The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 65

Chapter 65

The useless melon-eating trio watched with astonishment, all expressing that they had learned a lot!

With such a stark contrast, Liu Hua suddenly looked down on these three brats.

"You three, it would be great if your sister was half as sensible!"

Sui Yu had thick skin, looking honored: "Mom, Sui Yan is so awesome, we as her brothers are also proud!"

Sui Zhi and Qiao Ze were shocked by Sui Yu's thick skin, but after reacting they also kept agreeing with his words.

This was unexpected by Liu Hua, she was speechless for a while, but couldn't help laughing.DiiScver w storis on no//e()/lbin(.)com

This is really great!

...Dividing line...

Early next morning, the little one curled up into a ball with the quilt, sleeping soundly with her little face facing up.

Ti Zi was also sleeping on the carpet under the bed.

Liu Hua knocked on the door outside, and it was still Ti Zi who opened the door to let her in.

Even though she was mentally prepared, Liu Hua was still shocked by the recklessness of the little one's sleeping posture.

She directly shook the little bundle: "Sui Yan, wake up, aren't you going with dad to grandpa and grandma's house today?"

The little one was not fully awake, hazily stretching out her little hands: "Mommy hug... "

Liu Hua was a bit helpless, nimbly digging the little one out from the quilt, then swiftly changing her clothes.

After being tossed about quite a bit, Sui Yan was finally a little more awake. The little one rubbed her eyes, clinging to her mom: "Mommy, I want to wear the little panda clothes today!"

Liu Hua amusingly held her: "Why? Doesn't Sui Yan dislike wearing little animal clothes the most?"

The little one grinned: "Nian Nian said Sui Yan is twice as cute wearing little animal clothes! I want grandpa and grandma to think Sui Yan is the most cute in the whole world!"

Liu Hua stroked her chin: "Little one, why do I feel like you're becoming more and more of a little rascal?"

Sui Yan was a bit confused: "Mommy, what's a little rascal?"

Liu Hua took out the little panda clothes and changed the little one while explaining absentmindedly: "A little rascal is a little fool."

Sui Yan pouted: "Then Sui Yan is definitely not a little rascal!"

Liu Hua laughed at her: "Yes yes, Sui Yan is not a little rascal."

She's a little fool!

The little Sui Yan didn't notice at all that she was tricked. She obediently put on the furry cotton hat, then held the little ears on the hat with both little paws.

"Mommy, is Sui Yan cute?"

The little one was wearing little panda clothes, only revealing her fair and delicate little face. Her little hands held the ears on the hat as her little short legs dangled.

Liu Hua's heart was melted by the little one: "Cute cute, my little one is the cutest!"

The affirmed little one was extremely delighted, cupping her mommy's face and planted a big kiss.

Liu Hua smiled as she wiped away the little one's saliva on her face: "Stinky Sui Yan, didn't even brush your teeth before kissing mommy."

Sui Yan haughtily slid off the bed: "Then Sui Yan will go brush her teeth now!"

The little one slowly made her way downstairs after messily getting herself sorted out.

Ti Zi was still waiting for her at her bedroom door, and followed along when she came out.

Sui Yan and Ti Zi walked side by side, the little one mumbling softly: "Ti Zi, I wonder if grandpa and grandma will be nice? But I think they will definitely be great!"

Ti Zi barked twice in agreement. In its previous life Sui Yan had not brought it to meet the two elders, but it had heard her talk more than once about how good grandpa and grandma were to her.

However Ti Zi still did not have high expectations for the grandparents. Afterall, back then even a candy given to Sui Yan would be considered a favor that she would remember forever.

Everyone hastily finished breakfast. Sui Yan pulled Ti Zi, wanting to run outside.

Liu Hua grabbed the little one back: "Why are you bringing Ti Zi?"

Sui Yan stubbornly put her hands on her waist: "I want to bring Ti Zi to meet grandpa and grandma!"

Liu Hua helplessly laughed: "Ti Zi is a wolf, what if it scares your grandparents?"

Sui Yu came over from behind holding the little one's backpack: "Mom, grandpa and grandma are quite formidable, last time they even called asking if I wanted to raise a Tibetan mastiff to protect her."

Liu Hua: "Oh...I see."

Sui Zhi also walked over with his arm around Qiao Ze's shoulder: "Mom, we're ready to head out now, dad has been waiting in the car outside."

Liu Hua glanced over at them, instructing Qiao Ze: "Little Ze, no need to be afraid at grandpa and grandma's place, they really like little kids."

Qiao Ze was already a man in his twenties mentally. Of course he would not be afraid: "Okay Auntie, don't worry."

Liu Hua was truly reassured, waving goodbye to the little ones: "Then off you go, don't bother me today."

The three teenagers, one little one and one half grown little wolf who were just about to head out: "......"

As expected, this is your true feelings!

Sui Jinhong and Ye Anning were sitting in the car waiting. Soon he saw this group finally giggling as they ran out.

He raised his brows: "Sui Yan, you're bringing Ti Zi?"

Sui Yan struggled to climb into the car, her brother directly picked her up midway. The little one insisted on protecting Ti Zi: "Daddy, bring Ti Zi!"

Sui Jinhong helplessly smiled: "Daddy didn't say not to bring it, just that it might be a little crowded. Why don't you let your brother hold you so you can sit properly, otherwise there won't be space for Ti Zi."

Sui Yu looked around at the limited space, directly pulling his sister into his arms.

The furry-clothed little one complained: "Daddy, it's all because your car is too small!"

Sui Jinhong indulgently laughed: "Yes yes, it's daddy's fault, next time daddy will definitely drive a bigger car."

The little one nodded gravely: "That's right!"

However this look appeared extremely cute to the others, making everyone in the car laugh.

Grandpa Sui and Grandma Sui lived in a more remote place, closer to the suburbs. That was the Sui family's old residence.

Originally it wasn't very far, but because of the recent heavy snow, plus a car full of little ones. Sui Jinhong had slowed the car down to almost a crawl, so it took them a few hours to truly arrive.

Sui Yan peered out the car window. She pointed to a big house compound not too far away, saying: "Daddy look, that house is super super big!"

Sui Jinhong glanced over: "Little one, that is grandpa and grandma's house."

The little one exclaimed: "Grandpa and grandma are so rich! Our family can't even afford such a big house!"

Sui Yu withheld his laughter: "Sui Yan, be careful or mom will kick you out of the house when she hears that."

He now understood his mother a little. If Liu Hua was willing, her abilities likely wouldn't be inferior to Sui Jinhong at all.

Sui Yan was a little panicky: "Mommy won't know!"

Sui Jinhong slowly parked the car: "Little ones, we've arrived. Get off the car now!"


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