The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 85

Chapter 85

These two were playing around when Liu Hua suddenly pushed open the door again: "Zhi, your dad messaged you to go see him for a bit."

Sui Yu was stunned, then belatedly opened his phone to check: "Okay, I'll go later."

Liu Hua looked disdainfully at the two who were just fooling around but now obedient in a second: "Look at you two, how childish!"

Sui Yu obediently nodded in agreement.

Indeed! Yan was way too childish!

Sui Yan rolled on the couch hugging a large pillow, turning her back to her mother: "Humph!"

The cub's petulant humph only made her seem adorable. Although Liu Hua looked disdainful on her face, her eyes were full of laughter.

Seeing her mother leave, Sui Yan quietly rolled back: "Brother, let's continue!"

Sui Yu was also willing to play along with the cub, and the two messed around, tossing the pillow back and forth.

Meanwhile, Ye Anning, Sui Zhi, and Qiao Ze had finished their homework, eaten some sweets, drank some milk tea, and even played games!

Sui Yan panted slightly, raising one little paw: "Stop!"

Sui Yu grinned mischievously: "Yan can't go on?"

Sui Yan huffed angrily, hands on hips: "Sister! Brother is bullying me!"

Sui Yu: "......"

Ye Anning casually grabbed a pillow and smacked it in Sui Yu's face, then motioned for Sui Yan: "Yan, come to sister."

Sui Yu sighed, tidying up the pillows and mess, then sat down with the others.

Qiao Ze, with a stolen candy in his mouth from the cub, casually asked Sui Zhi: "Uncle Sui, is someone asking you to act in a movie?"

Sui Zhi glanced at him: "Yeah."

Ye Anning stroked her chin thoughtfully: "If acting, you'll probably meet some celebrities, right?"

Sui Zhi recalled his past life experiences and couldn't help but smile: "Yeah."

Sui Yan overheard a few lines and suddenly leaned over: "Brother, can you help me get Han Yun's autograph?"

Sui Zhi raised an eyebrow: "Han Yun?"

Sui Yan was almost gushing: "The super super beautiful sister! Yan super super likes her!"

Ye Anning narrowed her eyes: "Hmm?"

Sui Yan quickly added: "But Yan likes sister even more!"

Ye Anning was barely satisfied: "Hmm."

Sui Zhi was stone-faced: "No!"

"Eh? Why not?" The cub looked at her brother pitifully, rejected for the first time.

Sui Zhi gritted his teeth: "Yan super likes her?"

Sui Yan corrected seriously: "Not super like, super super like!" She was very precise!

Sui Zhi was expressionless: "Then even more no."

Sui Yan stared blankly for two seconds, then pouted unhappily: "Meanie brother!"

Sui Zhi remained stoic, changing the subject: "Unless Yan says she likes brother the most."

Sui Yan frowned, a little conflicted. But before she could resolve it, Ye Anning stood up, joined by Sui Yu and Qiao Ze, cracking their knuckles as they surrounded Sui Zhi.

"Like you the most?" Ye Anning narrowed her eyes dangerously.

Sui Zhi sensed trouble and tried to flee the study.

But he hadn't taken two steps when there was a "pat" sound.

Everyone looked towards the door to see Liu Man calmly retracting her paw that had just closed the door, blocking it as she even lay down.

Sui Zhi: "......" Heaven is forsaking me!

Sui Yan hugged a large bag of chips, looking confusedly as her brother was ganged up on.

When Liu Man came to call everyone for dinner, she only saw Sui Zhi lying on the floor, buried under a pile of pillows and stuffed animals.

She smiled wryly: "Kids, stop playing. We're having dinner."

Sui Zhi brushed aside the pile on top of him and sat up: "You guys went overboard."

Sui Yan leaned in and whispered: "Brother, it's okay. Yan likes you the most!"

Sui Zhi's mouth curved upwards upon hearing that. Although he knew the cub was probably tricking him, he was still very happy. What to do!

Ye Anning snorted unhappily and dragged the cub away: "Yan, let's eat!"

The cub struggled a little but let her sister carry her: "Okay!"

After dinner, Sui Zhi went to see his dad and chatted with Sui Jinhong and Li Shengming for half the afternoon before returning.

But as soon as he entered, he saw the whole family staring at him intently.

"What are you all looking at?" He instinctively took two steps back.

Liu Hua cleared her throat and averted her gaze: "Zhi, what did you guys discuss?"

Sui Zhi relaxed: "Oh, Uncle Li said he has a friend who wants to start filming a movie after the New Year and hopes I'll play one of the roles."

Liu Hua frowned: "What kind of role?"

Sui Zhi joined them: "Apparently the male lead as a child. Dad said if I want to act, I can take this reliable role. The actors set to play the male and female leads are quite famous."

Liu Hua felt reassured: "As long as you're all clear on it, I won't worry unnecessarily."

Sui Yan leaned over again, thinking she was whispering: "Brother, will you meet Han Yun?"Fdd ew updts on n(o)v/e/lin(.)com

Sui Zhi smugly replied: "Yes, there's a good chance I'll be acting with your Han Yun this time."

Sui Yan's eyes lit up as she crawled over to Sui Zhi, fawning as she patted his arms and legs: "Brother, I want Han Yun's autograph."

Feeling his sister's massage-like pats, Sui Zhi coughed purposefully: "Hmm... Yan, a little harder."

The cub nodded vigorously, applying more force: "Okay!"

Liu Hua covered her face, unable to watch the shameless display!

Ye Anning clenched her fists, thinking Sui Zhi was done for - she'd get him within three days.

Vaguely sensing he had angered everyone, Sui Zhi quickly stopped his little puppy: "Okay okay, brother will definitely get Yan's autograph later."

The little puppy's eyes sparkled: "Great! Thank you, brother!"

Thi, observing from the side, thought: Cub, I realize you're even better at being a puppy than me.

The movie Sui Zhi was set to star in wouldn't start filming until after the New Year, so he didn't need to worry much now besides his finals in two days.

He had no mental pressure.

Among the group of kids gathered again, only Li Yuan was still studying hard for exams.

Sui Yan crawled over opposite Li Yuan and lay on his desk watching him write for a while.

"Big brother Li Yuan, you wrote this character wrong," the cub extended her white tender finger, pointing at Li Yuan's messy homework.

Li Yuan was skeptical: "Yan recognizes characters? How would you know I wrote it wrong?"


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