The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 79

Chapter 79

Sui Yu suddenly had an epiphany: "So your hacking skills can come in handy... Can you do it?"

Qi Linhan had thought of this earlier, and his eyes flickered: "Underestimating whom? Of course I can!"

Sui Zhi and Qiao Ze could probably understand some of what they were saying.

Qiao Ze smiled warmly: "That person's character seems questionable, we might be able to dig up a lot of unsavory things about them."

Sui Zhi strongly agreed: "Then we can anonymously send what we find to my dad, and the issue will be perfectly resolved."

The four teenagers smiled mysteriously.

Qi Linhan closed his laptop and stood up, saying, "Let's go to your place, I want to see Yan."

Sui Yu patted Ti Zi's head: "Alright, let's go home."

Ti Zi shook his head lazily and followed them.

When they got back, Xu Yi had already left. Liu Hua, Liu Man, Sui Yan, and Ye Anning were all lying on the couch watching TV.

As soon as Sui Yu entered, he called out, "Mom, we're back."

Liu Hua's gaze remained fixed on the TV, and she waved without turning her head: "Help yourselves to some food in the kitchen." Thinking for a moment, she then called out to Ti Zi, "Ti Zi, come here, Mom saved you some yummy treats!"

Sui Yu, Sui Zhi, and Qiao Ze: "?"

Ti Zi arrogantly tossed his head and walked gracefully over to Liu Hua.

Sui Yan crawled over from the other side and reached out her short arms to stroke Ti Zi: "Ti Zi, you can't go out and play with my brothers again." The little one lowered her voice and continued softly, "Unless you take Yan with you!"

Overhearing this, Liu Hua pinched the little one's face: "Take you along?"

The little one rolled around, holding her face: "Mom is mean! No sneak attacks!"

Liu Hua scoffed: "Even without sneak attacks, you're still no match for me."

Sui Yan: "..." *whimpers*

Ye Anning and Liu Man couldn't help but laugh, until finally Ye Anning risked saving the little one from the clutches of the great demon.

"Yan, the heroine in the TV show is going to beat someone up."

The little one, who had been utterly drained, instantly revived: "Really! I'm coming, I'm coming!"

Liu Man looked a bit worried: "Madam, Yan is just a little one, why does she like watching such melodramatic TV shows?"

Liu Hua stretched lazily, as if it was nothing out of the ordinary: "What's wrong with that? She can even put a big, bright red butterfly clip on her brother's head."

The newly arrived Sui Zhi, Qiao Ze, and Qi Linhan: "..."

Liu Man looked at the large photo still hanging on the wall and nodded thoughtfully, deeply moved.

Sui Zhi and Qiao Ze also looked at the photo that took up half the wall, and were speechless once again.

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Sui Yan overheard their conversation and peeked out her little head: "Mom and Ah Man are talking bad about me!"

Liu Hua raised an eyebrow: "Any objections?"

The little one clenched her tiny fists and huffed heavily. But she still obediently retracted her head and continued watching TV.

Qi Linhan walked over and sat next to Sui Yan, lowering his voice to ask her, "Yan, would you like some candy?"

The little one's eyes lit up, and she eagerly nodded.

Liu Hua tapped the tea table next to her: "Little Xiao, no more buying candy for Yan."

Sui Yan couldn't hold it in any longer and crawled up onto the couch... then ran over to her mom and clung to her, whining.

"Mom~ No, don't do this!"

Liu Hua simply held the little one in her embrace, not letting her move: "I think your front teeth might be getting loose. It looks like you're about to lose some baby teeth."

Sui Yan looked at her mom in confusion while being obediently held: "Mom, what's losing teeth?"

Liu Hua pinched Sui Yan's round little chin: "Open your mouth, let me take a look."

The little one obediently opened her mouth: "Ahhh..." She drew out the sound, calling out "ahh" in a childish voice.

Liu Hua couldn't help but laugh: "Don't make sounds, just open your mouth."

Sui Yan started laughing too, then obediently opened her mouth without making any noises as her mom inspected it.

Liu Hua looked at the little one's two rows of tiny teeth and gently touched one of the wobbly front teeth with her finger.

Sui Yan hurriedly covered her mouth, mumbling, "Mom, I think that tooth just moved a little."

Liu Hua clicked her tongue and shook her head: "You really are about to lose your baby teeth. Yan can't have any candies or chocolates for now."

The little one looked a bit wronged: "Why not! I want candy!"

Liu Hua stroked her chin and said, "If you keep eating candy, that tooth will rot and never grow back properly. Yan will lose her front teeth forever and won't be cute anymore."

While the idea of teeth rotting didn't seem believable to Sui Yan, the prospect of not being cute anymore... she figured it was better to believe it.

So the little one hugged herself pitifully, dejected but still edible.

Qi Linhan saw the deflated little ball and couldn't help but smile and console her: "Yan, don't worry, I'll buy you more candy when your new teeth grow in."

Before Sui Yan could get excited, she heard her mom's follow-up blow: "But you also can't have any snacks for now, and you have to brush your teeth after every meal."

This final blow struck right at her heart. The little one felt she would never be happy again.

At that moment, Sui Yu emerged from the kitchen and asked, "I just cooked some steaks, do you guys want to eat some?"

"Yes! Yan wants some!" The little one immediately jumped off the couch and charged towards her brother.

She felt alive again!

Liu Hua and the others could only sigh in wonder.

"Yan looked so sad and dejected just now, but in the blink of an eye, she's happy again," Liu Man marveled.

Sui Yan had only taken a couple of steps before turning back and pulling Ye Anning: "Sister, let's go eat together!"

Qi Linhan greeted Liu Hua and the others, then also headed towards Sui Yu.

Sui Yu set the food on the dining table, ready to eat, when he saw his sister dragging Ye Anning in, followed by Qi Linhan.

"Brother, I want meat!"

Sui Yu wasn't surprised at all: "I knew it, I prepared Yan's portion early."

There wasn't much food on the table, but it was all cooked by Sui Yu.

Sui Zhi and Qiao Ze, the freeloaders, were particularly self-aware: "Bro, your cooking skills are top-notch, you won't have trouble finding a girlfriend in the future."

Sui Yu remained unfazed: "Even when eating, you guys can't keep your mouths shut!"

Sui Yan looked eagerly as her sister cut the steak for her, a bit puzzled after overhearing their conversation: "Brother, what's a girlfriend? Is it like Sister?"

Sui Zhi, Qiao Ze, and Qi Linhan: "!" The little one's unexpected assist!

Ye Anning calmly forked a small piece of steak and put it in her sister's mouth: "Even when eating, you can't keep your mouth shut!"

Chapter end

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