The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 64

Chapter 64

She and Xu Yi had known each other for so many years that she naturally believed Xu Yi. She was just looking for an excuse to stop the elders from thinking about their remarriage.

Not to mention Ye Wan...

Although the elders had watched Ye Wan grow up, they still harbored some misunderstandings about her due to her marriage with Sui Jinhong.

Liu Hua was helping Sui Jinhong and Ye Wan.

Sui Jinhong naturally understood. While feeling grateful, he still reminded: "You can also ask the wives from the neighboring families to help you take a look."

Liu Hua waved her hand in disgust: "Fine, I know."

The little cub Sui Yan took another candy trying to stuff it into her mouth: "Dad, when are we going to Grandpa and Grandma's house?"

Sui Jinhong looked at the weather outside: "Why not just tomorrow? I'll take you, your brothers and your sister to go together."

The little cub was looking forward to seeing Grandpa and Grandma for some reason. She obediently nodded: "Okay!"

After finishing the proper business, Sui Jinhong did not stay for long either. After chatting with his son for a few sentences, he went back to his own house next door.

Seeing Liu Hua sending Sui Jinhong away, Sui Yu said to Liu Hua with a somewhat teasing tone: "Mom, does Uncle Xu know that he got the position in one second?"

Liu Hua glanced at her son, and casually threw a pillow to hit him: "You talk too much."

She had been hesitating whether or not to agree to Xu Yi. What Sui Jinhong said today made her even more determined.

She could not let Sui Jinhongs parents keep thinking about her. This was not good for anyone.

At least she could be sure that Xu Yi would treat her four cubs wholeheartedly.

While Liu Hua was lost in her thoughts, she suddenly heard Sui Yan's low murmur.

"Uncle Xu, my mom..." The little cub hid in the corner of the sofa, seeming to be calling someone with Sui Yu's cell phone.

Liu Hua walked over silently: "Sui Yan!"

Very good, it looked like her four cubs had all rebelled.

Sui Yan's hand shook, and she almost dropped the phone: "Mom, mom, how did you get over here?"

Liu Hua narrowed her eyes: "Who are you calling?"

The little cub rolled her eyes, looking clever and lively: "Mom, Sui Yan wasn't calling anyone!"DiiScver w storis on no//e()/lbin(.)com

Liu Hua didn't bother to talk nonsense. With one hand, she pressed the little cub on the sofa, and with the other hand, she directly snatched the phone from the little cub's hand.

Sui Yan couldn't move being pressed down, she could only keep flapping her little hands: "Mom! You cant snatch peoples stuff! Brother! Your phone!"

Sui Yu took a look at his easily suppressed sister, then took a look at his mom who seemed to be emitting a murderous aura. He decisively averted his eyes: "Xiao Ze, have you finished the questions I asked you last time?"

Sui Zhi was puzzled. Brother, I admit you are the smartest, but I havent reached the point where I cant even do junior high school questions!

He frowned, just about to say something, but suddenly felt the murderous aura from both his mom and brother.

"No, please explain it to me again brother." The words that were about to slip out were forcibly swallowed back. Sui Zhi chose to cooperate with Sui Yu's performance.

The young cub didnt understand these sly old dogs. She looked shocked: "Brother, it wasnt like this! You promised that if mom found out you would protect me!!!" She cast her pleading eyes on the seemingly more reliable Qiao Ze: "Little brother Qiao Ze..."

"Brother Sui Yu, I don't quite understand that question either, teach me too." Qiao Ze chose to join Sui Yu and Sui Zhi.

Liu Hua nodded satisfied, then shifted her gaze back to the little cub: "Little Sui Yan, you are quite gutsy."

Sui Yan: "...Mom listen to my explanation!"

Liu Hua snorted coldly. She was about to teach the little cub a lesson by tickling her when the man's voice came from the phone in her hand.

"Little Hua."

Liu Hua's actions paused: "What did this little brat tell you?"

The little cub who was playing dead revived in a second: "Mom, Sui Yan is not a little brat!"

Liu Hua slapped the little cub lightly on the butt with the back of her hand, signaling her to be quiet with her eyes.

Sui Yan hugged her weak, pitiful and helpless self aggrievedly. How could mom hit her butt! She was already four and a half years old! She had grown up!

Did she not care about face?

There was a hint of a smile in Xu Yi's voice: "Shes said everything she should say, and everything she shouldn't say too."

The things she shouldnt have said were like asking if they would get married, when they would get married, and so on...

Liu Hua laughed lightly: "Very good." She hung up the phone directly and threw Sui Yus phone back to him. Then she grabbed the little cub and tickled her.

Sui Yan was pressed on the sofa by Liu Hua and couldnt move. She could only hug her mom's arm and laugh non-stop.

The melon-eating trio swallowed hard with difficulty. This was simply an inhumane approach!

However, the tickled little cub started playing with her mom skillfully. She struggled and wrapped her whole body around her mom. It was obvious that this mother and daughter often played like this.

Liu Hua would not go too far. She just played with the little cub.

When Sui Yan got tired of playing, she loosened her little paws and rolled over on the sofa.

Liu Hua used some strength to pinch the little cubs fair and tender little face: "Sui Yan, you cant do this anymore!"

Although she didnt know why she couldnt, Sui Yan still nodded obediently: "Okay then... Mom, Sui Yan hopes that you will be with Uncle Xu."

Liu Hua snorted contemptuously: "What does a little brat understand?"

The little cub made a dissatisfied humming noise: "Sui Yan is not a little brat!" She had emphasized it so many times!

Liu Hua held the little cub's cheeks on both sides with her hands. She said to her face word for word: "Little! Brat! Sui Yan is a little, brat!"

Sui Yan: "...Mom, youre so childish."

She wouldnt think that just because of this, Sui Yan would get angry, would she?! No way?!

Liu Hua paused for a moment and calmly continued: "Is that so... Then Sui Yan probably wouldn't want chocolate either, right?"

The little cub who was pretending to be calm instantly broke character: "Mom! I want it, I want it! Sui Yan wants chocolate!"

Liu Hua dragged out the last word she spoke: "Is that so... Then childish?"

The little cub asserted firmly: "Sui Yan childish!" Mom is indeed so childish!

Liu Hua was very satisfied: "Then... little brat?"

The little cub immediately responded: "Its Sui Yan! Its all Sui Yan!"

Since the little cub was so obedient, Liu Hua felt guilty: "Alright alright, I wont tease you anymore. Go play with yourself."

Sui Yan kept the chocolate. She happily hugged and kissed her mom: "Mom, Sui Yan loves you the most!"

Liu Hua ruffled the little cub's hair: "Cub, mom bullies you so much, yet you still love mom?"

Sui Yan looked like she understood very well: "Mom is also a girl. She has to play with Sui Yan too!"

So of course she would only love mom more!

Liu Hua was unexpectedly moved by her own little cub. Unable to hold back, she hugged the little cub and kissed her: "Awesome cub!"

Chapter end

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