The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 94

Chapter 94

Liu Hua took a bite of the pear: "Yan, Uncle Xu might move in and live with us later."

The little cub had chubby cheeks and was intently staring at the TV: "Oh!"

Liu Hua clicked her tongue and pinched the little cub's chin, making her look towards herself: "I'm talking to you! Did you hear me?"

Sui Yan had an obedient look: "I heard you."

Liu Hua pinched the little cub's chubby little chin: "Will Yan be unhappy?"

Sui Yan took a bite of the pear: "Why would I be unhappy?"

Liu Hua looked thoughtful: "There will be one more uncle at home."

The little cub's cheeks kept moving as she mumbled: "Uncle Xu is good to Yan, Yan really likes Uncle Xu!"

Liu Hua couldn't help but smile: "Good."

She reached out and hugged the little cub into her arms, then leaned down and kissed the young child's tender little face.

And the little cub was wholeheartedly nibbling on her big pear.

But suddenly, Ti Zi, who had been lying down with her eyes closed, snapped open her wolf-like eyes.

Her usually gentle and peaceful eyes now carried a ferocious and ruthless aura.

Sui Yan instantly stopped nibbling on the big pear: "What's wrong with Ti Zi?"

Liu Hua was also a bit puzzled and was about to check if Ti Zi was feeling unwell, when in the next second she heard Liu Man's voice: "Madam, there are guests at our house."

She frowned, feeling that Ti Zi's behavior might be related to these so-called "guests."

"Who is it?" she walked towards the door.

Sui Yan, clutching the half-eaten big pear, followed her mother with her little short legs.

Liu Man was standing at the entrance: "This gentleman says his surname is Lu."

Liu Hua coldly looked at the family of three in front of her: "May I ask who you are looking for?"

Lu's Mom pulled Lu Yunling, signaling her to speak.

Lu Yunling looked at this intimidating older sister in front of her and felt timid: "Sister, I'm Yan's friend."

As soon as Sui Yan heard Lu's Father's voice, she had hidden behind Liu Hua and refused to come out.

Hearing Lu Yunling say this, she couldn't help but tell on her to her mother: "Mom, she's not Yan's friend."

Of course, Liu Hua would unconditionally believe her precious daughter, so she raised her eyebrows and picked up her darling daughter: "Yan, tell Mommy what happened."

Before the little girl could speak, Lu's Mom rushed to speak: "Madam, it's just a little tiff between kids, let the children resolve it themselves."

Liu Hua's face instantly turned cold: "Then you shut up first."

Liu Hua looked down at this family with a hint of annoyance beginning to build up inside her.

Just as she was about to kick them out, the little baby in her arms hugged her neck: "Mom, she said Yan is disgusting, she hates Yan."

Sui Yan didn't really understand what the word "disgusting" meant, but she could clearly sense Lu Yunling's tone and attitude when she said those words.

Now that her mother was here, the little cub felt reassured to tattle.

Lu Yunling felt it was unfair that she was forced to come and apologize to Sui Yan, so she bit her lip with a look like she was about to cry.

Meanwhile, Lu's Father and Lu's Mom were intimidated by Liu Hua and didn't dare to speak up for a moment.

After hearing her precious daughter's words, Liu Hua's whole demeanor turned cold: "Cub, did they say anything else?"

The little cub pursed her lips but didn't say anything else.

Seeing her reaction, Liu Hua knew they must have said something even more outrageous. She was starting to lose her patience: "Liu Man, call the security, how can they just let any riffraff into our community? Aren't they afraid of spreading diseases?"

Finally, Lu's Mom couldn't hold back: "Madam, that's going too far..."

"The word 'too far' is more often used for people, isn't it? Are you worthy of using it?" Liu Hua sneered and her words became even ruder.

Before they could exchange a few more words, Sui Yu and the others came running down from upstairs.

As soon as Shen Nian saw Lu Yunling, her expression darkened: "Lu Yunling, stay away from Yan."

Everyone expected Lu Yunling to start cursing again, but unexpectedly, she only bit her lip hard and kept shedding tears.

Shen Nian frowned, but before she could react, Ye Anning pulled her aside.

Ye Anning stood in front of Lu Yunling and looked down at her: "What are you crying for? If you want to cry, go home and cry. Don't dirty our eyes here."

Lu Yunling was so intimidated that her tears actually stopped. Liu Hua's gaze was mocking, as if looking at a clown.

With no one playing along, the Lu family didn't know how to continue their act. But they had worked so hard to get into this gated community, there was no way they would leave easily now.

As they were at an impasse, a police car pulled up in front of Liu Hua's house, and two police officers got out.

"We received a report that someone illegally entered this community."

Liu Hua was a bit surprised, but she still said: "Officers, it's this family. I seriously suspect they might physically harm me."

The police were called by Sui Jinhong's people, originally thinking it wasn't a big deal and only coming as a favor to Sui Jinhong. But they didn't expect to see Liu Hua.

Everyone knew that Liu Hua had just recently been listed as a specially protected citizen by the state, and they had been instructed repeatedly to ensure her personal safety.

One of the officers immediately gestured: "Take them away first."

Lu's Father panicked: "Wait, you haven't even given us a reason for the arrest. On what grounds are you taking us away?"

One of the officers sneered: "You'll know when we get to the station."

As the remaining officer watched the Lu family being taken away, he smiled at Liu Hua and the others: "Miss Liu, it was our negligence."

Liu Hua didn't want to make things difficult for them: "It's okay, it's mainly because this family was very unkind to my daughter. I hope the officer can keep a closer eye on them for me."

The officer seemed relieved: "We will definitely pay more attention."

He was about to leave when the well-behaved little cub suddenly called out to him in a small voice: "Officer Uncle!"

The young officer turned around: "What's up, little one?"

Although the little cub was cute, why did she call him "uncle"? He was only in his twenties!

Sui Yan looked at her mother, then lowered her voice even more: "Officer Uncle, will you arrest children too?"

Liu Hua immediately covered the little cub's mouth: "Yes, especially naughty children who love eating candy."

Sui Yan: "Mmm!" Mom, let me go!Fdd ew updts on n(o)v/e/lin(.)com

The young officer felt a bit weary. So his biggest purpose here was to threaten little kids?

Watching the officer drag his heavy steps away, Liu Hua clicked her tongue: "Alright, let's get back to what we were doing."

She hugged the little cub and turned to go back and watch TV, but then noticed a group of kids staring at her from behind.

"So, Mom, that police officer seemed really afraid that something might happen to you," Sui Yu couldn't help but voice her innermost question.

Chapter end

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