The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 60

Chapter 60

Ti Zi sidled up to the little girl: "I'm not impatient at all!"

Liu Hua didn't argue with her, just turned to look at Sui Yu: "Little Yu, when AhMan comes back later, let's go shopping at the mall together."

Sui Yu froze, completely rejecting the idea: "Mom, I..."

Liu Hua interrupted him: "Yan said she wants to buy Christmas presents for you."

Sui Yu changed his words very naturally: "I'd love to go with you."

Liu Hua nodded in satisfaction: "That's more like it." No matter who you were born to.

Sui Yan lifted her head from a pile of boxes: "Mom, did you just call me?"

Liu Hua pushed her back down: "I didn't call you."

Sui Yan scratched her head: "Oh."

Sui Zhi and Qiao Ze didn't have to pick up their sister from school today, and they felt a little listless for some reason.

The two walked in lazily and were shocked by the boxes flying everywhere.

Sui Zhi sighed, just about to call for someone, when he suddenly sensed something flying toward him.

He nimbly dodged it immediately.

Qiao Ze next to him wasn't as quick, and was hit square in the face with a pillow.

"Yes! Gotcha! Oh, Ze-ge, how did it hit you?" Sui Yan crawled out from behind the sofa. She was halfway through cheering when she realized she'd hit the wrong person.

Qiao Ze picked up the pillow that had just hit him in the face: "So who was Yan trying to hit?"

Sui Yan blinked, pointing behind the two of them with her little finger.

Sui Yu walked out from the corner by the door, speaking a little embarrassedly: "Yan was trying to hit me just now. She didn't expect to be blocked by you two. I'm really sorry about that." Though there wasn't a hint of apology in his tone.

Qiao Ze smiled gently: "It's okay."

As he spoke, the pillow in his hand flew toward Sui Yu's face.

Sui Yu, caught off guard by the pillow to the face: "..." What a way to show it's 'okay'!

Sui Yan blinked again, cheering belatedly: "Yay! Ze-ge hit him!"

The little girl ran over to high five Qiao Ze.

Sui Zhi couldn't help laughing: "Yan, what are you guys doing?"

Sui Yan pointed to the boxes all over the floor: "Helping mom open packages. Ze-ge hit me with the pillow first!"

Sui Yu couldn't help but look up at the ceiling. He had just brushed the kid with the pillow, but she happened to lose her balance and almost fell when he touched her.

Then the two of them started a pillow fight, and even got the newly arrived Qiao Ze involved.

Sui Zhi threw his school bag on the sofa, cracked his knuckles: "It's okay Yan, brother will get revenge for you."

Qiao Ze also went to the sofa and picked up a pillow.

Sui Yu moved back imperceptibly: "Hey, take it easy you guys."

Sui Zhi had a big smile on his face: "Bro, we're just bonding as brothers!"

Seeing there was no escape, Sui Yu simply grabbed a pillow to join in the chaos.

Sui Yan and Ti Zi sat on the side eating snacks and watching them mess around.

Liu Hua had just gone upstairs to grab something. Coming back down, she saw her three brats horsing around.

She was exasperated: "What are you doing? Be careful not to hurt your sister."

Although she said this, she was also very happy to see them acting like normal kids.

Sui Yu coughed in embarrassment, scratching his nose awkwardly: "Mom, it's okay. I'll keep helping you unpack."

Liu Hua looked at him disdainfully: "No need, AhMan will be back soon. We should tidy up and get ready to head out."

Sui Zhi threw the pillow back on the sofa: "Mom, head out where?"

Liu Hua glanced at Sui Yan who was dutifully putting on her little padded jacket: "It's almost Christmas. We're going shopping. Oh right, Yan said she wants to buy presents for you."

Sui Yan struggled to put on her hat with her little hands: "Mom, how could you tell them? It won't be a surprise now."

Sui Zhi and Qiao Ze played along very cooperatively: "Yan, we're already very surprised."

Liu Hua frowned and threw the kid's fuzzy scarf at her: "Yan, put on another scarf."

Sui Yan was very stubborn this time: "I don't want to!"

Liu Hua narrowed her eyes dangerously, and the little one immediately rolled over to pick up the scarf and put it on: "Mom, Yan has it on."

Liu Hua nodded in satisfaction: "Alright, go get your brothers to move that pig of yours out. We're getting ready to go shopping."

Sui Yan waved at her brothers cheerfully: "Brothers, come quick!"

With their long legs, Sui Yu and the others easily kept up with the little girl: "Yan, what pig?"

Sui Yan trotted ahead: "You'll see when you get there!"

Although they guessed it was probably a piggy bank or something, Sui Yu was still shocked when he saw the item in the closet.

Qiao Ze coughed and pointed to the nearly half as tall as Sui Yan golden pig, asking: "Yan, this is it?"

Sui Zhi tsked and shook his head: "This pig is too fat!"

Sui Yan squatted down, trying her best to hug the golden pig, but despite using all her strength, the pig didn't budge an inch.

Seeing the kid's face turning red from exertion, Sui Yu laughed as he picked her up and handed her to Sui Zhi behind him: "Yan, stop moving. Brother will carry it down for you."

Although he said this, when he actually picked up the golden pig, Sui Yu was still shocked.

"Why is it so heavy? Could it really be full?"

Sui Yan leaned on her brother's shoulder: "That's right, daddy gave Yan a lot of money!"

Sui Yu and Qiao Ze carried the huge golden pig downstairs together, deeply feeling that the little one probably didn't have a good grasp on how much was a lot of money.

Liu Hua was just leaning on the sofa playing on her phone. Liu Man had also just gotten back. The two looked up at the same time toward Sui Yu and Qiao Ze carrying the golden pig.

Liu Hua raised an eyebrow: "It really is full huh?"

Liu Man circled the pig placed on the carpet, then turned to ask Sui Yan: "Yan, do you want to break open the piggy?"

Sui Yan ran over to squat in front of the golden pig, the little ball looking not much bigger than the pig itself.

She poked the pig that was about to be sentenced to death: "Smash it! The piggy is full, and Yan can't get the money out!"

Ti Zi also ran over to squat next to the kid, even reaching out a paw seriously to touch the golden pig.

If the piggy bank was sentient, it probably would be wishing for death right about now.

Although it was going to meet its end soon anyway.

Liu Hua handed a toy hammer to Sui Yan: "Go ahead, smash it. We'll count the money together after."

The little one took the hammer, solemnly took a deep breath, then swung down hard.

Almost the instant the shattering sound rang out, a large pile of neatly rolled red bills exploded out from the pig.

Sui Yan seemed to not expect there to be so much either. The little girl was so startled she sat right down on the carpet.

Liu Hua casually grabbed a handful of cash: "Yan, if it wouldn't fit, what were you still trying to stuff inside?"FOlloow ewest stories at n(v)el/bi/n(.)com

Sui Yan smashed the rest of the pig, spreading all the money out. The little girl wiped her forehead: "It was Ti Zi who helped Yan stuff it in. It would fit in every time!"


Author's note:

Shocking!!! I, Chen Mouren, actually have a fan ranking now!!!

Chapter end

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