The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 58

Chapter 58

Sui Yan had already forgotten why she was crying just now. She even gave her mother a loud kiss and stretched out her little hands in front of her mother dumbly, "Mommy, eat chocolate."

Liu Hua was stunned for a moment, smiled helplessly, "A Yan, you eat it yourself, mommy won't eat."

How could her little one be so unmindful!

Sui Yan ate happily. She sat there swinging her little short legs. The little ears on her head swayed along with her movements.

It made people's hearts soft.

Liu Hua just leaned against her and watched the little one. She suddenly seemed to remember something, poked the little one's chubby cheeks, "A Yan, where's the bracelet mommy gave you?"

Sui Yan blinked blankly, swallowed the chocolate in her mouth slowly before saying, "I let A Man keep it in the box."

The little girl pouted to her mother, "Mommy, the bracelet broke last time. I didn't dare take it out again."

Liu Man said helplessly, "A Yan, I've restrung it for you. I guarantee it won't break again."

Liu Hua waved her hand, "It doesn't matter. It's winter now. A Yan has to wear so many clothes. It's fine not to wear the bracelet."

Sui Yan twisted her little eyebrows, "Mommy, I can wear less clothes!"

Liu Hua didn't even look at her, "Keep dreaming. Every time it's like this, you really catch a cold and cry sadly."

Sui Yu looked at them and vaguely guessed that the bracelet they were talking about was the one Sui Yan had always worn in her last life.

He was a little curious and asked, "Mom, is that bracelet very important?"

Liu Hua stroked her chin, "I don't know. I heard it's the only thing my family left me. I went to a temple before, and a monk there said it was a good thing. So I gave it to A Yan."

Sui Yu was stunned. They actually rarely thought of Liu Hua as an orphan.

Sui Yan blinked, "A Yan has never seen Mommy's dad and mom."

Liu Hua knocked on her head, "What do you want to see them for? Maybe they've already..."

She didn't say the second half, what was the point of letting the little one know these things?

Unexpectedly, the little one suddenly came over and hugged her, "Mommy, you still have A Yan and brothers!"

Liu Hua was stunned. Her eyes were a little red, "Yes, mommy still has you guys."

The little one felt that she had comforted her mother well. She obediently continued eating candy and chocolate.

Liu Man broke this somewhat low atmosphere, "A Yan, have you noticed your face seems to be rounder?"

The little one who was happily eating chocolate immediately froze. She stuffed the chocolate back into her pocket nonchalantly, "No way? Why did A Man say that about me!"Fll0w current novls on n/o/(v)/3l/b((in).(co/m)

Liu Hua couldn't help laughing. She stretched out her hand very exaggeratedly and pinched Sui Yan's chubby chin, "Let mommy see how many layers of chin does A Yan have now?"

Sui Yan struggled to run away, "No, no!"

The little girl climbed to the corner of the sofa and nestled there. Her little hand unconsciously reached into her pocket for chocolate again.

Ye Anning meaningfully asked Shen Nian, "Nian Nian, how many pounds are you now?"

Shen Nian somehow understood her meaning and reported a number.

Ye Anning pretended to be surprised and said, "How is that possible? Then you're only a few pounds heavier than A Yan? But you're so much taller than her."

Sui Yan: "..." Sister, I, Sui Yan, suspect you're mocking me.

The little girl's stiff expression made everyone unable to help the corners of their mouths rise. Liu Hua made excuses for her daughter, "It's okay. A Yan will lose weight in the future. Even if she doesn't lose weight, being chubby is super cute, right?"

Shen Nian strongly agreed, "That's right, A Yan is the cutest."

Sui Yan: "..." I have never disliked the word cute so much!

The little one pounced on her brother, hoping her brother could comfort her, "Brother! I'm not fat!"

Sui Yu held back his laugh and stroked the little one's hair seriously, "Who dares say our A Yan is fat? Brother will stand up for you!"

Li Yuan rarely said something nice, "A Yan is so, so, so cute like this. Not fat at all!"

Sui Yan immediately became aloof, "That's right, A Yan is not fat at all!"

Liu Hua looked at these little ones and shook her head helplessly with a smile.

The atmosphere was joyful. Everyone was very happy.

Liu Hua leaned back and rested against the sofa with her eyes closed.

At this moment, her phone suddenly rang.

Liu Hua glanced at her phone thrown on the coffee table. She casually called to the little one, "A Yan, help mommy answer the call."

Sui Yan crawled out of her brother's arms. She stretched out her little short hands and barely reached the phone.

On the other end of the phone, Xu Yi's gaze was gentle as he waited expectantly for the call to be answered.

However, not long after, the call was answered by a little girl's slow, milky voice.

"Hello, who are you?"

Xu Yi was stunned. Then he heard the little girl say again, "My mommy told me to answer the call for her. You can tell me if you have anything."

Xu Yi pursed his lips. His gaze became even gentler, "Little one, aren't you called Sui Yan?"

Sui Yan blinked blankly, "Uncle, who are you? How do you know my name?"

Liu Hua, who was resting with her eyes closed, suddenly realized something. She stretched out her hand towards her daughter, "A Yan, give the phone to mommy."

Sui Yan blinked and obediently crawled over to her mother.

Liu Hua took the phone and went to the side hall to talk, seemingly deliberately avoiding the children.

Sui Yu and the others didn't think much of it. They just assumed it was another business partner calling Liu Hua.

Sui Yan shifted her body and lay down completely on the sofa. The little girl naughtily moved her little feet and lightly kicked Shen Nian who was sitting next to her.

Shen Nian grabbed her little legs and tickled the soles of the little one's feet, "Stinky A Yan!"

Sui Yan giggled and rolled around, "A Yan is not stinky! A Yan just took a bath! She's fragrant!"

She avoided Shen Nian, then flipped over and lay on her stomach. She crawled forward like a caterpillar and crawled back to Shen Nian's side.

"Nian Nian, do I look like a caterpillar?" The little one stuck her butt up.

Shen Nian's attention was completely attracted by the little tail sticking up. Just as he was about to reach out to ravage the little one, Ye Anning sat down on the other side of Sui Yan and grabbed the little ball of tail.

Sui Yan felt something was wrong. When she looked back, she saw her tail being grabbed by her sister.

The little girl pouted, "Sister, don't grab my tail! A Yan can't crawl!"

Sui Yu held up his phone and called out, "A Yan, look this way."

Sui Yan turned her head blankly, but only heard the "click" sound of the camera.

Sui Yu looked at the photo on his phone satisfyingly. In it, the little one wearing a bear suit was being held by the tail and lying on the sofa, looking like she had given up struggling.

Chapter end

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