The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 70

Chapter 70

After brushing his teeth in the bathroom, the little cub haphazardly wiped his small face with a towel, then took small strides out of the bathroom.

"Mommy, mommy! I just heard Ti Zi meow!"

Liu Hua grabbed the little cub to change his clothes: "Ti Zi was just being happy, I just gave your brother a beating."

Sui Yan looked at Ti Zi, then at the genuinely aggrieved Sui Yu. She hesitated and said, "Mommy, you can't hit people."

Liu Hua teased her, "Didn't you say your brother was bullying Ti Zi?"

After changing clothes, Sui Yan ran over to Ti Zi and squatted down, gently stroking its fur, "Ti Zi, can you forgive your brother?"

Ti Zi felt a little guilty, wishing it hadn't played so roughly.

The little cub scratched her head in perplexity, "From now on, Yan will watch over brother and not let him bully Ti Zi!"

Sui Yu felt a little weary and simply sat on the carpet, watching Ti Zi's performance.

However, with Liu Hua present, Ti Zi sat obediently, gently nuzzling Sui Yan, "Meow!"

The little cub's eyes curved, "Brother, Ti Zi has forgiven you!"

Not wanting to ruin Ti Zi's cute image in Sui Yan's eyes, Sui Yu played along, "Really? Thank you, Ti Zi."

Liu Hua watched these two deceiving her little cub, and she couldn't help but roll her eyes. "Alright, enough playing. Go downstairs and help out. Yan, come eat breakfast with mommy."

The little cub obediently took her mother's hand, "Okay!" She turned her head every few steps, "Brother! Ti Zi! You two play well together!"

Sui Yu smiled falsely, "Yes, I'll get along well with Ti Zi."

Ti Zi: "...Yan, save me!"

Seeing the little cub go downstairs with her mother, Sui Yu smiled at Ti Zi and extended his hand, "Let's go downstairs too, little Ti Zi."

Ti Zi: "...Stop smiling, please!"

As soon as Sui Yan went downstairs, she was attracted by the colorful decorations in the living room and ran with small steps to Sui Zhi's side. "Brother, what are these for?"

Sui Zhi was tying a ribbon into a butterfly knot, "This is for hanging on the wall. What's wrong, Yan?"

The little cub stood on her tiptoes, stretching out her small hand, "Let me see!"

Sui Zhi ruffled his sister's hair, "Okay, okay, here you go. If you like it, I'll make a few more for you."

Sui Yan's eyes lit up, "Then have brother crouch down a bit."

Sui Zhi raised an eyebrow but obediently crouched down, "What does Yan want to do?"

The little cub looked serious, "Brother, close your eyes first. You can only open them when Yan says so."

Sui Zhi sat on the carpet, "Okay."

The handsome young man closed his eyes, a gentle smile on his lips.

Feeling his sister fiddling with his head for a while, Sui Zhi suddenly couldn't smile anymore.

Could it be...?

"Brother, all done! You can open your eyes now." The little cub sounded excited.

Sui Zhi rubbed his brow, and even though he was prepared, he was still startled when he opened his eyes.

In front of him, the little cub was holding up a mirror, standing before him.

The little cub was still as adorable, but who was that boy in the mirror wearing a pink butterfly knot?

Just as he thought... he should never have had any illusions about his sister's aesthetic sense.

Sui Yan looked quite proud, "Brother, doesn't it look good?"

Sui Zhi: "...Good, good-looking."

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Liu Hua brought over a plate of bread and a cup of milk, "Yan, don't make trouble, come eat your break...fast? Zhi?"

She put the breakfast on a nearby table, then crouched in front of Sui Zhi and looked at him carefully.

"Zhi, mommy suddenly feels like you might not be cut out for the entertainment industry."

Sui Zhi: "..."

Sui Yan couldn't hold back flaunting from early on, "Mommy, doesn't brother look good?"

Liu Hua reacted belatedly, "Yan, did you put this butterfly knot on your brother?"

Sui Yan proudly patted her little chest, "Yes! Doesn't it look great?"

Liu Hua: "..." She suddenly didn't want to admit this little cub was her daughter.

Sui Zhi attempted to save himself, "Yan, can I take the butterfly knot off now?"

Sui Yan's smile on her little face froze, "Does brother not like this butterfly knot? It looks so good."

Sui Zhi gave up struggling, "Brother...likes it."

The little cub looked down at her fingers, "Then can brother keep wearing it?"

Seeing his sister's hesitant look, Sui Zhi sighed, "Yes, brother will keep wearing it."

Sui Yan immediately cheered up again and scurried over to pull Qiao Ze, "Brother Qiao Ze, doesn't Brother Zhi look good?"

Qiao Ze was suddenly pulled over by his sister, looking at Sui Zhi with a dazed expression. Then...

"Do you have some special hobby or something?" His expression was indescribable.

Sui Zhi clenched his fist but suddenly broke into a brilliant smile, "Yan, this butterfly knot looks so good, why don't you put one on your Brother Qiao Ze too?"

The little cub's eyes lit up, "Okay!"

Sui Zhi picked up a dark green ribbon and deftly tied a butterfly knot, handing it to his sister, "Come, have Yan put it on Qiao Ze."

Qiao Ze backed away in horror, "Yan, I..."

The little cub held the large green butterfly knot in her little hands, looking up at Qiao Ze with anticipation.

Who could resist that?

Qiao Ze almost instinctively changed his words, "I like the butterfly knot Yan gave me."

Liu Hua nearly laughed herself into a fit seeing this scene. It seemed her sons were all wrapped around their sister's little finger.

To avoid being "caught in the crossfire," Liu Hua found an excuse to slip away.

And the green butterfly knot-wearing Qiao Ze and the pink butterfly knot-wearing Sui Zhi looked at each other and immediately retreated into their own worlds.

Only the little cub Sui Yan clapped happily, "Looks good, looks good!"

The dragged-down Qiao Ze felt a little reluctant, "Yan, why don't we choose a ribbon to make a butterfly knot for Brother Yu as well?"

The little cub looked puzzled for two seconds, then eagerly nodded in realization, "Okay! What color should we choose? We should also choose one for Ti Zi, since it gets along so well with big brother now!"

Sui Zhi and Qiao Ze glanced at each other again, knowing full well that those two who often vied for their sister's affection couldn't possibly get along well.

Putting that aside, Sui Zhi squatted next to his sister, and they spent a long time picking colors together.

After heated discussion among the three, they chose a bright red ribbon for Sui Yu and a fresh green one for Ti Zi.

Sui Yan looked amazed, "Brothers, you're so good! These two, and your two, they're all the best-looking colors!"

Sui Zhi and Qiao Ze forced a smile, "Of course."

They definitely need to keep the little cub away from these things in the future!

Chapter end

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