The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 34

Chapter 34

Alike and yet alike, but now with this comparison, it makes one unable to believe this saying.

Liu Hua frowned, seeming to make some decision. Ti Zi lay curled up in Sui Yan's arms, pitifully howling twice like a soft little puppy.

Sui Yan held Ti Zi facing her. The little girl was very serious, "Ti Zi, you're a little wolf, not a doggie!"

Ti Zi: "....Awoo~" Can I be a doggie now?

Unexpectedly the little girl was very persistent. She raised her fair and delicate little paws, bending her soft fingers, thinking herself especially "ferocious" as she imitated a wolf's howl, "Awoo Awoo!"

Then very seriously she told the little wolf cub, "Ti Zi, did you get it? You should howl like I just did!"

Ti Zi: "...." It looked to Sui Yu and Sui Zhi with an imploring gaze for help.

Sui Yu knew the situation was a bit urgent now, but he still really wanted to laugh, what to do?

Liu Hua picked up a small milk baby in each hand, "What's with the howling? Is now the time to imitate wolves?"

Sui Yu closed his laptop, "Mom...."

Liu Hua glared at him, "What mom? You already knew long ago that Ti Zi is a wolf, right?"

Sui Yu tried to argue, "This is...."

Sui Yan was held by the collar, continuously flailing her arms and little legs, "Mama, mama!"

Ti Zi was still limp like a rag as Liu Hua held it. Very cleverly, it didn't dare struggle.

Liu Hua was irritated by the little girl's yelling, "A Yan, don't make trouble!"

Sui Yan obediently stopped struggling, then started acting cute, "Mama~"

Liu Hua's voice was firm, "Tomorrow, no, right now I'm sending Ti Zi away."

Sui Yan was stunned in an instant.

Weren't they just happily playing a moment ago? How did it suddenly become sending Ti Zi away?

The little girl was probably too dumbfounded, she didn't cry or make trouble either, just silently turned red around the eyes.

Liu Man had originally been totally supportive of Liu Hua sending Ti Zi away, but seeing this she felt that doing so wouldn't work.Fllw ew stories at n/v(e)lb/in(.)com

She hesitated for a moment, "Madam, why don't we not send Ti Zi away after all."

Liu Hua shook her head, "Wolves can't be tamed. What if we look away for a second and it bites A Yan and the others, what then?"

Ti Zi was also exceptionally silent. It could actually understand Liu Hua's worries, but it just couldn't explain them.

Liu Hua set Sui Yan down, but suddenly felt her palm brush over an area of wetness.

She looked at Sui Yan in astonishment, only to find the little girl quietly and steadily wiping away tears.

Liu Hua deeply breathed in, "A Yan, crying is useless."

In the end no one could dissuade Liu Hua, and Ti Zi was sent away.

At first Sui Yan cried for a bit, but upon seeing Liu Man take Ti Zi and leave the house she suddenly fainted.

Seeing the most treasured little daughter cry herself into unconsciousness, Liu Hua also panicked in an instant. She held the little girl tightly in confusion, "A Yan, A Yan!"

Qiao Ze's brow furrowed. Forcing himself to stay calm, he checked over the little girl then reassured Liu Hua, "Auntie, A Yan is fine. She was just overexcited emotionally."

Liu Hua blankly looked at the little girl in her arms. Sui Zhi was flustered for a moment, hesitantly speaking up, "Mom, why don't we not send Ti Zi away after all? A Yan can't take it."

Sui Yu also persuaded, "That's right. And Ti Zi is very well behaved...."

"Kids forget easily. In a few days she won't be thinking about it," Liu Hua interrupted them, carrying Sui Yan towards her room.

Sui Yu pressed at his brow. Suddenly he didn't know what to do.

Just as he was preparing to go out and ask Qi Linhan to help get Ti Zi back, his cell phone suddenly rang.

As the only "kid" in the house with a cell phone, Sui Yu was a bit smug at times.

Right now was an exception though.

He frowned as he answered the call, immediately hearing Liu Man's intentionally lowered voice, "Little Yu, is the Madam near you?"

Sui Yu realized something. He also lowered his voice, "My mom is upstairs with A Yan asleep."

Liu Man seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, "That's good....I just went out and ran into little Qi next door. He said to first leave Ti Zi at his place. Once we've persuaded the Madam, he'll bring Ti Zi back."

Sui Yu finally felt the anxiety lift from his heart, "That's good then. We'll have to think about what to do now."

After hanging up, Sui Yu couldn't help sighing.

Sui Zhi was silent for a moment before saying, "We can't do anything about this. It all depends on A Yan."

Qiao Ze also lowered his eyes, "A Yan definitely won't forget Ti Zi."

They understood this point better than anyone.

After a night of nervousness and unease, the mood at Liu Hua's house was still very low the next day.

Shen Nian and Ye Anning came a bit later today. From a distance they could already see Sui Yu, Sui Zhi, and Qiao Ze chatting about something at the door.

Ye Anning was a bit puzzled, "What are you guys doing? Where's A Yan? Hasn't she been waking up pretty early lately?"

The three were quiet for a good while before Sui Yu finally said, "My mom sent Ti Zi away last night."

Ye Anning was stunned, "What happened?"

Shen Nian wasn't much better off, "Would A Yan be willing?"

Qiao Ze's voice was low, "She definitely wasn't willing. She cried herself unconscious last night."

Ye Anning simply couldn't bear to hear of Sui Yan crying. She felt extremely distressed, "I'm going to see A Yan."

Sui Yu headachely stopped her, "What are you going for? A Yan isn't awake yet."

Shen Nian was anxious, "Then what should we do?"

"We can't do anything. It all depends on A Yan," Qi Linhan's slightly cold voice came from behind them.

Sui Zhi narrowed his eyes, "What's that thing in your hand?"

Qi Linhan held up the item for them to see, "A doll, made to look like Ti Zi. To give to A Yan later."

Ye Anning frowned, "She'll definitely cry if she sees it."

Qi Linhan hooked up the corners of his lips, "But Aunt Liu can't stand to see A Yan cry."

Hearing this, they all understood. It wasn't a good solution, but it was all they could do now.

As expected, Liu Man saw this group of kids when she opened the door. She smiled, "You're all here, come in."

Ye Anning couldn't help but ask, "Sis Liu Man, is A Yan awake?"

Liu Man helplessly spread her hands, "She just woke up, and after waking up she won't talk either, just curled up alone in the blankets."

Ye Anning pursed her lips, "Can we go see her then?"

"Go ahead. It'd be best if you could play with A Yan and cheer her up." Liu Hua's somewhat weary voice floated down from upstairs.

Without another word, Sui Yu and the others rushed straight for Sui Yan's upstairs bedroom. Qi Linhan also took the chance to bring the cloth doll in.

Sui Yan's room wasn't very big. A two meter wide big bed took up a good half the space, and a large wardrobe also occupied a not small area.

But right now this room with the best lighting was shrouded in gloom.

Sui Yu fumbled to turn on the lights in the room, immediately catching sight of that little lump bundled in blankets curled up in the middle of the big bed.

Chapter end

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