The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 71

Chapter 71

Sui Yu and Ti Zi, who were going downstairs, had no idea what they were about to face.

Sui Yan pulled her two older brothers along as she ran to find Sui Yu: "Brother, Brother!"

Sui Yu frowned: "Yan, don't run so fast! ...What are you two up to?"

Looking up, he was stunned to see his two younger brothers with butterfly knots on their heads.

Sui Zhi was already oblivious to everyone's odd looks. He picked up Sui Yan: "Yan, hurry and put one on Brother too."

Sui Yu took a rare step back in sync with Ti Zi: "Stop! Don't come over!"

But the little cub blinked her eyes in bewilderment, tilting her head to look at Qiao Ze: "Little Ze Brother, does Big Brother not like this butterfly knot?"

Qiao Ze nodded without hesitation: "Yeah, he doesn't like the butterfly knot Yan picked out herself."

"Who says I don't like it?"

Sui Yu almost reflexively objected, and by the time he realized what he had said, it was too late to regret it.

Sui Yan stretched out her arms: "Brother, then come over! I'll put one on you."

Sui Yu looked at his two younger brothers, unable to help but sigh: "Okay!"

All three older brothers ended up wearing butterfly knots handmade by the little cub, and Ti Zi was forced to wear one too.

Sui Yan squatted down, looking at the light green butterfly knot on Ti Zi, then raised her head to look at her three brothers.

She frowned as she thought: "Brother, Yan doesn't have a butterfly knot yet!"

Sui Yu pressed her down: "Yan is the cutest in the world, she doesn't need a butterfly knot."

Sui Zhi and Qiao Ze nodded vigorously: "Right!"

Ti Zi also solemnly placed his paw on the little cub's arm.

Wearing such a thing would ruin his image!

Unexpectedly, the little cub insisted firmly: "I want one! Yan needs to go choose the prettiest ribbon."

Unable to dissuade her, Sui Yu could only say: "Since Yan picked out the butterfly knots for her brothers, how about Brother picks one for Yan?"

Sui Yan didn't fuss over that: "Okay then!"

However, the little cub still felt that what her brother chose might not look as good as what she picked!

But this way, Sui Yu and the others could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

In the end, the three of them chose a ribbon with a floral pattern along with Ti Zi, using it to tie a small butterfly knot.

Sui Zhi squatted down and beckoned to his sister: "Yan, come here, let Brother put it on you."

Sui Yan hesitated, shuffling over slowly: "Brother, the one you chose isn't as pretty as the one Yan would pick."

Sui Zhi was already too tired to argue, he just said: "Then does Yan not like the one Brother chose?"

The little cub fidgeted with her fingers: "Yan likes it..."

Sui Yu took the butterfly knot directly: "If you like it, then let Brother put it on you, be good!"

The little cub looked obedient, and after wearing the butterfly knot with little flowers, she really did appear even more adorably soft.

Qiao Ze sincerely praised her: "Yan is so cute!"

"What are you all doing here? Why aren't you helping Amanr?" Liu Hua walked by carrying a bunch of small cloth dolls, casually remarking.

Sui Yan scampered over in front of her mother, butterfly knot bobbing: "Mom, isn't Yan cute?"

Liu Hua dropped the cloth dolls onto the sofa, wiping the sweat from her forehead: "Cute, cute, Yan is the cutest...what are you three up to again?"

"Hm? Kids, what are you doing?" Xu Yi also came in from the doorway and seemed a bit startled at the sight.

Sui Yu: "..." Let it be ruined, how annoying.

His aloof and composed image was shattered.

Sui Yan didn't feel there was any problem at all, even running over to tug on Xu Yi's clothes: "Uncle Xu, doesn't Yan's butterfly knot look pretty!"

Xu Yi looked down at the adorably soft little cub, then at the three weary teenagers. He said sincerely: "Yan is the most, most cute!"

"Sui Yu! Are you here? Liu Auntie, we saw outside that your family is busy, do you need us to help?" Ye Anning pulled Shen Nian along, with Qi Linhan and Li Yuan trailing behind, as the four of them strolled in.

Liu Hua turned her gaze from her sons, happily greeting Ye Anning and the others: "Anning, Nian Nian, Sui Yu is here, come over quickly!"

Hearing the voices, Sui Yan also bounced up: "Sister! Nian Nian! Linhan Brother! Little Yuan Brother! We're all here!"

Ye Anning immediately noticed the little cub's butterfly knot: "Yan, that butterfly knot on your head is so cute...what's going on with you three?"Chck out ltst vl on novl/bin(.)cm

Sui Yu decided to go with the flow, picking up a ribbon of the same color: "Want one too?"

Ye Anning backed away in alarm: "No no, you guys go ahead."

"I want one! Sister wants one! Sister, Sister~" The little cub clung to Ye Anning's leg, shamelessly acting spoiled.

Ye Anning: "...Okay." So that's how it is!

Since it had already come to this, Ye Anning grabbed a ribbon the same color as Qiao Ze's butterfly knot: "Nian Nian, we're all good friends."

Shen Nian: "..."

Sui Zhi and Qiao Ze stood up in unison: "As good friends, we need to be uniform." The two of them seized ribbons and advanced step-by-step toward Qi Linhan and Li Yuan.

After a flurry of commotion, everyone matched.

Liu Hua was almost unable to face this sight, afraid she might laugh herself into a fit.

"Xiao Yue, bring your brothers out to move things." Sui Jinhong stood at the doorway, knocking on the door frame.

Sui Yu took his sister's hand: "Dad, we're coming."

Xu Yi's eyes flickered as he turned to look at Liu Hua: "Should I go help too?"

How could Liu Hua not know the little scheme he had in mind? She immediately rolled her eyes: "Childish or not?"

Xu Yi rubbed his nose. Although he knew Liu Hua didn't have those kinds of feelings for Sui Jinhong, just the thought of them being together for so long would make him feel a pang of jealousy.

Liu Hua waved her hand dismissively: "If you want to go, just go, but don't cause any trouble."

Xu Yi smiled: "Don't worry, don't you know me by now?"

Having to go out wearing a bright butterfly knot left Sui Yu feeling utterly helpless, especially when Sui Jinhong saw him and even said: "Xiao Yue, that butterfly knot on your head looks quite nice."

Sui Zhi, Qiao Ze, Qi Linhan, and even the recruited Li Yuan all wore cold expressions as they carried items from the car bit by bit.

Meanwhile, Sui Yan sat on the doorstep cradling her face as she watched the spectacle unfold with a beaming smile. Beside her, Ye Anning and Shen Nian exchanged glances and could only shake their heads helplessly.

What could they do with their own family's adorably soft little cub? They could only spoil her!

Xu Yi observed these kids, then walked over leisurely to Sui Jinhong: "Need any help from me?"

Sui Jinhong was taken aback - why did he get the feeling this man harbored some inexplicable hostility toward him?

Chapter end

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