The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 92

Chapter 92

Shen Nian frowned as she looked at the handkerchief in her hand. After a pause, she said, "Yan, you bit into a coin."

Liu Hua relaxed as she felt Sui Yan's teeth. "It's fine, she just lost one of her front teeth."

Sui Yan had calmed down too. She stuck out her tongue and ran it over her teeth, feeling uncomfortable at the gap where one was missing.

"Where is Yan's tooth?" the little girl asked, covering her mouth.

An Sitong also relaxed and couldn't resist pinching Sui Yan's cheek. "Yan, you'll whistle when you talk now."

Sui Yan pursed her lips and decided not to speak. "Hmph!"

Liu Hua looked around and finally saw Qi Linhan holding a small, ivory-colored object, handing it to her. "Auntie, is this Yan's tooth?"

Sui Yan covered her mouth with one hand and tugged at her mom with the other. "Where, where? Yan wants to see!"

Liu Hua wasn't worried anymore, but seeing her daughter talk so unclearly made her want to laugh. "Here, don't touch it."Nww hapters will be fully updated at (n)ov()l/bin(.)com

She showed Sui Yan the tiny baby tooth, and the little girl looked amazed. "Wow! Yan's tooth!"

Liu Hua tapped Sui Yan's forehead. "Silly girl, does your mouth still hurt?"

Sui Yan licked the gap where her tooth was missing. "No. Mom, what do I do if my tooth fell out?"

Liu Hua wasn't too sure either. "Why don't you toss it under the bed?"

Sui Yan frowned. "No, Yan's tooth is so cute, I want to keep it!"

Liu Hua looked puzzled. "Are you a little dummy or what?"

Charmed by its cuteness?

The little girl pretended not to hear and looked pensive. "Hmm! If Yan ate a coin, doesn't that mean she's super lucky?"

Everyone: "..." So was it lucky or unlucky?

An Sitong clicked her tongue and shook her head. "Yan looks even cuter with a missing tooth!"

Sui Yan was startled, feeling that wasn't a good thing. She waved her hands frantically. "Mirror, mirror! Yan wants a mirror!"

Sui Yu handed the little girl her phone. "No mirror, use this."

Sui Yan bared her teeth at the phone screen, trying to get a good look at her missing tooth. After seeing it clearly, she looked crestfallen. "Yan isn't cute anymore..."

With the little girl unharmed, Liu Hua wasn't worried. She ruffled Sui Yan's hair and said dismissively, "Cute, cute, our Yan is always the cutest!"

But Sui Yan wasn't happy, thinking she looked silly with her missing tooth.

An Sitong poked Sui Yan's cheek. "Kiddo, do you still want to eat dumplings?"

Sui Yan slapped the table and sat up straight. "Eat!"

The little girl hugged her small bowl and scampered out to the courtyard to find Ti Zi, who was lounging lazily in the sun.

"Ti Zi!"

Ti Zi turned its head after a moment, feeling that Sui Yan's voice sounded a bit off.

Sui Yan ran up to Ti Zi and sat down, hugging her bowl.

That's when Ti Zi noticed the missing front tooth. "Woof?"

What happened to you, kiddo?

Sui Yan hung her head and poked holes in the dumplings one by one, before setting her bowl in front of Ti Zi. "Ti Zi, there are no coins in here! Eat them all!"

Ti Zi nuzzled Sui Yan. "Woof!"

So the kiddo bit into a coin and knocked out her tooth, huh?

Somehow understanding Ti Zi's meaning, Sui Yan pouted. "Ti Zi, one of my front teeth fell out, I look so silly."

Ti Zi remained calm. "Woof~"

Kiddo, you look silly even without losing a tooth.

Sui Yan snuggled up to Ti Zi, hugging its neck and muttering to herself, "When Yan's tooth grows back, she can eat chocolate again!"

When Qi Linhan came looking for Sui Yan, he found the little girl already asleep on Ti Zi, with an empty bowl in front of them.

Ti Zi lay still, not daring to move in case it woke Sui Yan up.

Qi Linhan carefully picked up Sui Yan and patted Ti Zi's head. "Ti Zi, go inside and have some of the spare ribs Auntie made for you."

Ti Zi got up and nodded solemnly.

Seeing that it understood, Qi Linhan turned and carried the little girl upstairs.

"...Big brother Linhan?" Sui Yan mumbled drowsily, snuggling into Qi Linhan's embrace.

Qi Linhan gently patted her back. "It's okay, Yan, keep sleeping."

Sui Yan smacked her lips, sounding pitiful even in her dream. "Yan's tooth..."

Ye Anning and Shen Nian, returning from delivering dumplings to Ye Wan, saw this scene and both spoke in hushed tones. "Why did Yan fall asleep? Should we wake her up? Otherwise, this kid won't sleep at night."

Qi Linhan hesitated. "Nah..."

Liu Hua, carrying one of Sui Yan's plush dolls, walked by. "What's going on?"

Ye Anning looked at the sleeping Sui Yan. "Auntie, Yan fell asleep, should we wake her up?"

Liu Hua tossed the doll onto the couch. "Of course, or none of us will sleep tonight."

She reached out to pinch Sui Yan's face. "Wake up, stinky Yan!"

Sui Yan whined and hugged Qi Linhan tighter. "Stinky mom!"

Liu Hua clicked her tongue, grabbed a milk candy from a dish, peeled off the wrapper, and stuffed it into Sui Yan's mouth.

Sui Yan licked her lips and drowsily opened her eyes.

Liu Hua took Sui Yan from Qi Linhan's arms. "Yan, don't sleep, have some candy."

The little girl rubbed her eyes and whined, "Mom, Yan's tooth is gone!"

Liu Hua pinched Sui Yan's chubby cheeks and inspected her teeth. "It'll grow back soon. Don't lick where the tooth fell out, or your new tooth will grow in crooked."

Sui Yan looked confused. "What happens if my tooth grows crooked?"

Liu Hua replied bluntly, "You won't be cute!"

Sui Yan's eyes widened in alarm. "Won't lick, won't lick, Yan wants to be cute."

Feeling a bit helpless, Liu Hua set the girl down to let her walk on her own. "Okay, okay, Yan is cute!"

Sui Yan let out a haughty "hmph" and waddled over to the couch, obediently hugging her oversized carrot plush doll.

Liu Hua looked a bit disgusted. "Yan, don't just toss your plushies around next time, or I'll throw them all away."

The little girl rolled around hugging her doll. "No, Mom! The plushies are so cute!"

Liu Hua rolled up her sleeves. "Didn't I say there can only be one freeloader in this house? You're not working, fine, but you keep making trouble!"

Sui Yan insisted, "But Yan helped wrap dumplings and buns earlier!"

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