The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 96

Chapter 96

Xu Yi smiled and ruffled Yan's head: "Does Yan like it?"

Sui Yan nodded vigorously: "Yan likes it super---much!"

Xu Yi handed the big box to the little one to hold: "Then Yan can't be angry anymore after receiving the gift."

Sui Yan hesitated for a second while taking the gift: "Then Uncle Xu can't call Yan round anymore!"

Xu Yi readily agreed: "Deal!"

Sui Yan high-fived him: "Deal!"

Liu Hua walked over, looking disdainfully at the two of them: "What are you doing? Come over and help tidy up."

Sui Yan hugged Ye Anning's arm tightly: "No, Yan wants to play with Sister and Nian Nian."

Ye Anning directly picked up the little one: "Sister needs to help tidy up."

Shen Nian also got up with a smile: "Does Yan want to help us tidy up too?"

The little one puffed out her cheeks: "Hmph! Then Yan will help too!"

Liu Hua looked even more disdainful: "Only you two little girls are willing to indulge this little brat. If it were me, I would have taken action right away."

Ye Anning: "Ahem, Auntie!"

How could she say such things in front of the little one!

However, a certain little one had already seen through her mother's soft-hearted nature, and she looked smug: "Mommy is lying! Mommy wouldn't hit Yan!"


Just as the little one was feeling proud of herself, Liu Hua unexpectedly stretched out her hand and slapped Yan's bottom: "Who says I won't hit you?"

It happened too fast, and Sui Yan didn't even react.

When she finally realized what happened, the little one pouted sadly: "Mommy can't hit Yan's butt..."

Liu Hua didn't hit hard, she was just playing around with the little one. She tried to slap Sui Yan again, but unexpectedly, the little one reacted quickly this time and rolled away to dodge.

"Stinky Mommy! Doesn't Yan have any face left?" Sui Yan's little face turned red as she secretly put her little hand behind her, guarding against Liu Hua's sudden attack.

Liu Hua thought the little one was going to say something else, but she just said this after hesitating for a while.

She couldn't help but laugh: "What face does Yan need? Do you even know what 'face' means, you little brat?"

Sui Yan felt her mother was underestimating her: "Yan knows everything! Stinky Mommy stinky Mommy! Yan wants to cut ties with the stinky Mommy!"

Liu Hua folded her arms across her chest: "Then how long does Yan want to cut ties with Mommy?"

The little one didn't say a word, but firmly raised one little finger.

One whole day!

Liu Hua understood: "Cut ties for an hour? Okay!"

She didn't bother with Sui Yan anymore and went to tidy up on her own.

The little one left behind puffed out her cheeks and stamped her foot: "Hmph!"

An hour is an hour!

Ye Anning and Shen Nian, who had watched the entire process, were about to laugh themselves silly. Ye Anning managed to hold back her laughter: "Then what does Yan want to do now?"

Sui Yan clenched her little fists: "Help the stinky Mommy tidy up!"

Shen Nian covered her mouth with her hand to hide her smile: "Doesn't Yan want to cut ties with Auntie?"

The little one spoke firmly: "Cutting ties means not talking to Mommy, but Mommy is so tired from tidying up, so of course Yan has to help Mommy!"

Liu Hua, who was not far away, heard her little one say this and couldn't help but smile.

Her silly little one was really adorable. She would have to reward her silly one with an extra chocolate today.

Ye Anning extended her hand to Sui Yan: "Then... Yan, let's go over together."

The little one held her sister's hand with one hand and Shen Nian's hand with the other: "Let's go!"

Liu Hua said she wanted Sui Yan and the others to help tidy up, but in fact, most of the work was done by Sui Yu, Qi Linhan, and the other boys.

Meanwhile, the slacking off Sui Yan was squatting on the ground, hugging a small rag doll and unknowingly spacing out.

Ye Anning passed by the little one and patted her head: "What is Yan doing? Is she sleepy? Go lie on the sofa."

Sui Yan responded slowly: "Oh!"

She carried the rag doll and crawled onto the sofa, but her gaze fell on the clock.

Liu Hua glanced at the little one who had crawled onto the sofa. She deliberately walked past the sofa and said to Sui Yu on the other side: "Xiao Yu, put that thing in your hand in the side hall."

Sui Yu scratched his head: "Okay."

When her mother walked by, Sui Yan subconsciously wanted to talk to her but remembered they had cut ties as soon as she opened her mouth.

So the little one turned over, facing away from Liu Hua: "Hmph!"

A mischievous look flashed in Liu Hua's eyes, but she didn't actively talk to the little one either. Instead, she turned around and continued her own business.

Sui Yan secretly peeked at her mother's back, then felt disappointed that her mother didn't even glance at her.

The little one boredly counted her fingers, feeling for the first time that an hour was so long.

After an unknown period of time, when Sui Yan looked at the clock again in a daze, she was delighted to find that an hour had passed.

She then jumped off the sofa and ran towards her mother: "Mommy Mommy! Yan just saw a little bug!"

Liu Hua had just been worried that she had gone too far, but then she heard a certain silly one's happy voice.

She smiled and turned around: "Yan, don't touch those bugs, they're dirty."

Sui Yan ignored her and hugged her mother's leg: "Mommy Mommy, Yan won't cut ties with you anymore."

Liu Hua wiped her hands and picked up the little one: "Yan is sorry, Mommy won't cut ties with Yan either."

Sui Yan smiled foolishly, hugging her mother and planting a loud kiss on her.

Liu Hua couldn't help but laugh and kiss the little one's face too: "Should Mommy give Yan two more chocolates today?"

The little one cheered: "Yes! Long live Mommy!"

While this side was joyful, Sui Jinhong was watching the surveillance video sent by his subordinates at the company, and his expression darkened.

"Why did they suddenly go to find Yan? Is the wife okay at home alone?" His voice was gloomy and ominous.

The man beside him looked serious: "The wife has been chatting with the Shen Family's wife today, preparing gifts for the few children."

"That family's fortunes haven't been good lately, and the Qi Family, who usually helps them, has also been ignoring them recently. So they went to apologize to the young lady, hoping to get on good terms with Mrs. Liu."REad updated stries at n//vel/bin(.)com

Sui Jinhong laughed coldly: "They're thinking too simply."

Liu Hua is someone who doesn't tolerate even a speck of dust. Since the Lu Family had bullied Yan, how could she possibly befriend them?

Moreover, with Liu Hua's current status, befriending people of their character would be considered charity work.

Did they really think Liu Hua was foolish?

Chapter end

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