam, Yan is still just a baby. This is perfect and the cutest."

Liu Hua had only mentioned it casually and didn't think her daughter had gained too much weight, "Yeah, this is just right."

But the little one's heart was deeply hurt. She hugged her sister pitifully, "Sister, Yan didn't mean to."Geett the ltest vels on no/v/elbin(.)c/om

She didn't mean to gain weight on purpose.

Before Ye Anning could console the little one, she saw her clench her little fists determinedly, "Yan will go on a diet now!"

Liu Hua looked exasperated, "Silly child, have you been watching those ridiculous dramas again?"

At that moment, Xu Yi came out of the kitchen and asked, "Yan, do you want fries too?"

"Yes! And fried chicken wings!" Sui Yan stood up and raised her hand high.

Everyone present, "?"

Chapter end

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