The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 69

Chapter 69

Sui Yu was a little surprised by his grandparents' attitude, but he still temporarily refused.

"Grandma, you and grandpa have been living here for so long, moving would be uncomfortable, right? We can take care of my mom ourselves, so please don't worry."

Zhou Yuyuan wanted to say something more, but in the end, she only sighed: "Never mind, you kids are all so sensible."

Sui Yan tilted his head and stared for a while, then ran over and gave his grandma a bear hug.

"Grandma, Yan will come to see you and grandpa often with dad and brothers and sisters in the future!"

Zhou Yuyuan smiled warmly: "Good, our family's little ones are so obedient."

After a few more words, everyone was about to leave. The trunk of Sui Jinhong's car was piled with things brought by Zhou Yuyuan and Sui Zhenxiong.

On the way back, Sui Jinhong still drove slowly. Sui Yan didn't last more than a few minutes before falling asleep in his brother's arms.

Sui Yu was afraid she would catch a cold, so he flipped out a blanket and wrapped the little one up tightly.

When they arrived home, Sui Jinhong only sent them to the door and watched them go in from outside.

Sui Yu carried the tightly wrapped little bundle, followed by Sui Zhi, Qiao Ze, and Ti Zi into the house.

In the living room, Liu Hua, who was about to fall asleep, was suddenly startled awake by the noise.

"You're back?" She rubbed her temples and took the little one from Sui Yu's arms. "Why is Yan asleep?"

Sui Yu was relieved they had returned today; otherwise, his mom might have slept the entire night in the living room.

He lowered his voice and said, "Yan had a lot of fun playing at grandpa and grandma's house today. I guess she got tired and fell asleep as soon as we got back."

Qiao Ze also said, "Uncle Sui said the things they brought from grandpa and grandma's will be delivered tomorrow."

Liu Hua raised an eyebrow: "Did they bring a lot of stuff?"

Sui Zhi thought about it and couldn't help but laugh: "Grandpa and grandma insisted on stuffing dad's trunk full. Most of it is for you and Yan."

Liu Hua was touched; she pursed her lips before telling her sons, "Alright, you guys get some rest too. Tomorrow we can start preparing some decorations for Christmas."

Sui Yu and the others obediently followed their mom and Liu Man upstairs.

The next morning, Liu Hua and Sui Yu's family were up early, ready to decorate their home with stickers and colorful lights.

Ti Zi was lying on the carpet in Sui Yan's room, vaguely hearing voices outside.

The little bundle on the bed had changed position but was still sleeping soundly.

After some hesitation, Ti Zi went out and dragged Sui Yu in.

Sui Yu was pulled by his pant leg, looking helpless: "What is it? Yan is still asleep."

Ti Zi lowered his voice and called out a couple of times, his eyes fixed unblinkingly on the little bundle on the bed. He then grabbed Sui Yu's pant leg with his mouth and pulled him a couple of steps.

Sui Yu pondered: "You want me to wake Yan up?"

Ti Zi nodded.

But the next second, Sui Yu had a mischievous smile on his face: "Why don't you call her yourself, since you always act so spoiled in front of Yan!"

The term "spoiled" was taught to them by Ye Anning and Shen Nian.

Ti Zi: "..." He had never been so speechless in his life!

Enraged, Ti Zi couldn't help but pounce on Sui Yu.

Sui Yu was also caught off guard and was knocked backward by Ti Zi.

The man and the wolf were equally unyielding, rolling and wrestling on the ground.

The ruckus woke up the little one, who rubbed her eyes drowsily and sat up.

Sui Yan looked at the two figures tussling on the floor in a daze: "Brother? Ti Zi? What are you doing?"

The little one's soft, childish voice startled the two, and they immediately shifted from wrestling to a friendly posture.

"Ahem, Yan, I was just playing with Ti Zi," Sui Yu said sheepishly.

Ti Zi also called out a couple of times in agreement, but then he seemed to realize something.

The next second, Sui Yu saw Ti Zi walking pitifully toward the bed, whimpering softly.

No matter how you looked at it, he appeared to have been terribly bullied.

Sui Yu was stunned by this act.

But Sui Yan fell for it, scrambling out of bed to pat Ti Zi's head: "What's wrong with Ti Zi? Who bullied you?"

Sui Yu had an ominous premonition, and sure enough...

"Woo-woo, woo-woo," Ti Zi whimpered softly, casting a feeble glance at Sui Yu.

Sui Yu: "..." He had never been so speechless!

Sui Yan "happened" to notice Ti Zi's blatant pitiful look, and she immediately exploded: "Brother! You can't bully Ti Zi!"

Sui Yu was at a loss for words: "Yan, I didn't..."

The power of language was too limited, someone please save him!

The little one was completely deaf to his pleas: "Brother is mean! Ti Zi is so cute, and you still bully it!"

Sui Yu: "..." Save him! A nearly fully-grown white wolf king was cute? It could bite him to death in one bite!

The more the little one thought about it, the more she felt sorry for Ti Zi. She pouted and pitter-pattered downstairs.

Ti Zi arrogantly glanced at Sui Yu before turning and following the little one.

So who's the spoiled one now!

Sui Yu looked up helplessly and could only silently make the bed for his sister.Vissit nvelbin(.)cm for ew ovels

Soon, the little one's voice drifted in from outside the door: "Mom, brother bullied Ti Zi! Ti Zi is so sad!"

Liu Hua carried the little one into the room and gently patted her head: "Yan, go brush your teeth. Mom will help you scold your brother."

The little one frowned: "Mom, no need to scold brother. Just tell him not to bully Ti Zi again! Otherwise, Yan will get angry!"

Liu Hua laughed helplessly: "Okay, okay, little one, go brush your teeth now."

Watching her daughter toddle off to the bathroom, Sui Yu sighed.

Liu Hua gave the teenager and the wolf a disdainful look: "What's going on between you two? Fighting so early in the morning?"

Ti Zi lowered his head sheepishly, not daring to make a sound.

Sui Yu looked exhausted: "Mom, would you believe me if I said Ti Zi was pretending to be pitiful in front of Yan?"

Ti Zi suddenly raised his head, instinctively retreating a few steps, as if he had suffered a great injustice.

Who's pretending, who's pretending! Come out and get beaten!

Liu Hua stroked her chin thoughtfully: "I wouldn't have believed it at first, but now I do."

This little wolf has become quite crafty.

Ti Zi: "..." Was his acting too over-the-top? It shouldn't be...

Sui Yu instantly felt refreshed: "Right, he always acts pitiful and wronged in front of Yan."

Liu Hua didn't mince words and tapped his head: "You're still talking about it! Wait till your sister comes out and causes a scene with you!"

Sui Yu: "..." Trouble for no reason! Someone save him!

Ti Zi didn't dare act anymore and obediently rubbed against Liu Hua's leg, letting out a couple of soft whimpers.

Chapter end

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