The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 91

Chapter 91

Sui Yan clumsily held a dumpling wrapper and put some brown sugar on it with a small spoon.

Liu Hua glanced over unintentionally and was momentarily puzzled: "...Yan, what are you wrapping?"

Sui Yan carefully folded the dumpling wrapper like her mother had shown her and pinched the edges.iscover nw chaptrs n n0e(l)bi(.)com

The little girl squeezed her fingers tightly: "Mommy, Yan is wrapping dumplings."

Liu Hua's expression was complicated: "Then the dumplings you wrap will be for your brother to eat."

Sui Yu and Qiao Ze, who were named, unconsciously looked over. However, when they saw what the little girl was holding in her hands, they both rolled their eyes.

So they really were biological siblings!

The little girl was generous, waving her small hand: "Okay! Then Yan will wrap a few more!"

Liu Hua pressed her down: "Yan can wrap just three, it's not tasty to have sugar inside dumplings."

Sui Yu felt this was karma, and he sighed deeply before wrapping a few normal dumplings for his sister to eat.

The little girl felt a little guilty: "But why aren't sugar-filled buns tasty! Then Yan won't wrap dumplings anymore!"

Qiao Ze felt he should still encourage his sister, so he took a dumpling wrapper and handed it to Sui Yan: "It's okay, Yan can wrap a 'Yan brand' dumpling for her brother."

Sui Zhi also gave his sister a dumpling wrapper: "Yeah!"

Encouraged, the little girl nodded vigorously: "Okay! Then Yan won't wrap buns, she'll wrap dumplings for her brothers first!"

Sui Zhi and Qiao Ze were touched by their sister's cuteness, their faces full of indulgent smiles: "Okay."

Only Liu Hua couldn't help but hold her head in her hands on the side. Were her two sons pampering their sister to the point of silliness? Why did they all want to eat the sugar-filled dumplings?

She shook her head in resignation and skillfully wrapped a coin inside a dumpling.

The shiny coin immediately attracted the little girl, who ran over and tugged at her mother's arm: "Mommy, what are you wrapping?"

Liu Hua looked disdainful: "Smelly Yan, you're covered in flour, don't get it on Mommy."

Sui Yan looked down at herself in confusion, then thought about it seriously for two seconds before sticking to Liu Hua: "Mommy~mommy~"

She insisted on sticking to her!

Liu Hua almost couldn't resist pulling the little girl off: "If you keep acting up, Mommy won't tell you what this is!"

Sui Yan thought for two more seconds, then obediently got off her mother: "Okay!"

Liu Hua snorted disapprovingly: "Look, this is a coin." She showed the little girl a handful of clean coins.

Sui Yan squatted down beside her mother, cradling her face: "Mommy, why are you wrapping coins inside the dumplings?"

Liu Hua glimpsed the flour marks on the little girl's face and suppressed a smile: "We'll wrap five dumplings with coins inside. Whoever eats them is the luckiest."

The little girl nodded as if she understood, clenching her small fists: "Then Yan wants to eat the coin!"

Liu Hua: "..." This child didn't seem very smart.

Qiao Ze heard the little girl and couldn't help but laugh: "Yan's front tooth is about to fall out, right?"

Sui Yan paused in rolling the dough ball: "No way!"

She had just eaten candy, she couldn't let her mother know!

But what she feared came true. Liu Hua immediately exposed her: "Then how come Yan was eating gummy bears just now? It's a good thing she brushed her teeth after eating them."

Liu Hua narrowed her eyes dangerously: "Sui Yan, didn't I tell you not to eat candy until that broken tooth grows back?"

Sui Yan hung her head guiltily: "Mommy, that's not a broken tooth."

Liu Hua rolled her eyes: "Go ahead and eat, but don't cry to me when your tooth hurts."

Liu Hua was just venting frustration then, but she didn't expect that little girl's broken tooth to cause her trouble so soon...

After everyone finished wrapping the dumplings, the children didn't need to help anymore. So Liu Hua patted each child's head and told them to sit at the dining table.

Even Li Yuan, who had been tortured by homework, was finally relieved for the time being. He slumped weakly on the table: "When...can we...eat dumplings..."

Sui Yan's flour-stained face had been wiped clean by her sister. The little girl lay on the table too, tilting her small head to look at Li Yuan: "What's wrong with you, Brother Li? You look half dead."

Li Yuan slapped the table angrily: "It's because I have to do homework!"

Qiao Ze stroked his chin thoughtfully: "Could this be 'rising from the brink of death'?"

Qi Linhan nodded deeply: "To be tortured like this by homework."

Too weak.

Li Yuan: "..." Do you think you're very funny?

"Kids, move aside, our dumplings are ready." Lin Yifeng brought over a large basin of boiled and steamed dumplings.

Sui Yan swung her short legs on her seat: "Dumplings, dumplings!"

An Sitong pinched the little girl's cheek: "Does Yan want steamed or boiled dumplings?"

Sui Yan nibbled her finger, thinking for a long time before saying, "Steamed!"

An Sitong deftly served the freshly steamed dumplings to the little girl: "Yan, try these!"

Lin Yifeng also smiled as she served one dumpling each to Sui Yu, Sui Zhi, and Qiao Ze: "Yu, these are the dumplings Yan specially wrapped for you all, be careful they're hot."

Sui Yu looked at the sugar-filled dumpling in front of him, then at the large bowl of meat-stuffed dumplings in front of his sister. He sighed: "Thank you, Auntie Lin."

What could he do about his sister? He'd better just indulge her.

Sui Yan perfunctorily blew on the dumpling in her spoon, then took a big bite.

Ye Anning's heart leapt: "Yan! Don't eat so fast! What if you burn yourself?"

An Sitong felt regretful for her carelessness too and was about to ask Yan to spit it out when she heard her cry.


Shen Nian frowned and rushed over with a handkerchief: "Yan, spit it out."

An Sitong panicked too: "What's wrong? Did she burn herself? Yan, open your mouth for Auntie to look!"

The others also gathered around anxiously, even Ti Zi looked a little flustered. But before they could see clearly, Sui Yan covered her mouth with teary eyes: "Waaah Yan's tooth!"

An Sitong furrowed her brow, feeling the little girl's speech sounded off.

Shen Nian looked at the handkerchief in surprise: "Yan, did you lose a tooth? There's blood on the handkerchief."

Liu Hua rushed over belatedly: "What happened to Yan? Don't be afraid, let Mommy see!"

Sui Yan crawled pitifully into her mother's arms: "Mommy, Yan's tooth!"

Liu Hua pulled the little girl's hand from her mouth and pried her mouth open to examine it carefully.

The little girl's skin was tender, and she didn't seem to have been burned. Moreover, one of Yan's baby teeth was clearly missing...it was very obvious!

Chapter end

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