The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 54

Chapter 54

Qiao Ze looked a bit worried: Auntie, I think you should take off two pieces of Yan's clothes, dont let her get too hot."

Liu Hua thought that dressing up the little one this way was mostly because she looked cute, but now that she thought about it, she gave a little cough and said, "Okay, lets just take off one sweater, Yan dont move, come here."

When she heard that two pieces of clothes were going to come off, Sui Yan immediately obediently ran to her mother and very cooperatively raised her two little paws.

Looking at the little dumpling in front of her, Liu Hua uncharacteristically fell into thought: ...It does seem a little too much."

Sui Yan waved her arms: Mommy, take it off, take it off! I can hardly run!"

Liu Hua pressed the little girl's hat down: Its so cold out now, no more running around."

Sui Yan pouted and struggled to pat her little panda hat. She righteously declared: Its so cold in winter, running will warm me up!"

Liu Hua scoffed: There goes your twisted logic again. Sweating then getting cold will make you even colder."

Sui Yan thought about it and realized her mom was right, so the little girl obediently allowed her mother to mess with her and didnt try to justify her twisted logic anymore.

After taking off two little sweaters, Sui Yan was worked up into a sweat. The little girl played with her mother's hair, unable to resist asking again: "Mommy, when will it snow?"

Liu Hua put her clothes back on properly and tidied up her hat: "What's the matter?"

Sui Yan took the initiative to put her little gloves back on, babbling on and on: I saw on TV that its snowing other places, Yan wants to have a snowball fight with my brothers and sisters."

Liu Hua stood up and compared the heights of her sons and daughter. She mocked the little one: You wanna have a snowball fight? All youd get is beat up."

Sui Yan felt underestimated and was very unhappy: Mommy, Yan is super capable!"

Liu Hua still didnt give any face: Oh Really? I dont believe it."

Sui Yan: Hmph!" Stinky mommy!

Sui Yu reminded: Mom, we're going to be late for school if we don't go soon."

It was as if Liu Hua had just remembered: Oh yeah, its all this little one's fault, asking so many questions!"

Sui Yan: ??? The little one had many question marks!

To cover up her mistake, Liu Hua hurriedly sent the kids off to school.

Little Sui Yan had said she wanted to see the snow in the morning, and it really did end up snowing in the afternoon.

When Sui Zhi and Qiao Ze went to pick her up after school, the ground was already covered with a thick layer of snow.

Sui Yan was squatting among a group of kindergarten children, her glove-clad paws struggling to make a few small snowballs.

Teacher Li smiled and pinched the little ears on Yans hat: Yan, your brother is here to pick you up."

The little girl blankly looked up, and when she caught sight of who the teacher was pointing to, she happily shouted.


Sui Zhi walked over and took the little girl from the teachers hands: Yan, are you cold?"

Sui Yan first obediently bid the teacher farewell, then mischievously used her snow-covered glove to touch her brother's face.

Brother, are you cold?

Sui Zhi almost hissed from the cold. He punished her by pinching the little girl's face: "Stinky Yan!"

Even with a pinched face Sui Yan still laughed gleefully: Brother, we can have a snowball fight when we get home!"

Standing in the doorway waiting for them, Qiao Ze couldn't help but burst Yan's bubble: Your mom will definitely make you wear more clothes when we get back, you won't even be able to lift your hands then, how are you gonna have a snowball fight?"

Because the snow on the ground was so thick it could almost completely submerge half of the little girl, Yan was carried all the way by her brothers.

Being carried, the little girl pouted and thought hard: Then when we get home Yan will hide."

Sui Zhi casually retorted: Hiding in your closet again?"

Qiao Ze also mocked the little girl: Yan always hides in the closet, we'll know where you are without even looking."

Sui Yan: ...Who said so!"

The three siblings bickered merrily all the way home.

But when Sui Yan got through the door of the house, she was grabbed by Liu Hua.

"Yan, its snowing outside, come quickly to put on more clothes. Liu Hua was holding the little sweater Yan had taken off that morning, beckoning to her.

Sui Yan hid behind her brothers, fully expressing her refusal: I'm gonna have a snowball fight, no more clothes!"

Liu Hua scoffed: No more clothes means no going outside, and definitely no snowball fights.

Seeing she really couldn't get away, Sui Yan reluctantly went out: Mommy, just one more is okay?"Gtt the latest chpters on n/velbin(.)com

Liu Hua examined the little one up and down, also stroked her face. When she found that Sui Yan really didn't seem cold, she had to agree: Alright, just one more.

Donning one more sweater, the small ball looked even rounder.

Qiao Ze held in a laugh: Then let's go call the others to play together."

Sui Yan struggled to adjust her crooked hat: Brother, then Ill go call Ti Zi!"

Sui Zhi took a hold of her: I'll go with you, Qiao Ze you call her sisters."

Last time at the amusement park, although Liu Hua had said they wouldn't buy any phones for them, people had still sent some in the end.

When giving it to them she looked quite awkward, saying something about not wanting them to feel excluded.

Thinking of this, Sui Zhi couldn't help but laugh.

Sui Yan obediently followed her brother, but when they got to the backyard the little girl couldnt help cheering.

Wow! Its so pretty here, brother!

The snow in the entire yard remained perfectly untouched, stunningly gorgeous.

Sui Zhi laughed and said: Mom must have left it just for us to play in.

Otherwise with Liu Huas temperament she would have hurried to shovel all the snow already.

Little Sui Yan solemnly nodded her little head: Thats right, thats right."

Since this snow was not ruined, Sui Yan and Sui Zhi were not in a hurry to play, wanting everyone to see the backyard first.

Sui Yu came downstairs first; but as soon as he saw his sister, he was taken aback for a moment: Yan, did mom add more clothes for you? You look a whole size bigger."

The little girl thought about it doubtfully, then slapped her little tummy. She suddenly realized what was happening and puffed out her cheeks unhappily: Yan's not fat!

Sui Yu held back a smile: Yes, Yans not fat." As if!

Sui Yan was angry enough to squat down and try to hug Ti Zi, but on her way down she toppled right over because she was so bulky from her thick clothing!

Thankfully the ground was covered with a thick carpet, and the little girl was padded by her fluffy hat, so her fall didnt hurt at all.

It happened so suddenly that Sui Yu and Sui Zhi for a moment didnt react.

But after reacting, these two shameless brothers couldnt hold back gales of laughter.

A round ball looking like a small dumpling girl toppled over and was actually unable to get back up due to being so bundled up, suffering under her brothers merciless mockery.

What tragedy is this! Sob sob sob~

Sui Yu finally contained his laughter and picked the little one up.

The little one was so wronged! Brother is a meanie, cant laugh!"


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