The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 66

Chapter 66

Sui Yan was the first to cheer as she was carried out of the car. She immediately summoned Ti Zi, "Ti Zi, come quickly!"

Ti Zi leisurely moved with elegance and jumped out of the car to crawl to the little cub's side.

Sui Jinhong knocked on the door standing at the entrance. Sui Yan looked around, unable to help ridiculing, "Dad, isn't this your home? How come you don't even have the key to your own home?"

Sui Jinhong let out an awkward laugh, not daring to explain.

How could he say he had been driven out of his home by his parents? If it wasn't for these few cubs, he wouldn't even be able to come back now.

In less than a minute, the door was opened by an old man.

Sui Jinhong slightly bowed his head, "Uncle Zhao."

The old man smiled and nodded, but his eyes first landed on the smallest cub.

He amiably asked, "Little one, what's your name?"

Sui Yan was not afraid of this stranger old man at all, "Grandpa, I'm called Sui Yan."

The butler Zhao laughed, his wrinkles multiplying, "Very good, what an adorable little one."

The little cub's eyes lit up, "Grandpa, really? Is Sui Yan the cutest?"

The butler smiled and nodded, "Yes."

Sui Yan cheered, "Oh! Daddy, Sui Yan is the cutest!"

Sui Jinhong picked her up, "Yes, yes, we'll go see Grandma and Grandpa quickly, you cubs follow along now."

They had just walked in a few steps when they saw two old people hurriedly walking out.

"Have they arrived yet? Oh I miss my precious granddaughter from the photos!"

A woman who looked no older than fifty or sixty walked swiftly over. Beside her was an old man who also looked energetic.

The two groups quickly met each other. Sui Zhenxiong and Zhou Yuyuan's eyes first landed on the little cub in a furry panda outfit.

Their footsteps halted at the same time, actually not daring to step forward.

Sui Jinhong set his daughter down and gently patted her back, "Cub, go say hi to Grandma and Grandpa."

Sui Yan looked at her dad, then at her grandparents. The little girl hid behind her brother and timidly called out, "Grandma, Grandpa."

Sui Zhenxiong and Zhou Yuyuan instantly broke into smiles, waving at the little cub, "Come here, let Grandma and Grandpa take a good look at you."

Sui Yan instinctively shrank towards her brother, but finally shuffled towards her grandparents under everyone's encouragement, giving them a big hug.

Zhou Yuyuan's eyes reddened, "Cub."

It was her precious little cub from the Sui family!

Sui Jinhong weakly spoke, "Mom and Dad, let's go to the living room to talk, it's still a bit cold outside."

Zhou Yuyuan dabbed at her eyes, "Yes, you're right, I didn't notice. Cub, let Grandma carry you."

Sui Yan looked back at her dad. With her dad's encouraging gaze, she jumped into her grandma's arms.

Finally able to hug the soft little cub, Zhou Yuyuan was somewhat satisfied. She called to the other cubs, "Kids, Anning, come with Grandma."

Although Ye Anning was not Sui Jinhong's biological child, these elders still sincerely treated her like a granddaughter.

At this time, Ye Anning naturally would not feel too out of place.

Qiao Ze followed Sui Yu and Sui Zhi walking behind. He lowered his voice and said, "Your grandparents really like Sui Yan, huh."

Sui Yu clicked his tongue in wonder, "Grandma and Grandpa wanted a little girl, but first they had my dad themselves, then my mom gave birth to us two brothers. After waiting so long, of course they'd be happy."

Qiao Ze gently smiled, "That's nice."

The more people who loved the little cub, the happier they were.

Sui Yu and Sui Zhi thought the same, so they were not bothered at all by the elders' bias, and even hoped they would be more biased.

Ye Anning was even more so.

The little cub was carried by Grandma, first looking around for Ti Zi.

Zhou Yuyuan ruffled the little cub's head, "Who are you looking for, cub?"

Sui Yan looked anxious, "Where's Ti Zi? It was just there a moment ago! Ti Zi!"

Zhou Yuyuan and Sui Zhenxiong did not know who Ti Zi was, looking to Sui Jinhong in confusion, hoping he would explain quickly.

Afraid of scaring others while hiding in the corner, Ti Zi reluctantly reappeared with two soft calls.

The wolf cub's calls immediately attracted Grandpa Sui's attention. He frowned looking at Ti Zi, "That's a wolf? You brought it here?"

Sui Yan struggled out of Grandma's arms and ran over to hug Ti Zi, stroking its fur, "Don't be scared Ti Zi, everyone is very nice!"iscover nw chaptrs n n0e(l)bi(.)com

Ti Zi nuzzled the little girl, gently responding to her.

Sui Yan felt a little wronged, she didn't like it here, Ti Zi had to sneak and hide.

Seeing the thoughts written clearly on the little cub's face, Zhou Yuyuan instantly felt anxious.

She slapped Sui Zhenxiong on the back, "What about the wolf? Don't you see it gets along so well with our cub? If Yan'er is fine raising it, what are you worried about?"

Sui Zhenxiong: "......" He really was just a little surprised!

Sui Yan was a bit confused, why did Grandma suddenly hit Grandpa?

The little cub reacted slowly, running over to jump back into Grandma's arms, "Don't hit Grandpa!"

Sui Zhenxiong felt smug, "See, the cub doesn't let you hit me."

Zhou Yuyuan rolled her eyes at him, hugging the little cub, "Cub, why were you unhappy just now?"

Sui Yan scratched her head and softly said, "Grandma, Ti Zi is very well behaved. It's not fierce at all, doesn't bite people either."

Zhou Yuyuan kissed the little cub, "Grandma knows, we all really like Ti Zi too."

Sui Yan was pleasantly surprised, eyes wide, "Really? Ti Zi come here! Grandma really likes you!"

Ti Zi was a little helpless, how could this little cub believe others so easily! But it was the cub's grandma after all.

It paced to Sui Yan's side, meeting Zhou Yuyuan's gaze as she crouched down.

After watching for a while, Sui Jinhong explained, "Mom, Ti Zi is a little wolf Sui Yan picked up. It listens to her very much. We took it to the vet before too, don't worry."

Zhou Yuyuan stroked Ti Zi's fur, "It's really well behaved. It's good this way, we were thinking of getting Sui Yan a Tibetan mastiff puppy to raise, to protect her in the future. Looks like we don't need to anymore."

Sui Zhenxiong was also very surprised, "I've never seen such an obedient wolf before, and it looks better than normal wolves too."

Little Sui Yan listened seriously, even nodding her little head sagely, her two little panda ears on her head swaying along with her movements.

Seeing this, Zhou Yuyuan's heart melted, "Alright, it's clear now, let's go inside." She gently told the cub in her arms, "Cub, Grandma and Grandpa's place is great, you can do whatever you want with Ti Zi."

Chapter end

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