The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 55

Chapter 55

Ti Zi chimed in with two cries: Awroo! Awroo! That's right! Too outrageous!

Sui Zhi also squatted down and patted Sui Yan's clothes: Yan, did you hurt from the fall?

Sui Yan whined: I didn't hurt from the fall.

Qiao Ze finally walked over with a group of people: What happened to Yan?

Sui Yu coughed drily and said solemnly: Nothing much, why did it take you so long to come over?

Qi Linhan held up the things in his hand: Brought some toys to play with, aren't we going to have a snowball fight?

As soon as Sui Yan heard it, she struggled to see the toys without caring that she had just taken a tumble: Brother Linhan, what toys?

Li Yuan leaned in: Yan, they are snowball guns.

The little boy carefully explained to Sui Yan how to play. Sui Yan looked shocked: They look so amazing!

Ye Anning and Shen Nian were also holding snowball guns: So shall we get ready to start?

Sui Yan bounced up with her hand raised: Yan also wants a snowball gun!

Sui Yu looked at her bouncing around feeling extremely anxious. This little rascal has no memory at all. She just took a fall and now she's bouncing around again.

Qi Linhan held down the little girl and handed her the toy in his hand: Yan, don't jump around.

Sui Yan stood still obediently: Got it!

Qiao Ze blocked the door and reminded them: Stay back a bit, I'm going to open the door.

As soon as the door leading to the yard was opened, everyone felt a cold wind blowing in.

Bundled up like a ball, Sui Yan couldn't help but cheer when the wind blew: It's so cool!

Qi Linhan stood in front of the little girl to block the wind for her, and frowned to scold her: What's so cool? You can easily catch a cold from the cold wind, do you know that or not?

Sui Yan pressed on the hat on her head: But I'm wearing so many clothes, I feel hot.

Qi Linhan felt so helpless. He felt like the little rascal was hard to look after.

Sui Yu and the others stood in front of the girls to block the wind: You all need to be careful, the snow outside is very thick.

With their long legs, they walked out first. Sui Yan clung to the door frame and asked loudly: Brother, is the snow outside very thick?

Sui Yu looked back at them: Not too thick but very thick. Yan, be careful.

After seeing her sisters go out, the little girl also followed them out.

Li Yuan and Shen Nian were a head taller than Sui Yan. As soon as they stepped out of the yard, they felt half of themselves buried in the snow.

Seeing the situation, Shen Nian felt that the little one shouldn't come down. Just as she was about to call Sui Yan, she heard the little girl's slightly panicked voice the next second.

Brothers and sisters, Yan can't move!

Ye Anning was a little dizzy from the cold wind and reacted a bit slow when she heard Sui Yans voice.

Their reaction was much faster. Sui Yu looked back and saw the little girl sprawled out in the thick snow. After struggling to get up, the snow had already reached her waist.

The little rascal was trapped in the snow looking wronged, her whole body covered with snowflakes.

Qi Linhan went over first and picked the little girl straight up, brushing the snow off her body: Dont be scared Yan, its alright.

Sui Yan felt so wronged: Brother Linhan, the snow here wants to bury Yan.

Qi Linhan couldnt help but laugh a little: Then Yan can't come down to play. Its easy to catch a cold.

The little girl instantly became teary-eyed: No, Yan wants to play!

Sui Zhi rubbed his sister's head, messing up her little panda hat. He couldn't help but want to laugh too: Yan, brother will shovel the snow away here and press it down. You stay put first and dont move around.

As long as she could play, Sui Yan hugged Qi Linhan's neck tightly and obediently let him hold her.

Sui Yu and Qiao Ze finally came over, all a little worried as they touched Sui Yan's head: Yan, did you hurt from the fall? Are you cold?

Sui Yan wanted to rub her eyes but gave up when she saw her thick little gloves. The little girl pouted and said: Brother, Im not hurt, but Yan cant walk here.

Sui Zhi came over with shovels: Well shovel the snow here and press it down firmly. Then Yan can play here, okay?

Sui Yan blinked: Then can Yan still have a snowball fight with brothers and sisters?

Sui Zhi smiled, eyes curving into crescents: Of course you can.

The little girls eyes lit up: Okay then!

Ye Anning walked over in a bit of a daze. She reached out and wiped the snowflakes off Sui Yans face: Yan, you cant do this. You can only play for a little while, do you hear me? Go back in to warm up afterwards.

Sui Yan is very obedient to her sister. As soon as Ye Anning said this, she agreed: Okay then.

Sui Zhi and the others pressed down the surrounding snow. Then they waved to Sui Yan: Yan, come over and try walking on it.

Qi Linhan carried her straight over and carefully put the little rascal in his arms down: Be careful Yan.

The little rascal stepped onto the snow. Feeling the firm ground underfoot, she gave an OK sign with her gloved little paws and bounced around cheerfully: Brother, I wont fall here!

Sui Yu helplessly held her down: Dont jump around!

Sui Yan was very dissatisfied and shook her head: Others can roll around in the snow too!

Qiao Ze smiled gently and kindly reminded: If Yan rolls around in the snow too, Auntie might make you sleep in the doghouse outside with Ti Zi.

Sui Yan: "..." Hmph!

After some coercion and lures, the little rascal finally hugged her toy gun and obediently squatted to the side to make little snowballs.

Shen Nian came over to take a look at her, then looked up at everyone: Let's start then!

As soon as she finished speaking, Ye Anning immediately raised her gun and fired a snowball at Sui Yus face.

Sui Yu was caught off guard with a face full of snow: Hey! How dare you sneak attack?

Ye Anning looked innocent: Didnt you say to start already?

Sui Yu: ... Fine!ALL new hapters n nv()lbin(.)com

Pressing his lips, he swiftly fired a snowball at Sui Zhi.

Sui Zhi got a face full of snow. He looked at Sui Yu blankly: It wasnt me who hit you first, why did you hit me?

Sui Yu spread his hands: Well I cant bully girls.

Sui Zhi: Good point. So he immediately turned and took aim at Qiao Ze.

Qiao Ze was very innocent: Wait, shouldn't we be targeting Qi Linhan?

Sui Yu and Sui Zhis actions stopped at the same time: That makes sense.

So Qi Linhan was perfectly set up.

The two other real little kiddos, Li Yuan looked around and also joined the team chasing Qi Linhan. While little kid Sui Yan still seriously squatted in the corner, stuffing snowballs into her gun as if the chaos around her was irrelevant.

A few minutes later, the little rascal finally stood up with satisfaction, holding her toy gun. She looked at her brothers and sisters running around her and finally aimed the muzzle at Li Yuan.

Sorry Little Brother Li Yuan, Yan has to use you for target practice today!


Author's words:

Guess whether Yan can hit Li Yuan?

Chapter end

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