The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 83

Chapter 83

The little ones had all gone into the house, and Liu Hua also said to Ye Wan, "You should hurry home and rest too."

Ye Wan smiled apologetically, "Then I'll have to trouble you to take care of An Ning."

Liu Hua waved her hand, "An Ning is very capable, she doesn't need me to take care of her at all."

Ye Wan was touched to the point of her eyes reddening as she looked at Liu Hua.

Liu Hua, however, looked disdainful, "Don't get all sentimental, just go home quickly."

After saying that, she went back home herself.

As soon as she entered the house, Liu Hua saw this group of little kids sitting in a row, being very well-behaved, with Liu Mang setting down their breakfast in front of them.

She was in a good mood, "Oh, for once, how come you're all being so good?"

Sui Yan waved his little fist defiantly, "Yan Yan is the best-behaved in the whole world!"

Liu Hua rolled her eyes, "The most well-behaved little one in the world wouldn't sneak around eating snacks at night."

Sui Yan lowered his head guiltily and mumbled softly, "Yan Yan didn't!"

Liu Hua was too lazy to argue with the little one, she casually ruffled his head, "Mom's going upstairs to work, you kids behave and don't run around, okay?"

"Okay!" As usual, Sui Yan was the first to raise his hand.

Liu Hua nodded in satisfaction, then turned and went straight upstairs.

Once her figure completely disappeared at the top of the stairs, Sui Yan whispered, "Sister, we can play near the door, that doesn't count as running around, right?"

An Ning pinched Sui Yan's chubby cheeks with both hands, "Isn't Yan Yan the best-behaved kid in the whole world? How come you're not listening already?"

Sui Yan pounded his little chest defiantly, "Yan Yan was just saying, I didn't actually run around and not listen!"

Ti Zi looked down disdainfully at the little one for once, you couldn't trust a word that stinky Yan Yan said!

Sui Yan accurately sensed Ti Zi's disdain for him, and the little one immediately pounced on Ti Zi, "Woof woof~ Stinky Ti Zi, don't say bad things about Yan Yan in your heart!"

Ti Zi very calmly turned around, using itself as a cushion to catch the little one.

It howled a couple of times, "Woof woof! I'm not, I didn't, stinky Yan Yan is talking nonsense!"

Sui Yu watched the two immature ones bicker and thought their behavior was childish. He lowered his voice and said to An Ning, "Have you thought about what happened before?"

An Ning took a deep breath, "I have."

Sui Yu's gaze deepened, "What exactly happened back then?" He handed his phone to An Ning, "This is what Shen Nian said."

An Ning took the phone and read every word carefully, her grip on the phone tightening.

"Actually, it was probably something like this. After my mom was discharged from the hospital, she kept telling us that it wasn't Yan Yan who pushed her. In fact, she didn't see who pushed her herself, she was just guessing based on her feeling. So we went to ask Yan Yan afterwards, but she stopped talking again... So at the time, I always thought my mom was just defending her."

"After that incident, my mom's health kept deteriorating, and I became more and more disliked by Yan Yan..."

She lowered her eyes, her eyes slowly reddening.

If only she had been a little more sensible back then, communicating more with Yan Yan, helping her integrate into the family more, perhaps it wouldn't have ended up like this.

Sui Yu also fell silent after hearing this, he didn't know what to say, he didn't have the right to say anything either.

Meanwhile, Ti Zi, who had been playing with Sui Yan, had been paying attention to them. Seeing this situation, it nodded in satisfaction.

Sui Yan pounced on Ti Zi again, "Got Ti Zi!"

The little baby on its body weighed almost nothing, and there was a hint of a smile in Ti Zi's wolf-like eyes.

It simply lay down, howling a couple of times at the little one, "Woof woof~"

Sui Yan scratched his head, puzzled, "What's wrong, Ti Zi? Did Yan Yan squash you?"

Shen Nian tilted her head and looked for a while before speaking up, "Yan Yan, does Ti Zi want to give you a ride?"

Sui Yan hugged Ti Zi's neck and rubbed its head, "Really? Ti Zi, can you carry me?"

Ti Zi raised its paw and patted the little one, indicating for him to quickly get on its back.

Sui Zhi and the others also looked at the two curiously.

A wolf king mount... that's way too cool!

Sui Yan rubbed his little hands, smiling with his eyes crinkled, "Then Yan Yan won't be polite!"

The little one used his hands and feet, struggling to climb onto the white wolf's back.

"Ti Zi, you can stand up now!" Sui Yan patted Ti Zi's back.

Qi Linhan frowned and walked over to Ti Zi, protecting the little one in case he fell off accidentally.

Ti Zi glanced at Qi Linhan displeased, was this person questioning the tacit understanding between it and the little one?

It slowly stood up, but the moment it stood upright, it felt the little one's center of gravity shift a little.

"Ahh! Ti Zi!" Sui Yan cried out in panic, flailing his arms to hug Ti Zi tightly.

Qi Linhan also immediately reached out to support the little one who almost fell off.

Ti Zi: "..." It got slapped in the face so quickly!

Sui Yan sat properly again, slapping Ti Zi sternly, "Okay, Yan Yan is sitting properly now!"

Ti Zi snorted, glancing at Sui Yu and the others.

Sui Yu somehow understood what Ti Zi meant, and also walked over to support Sui Yan.

Sui Yan puffed out his chubby cheeks, "Brother, I don't need support!"

Sui Yu remained unmoved, "Don't cry if you fall off later."

The little one grumbled but didn't say anything else.

Ti Zi walked a few steps on the spot in exasperation, before slowly starting to walk.

So with Sui Yan the little prince sitting on his dedicated mount, protected by two bodyguards, he went around and around the spacious living room.

The little one raised a small paw very arrogantly, "Ti Zi, charge! We're the coolest!"

What was supposed to be a very cool combination somehow became cute and funny coming from the little one!

Sui Zhi and the others turned away to hide their laughter.Geett the ltest vels on no/v/elbin(.)c/om

Liu Hua, who had come downstairs to get something, was almost scared when she saw this scene, "Yan Yan, what are you doing sitting on Ti Zi? Don't squash Ti Zi."

Sui Yan hugged Ti Zi tightly, "Mom, it's Ti Zi who wants to give Yan Yan a ride!"

Liu Hua didn't rush to get what she needed anymore, she walked towards Sui Yan, clearly feeling Ti Zi's indulgence towards her little one.

"Ti Zi, thank you for your hard work, I'll give you an extra serving at lunchtime!" Liu Hua smiled sympathetically and kindly as she stroked Ti Zi, "Raising kids is really too tiring!"

Sui Yan grabbed his mother's hand and gently bit it, "Stinky mom! Saying bad things about Yan Yan again!"

Liu Hua pinched the little one's chubby cheeks with disdain, "Who's saying bad things about you? Stinky kid!"

Chapter end

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