The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 52

Chapter 52

Li Yuan heard what his younger sister said, and he hurried to catch up with her pace: "That's right, we won't play with the little rabbit anymore!"

Liu Man, who witnessed the whole process: "..." Little rascal, can you figure out who the victim is here?

With the little girl's endless favoritism, there was laughter in Ti Zi's eyes. It rubbed against the little girl again: "Awoo~"

Sui Yan wanted to pick up Ti Zi like before, but after trying again and again and realizing that she really couldn't lift it up, she could only pat Ti Zi on the head.

"It's okay Ti Zi, we will all play with you. We won't pay attention to the little rabbit anymore."

The victim rabbit: "..." I appreciate you!

When Li's Mom heard the noise, she came over to see this scene, and was also amused by the little friends. She squatted down to Sui Yan's eye level: "Dear, are you so close with Ti Zi?"

Sui Yan nodded firmly: "Ti Zi is Sui Yan's bestest best friend!"

Li Yuan was unhappy: "Sui Yan, what about me?"

The little girl thought for a while, counting on her fingers: "Ti Zi is the best, then older sister and Nian Nian, and Linhan brother, big brother, Zhi brother little Ze brother..."

Li Yuan: "That's... enough!" He was ranked so low!

Sui Yan stopped obediently: "Oh."

But in her heart, the little girl was thinking that she hadn't counted the friends from kindergarten yet!

Li's Mom was about to laugh. She didn't expect that her little devil child would have such a day!pTodated ovls on o(v)l()bin(.)cm

Liu Man was a little embarrassed. Her own little rascal was too disrespectful! She coughed: "Mrs. Li, I will take the kids home first. Her siblings are still at home."

Li's Mom smiled and waved her hand: "Sure, remember to bring those kids over to eat at my house next time. We'll buy more Ti Zi."

Little Sui Yan loved to adorably eat Ti Zi.

Ti Zi looked up helplessly at the sky. Little Sui Yan wanted to eat Ti Zi right in front of it!

Sui Yan also waved her hand: "Thank you, auntie! Bye!"

And in Sui Yans study...

Qi Linhan frowned: "We were not prepared before, now let's see what she is trying to do."

The "she" here naturally referred to Lu Yunling.

Qiao Ze turned to look at Shen Nian gently, "Don't believe Lu Yunling's words anymore now, try to stay away from her as much as possible."

Shen Nian didn't quite dare to look back at him: "Um."

Ye Anning's eyes shifted between these two people: "Im telling you guys, although we all know you have a good relationship, can you face the fact of your current age?"

Although they were all adults in their twenties inside, Shen Nian's body was only eight years old!

Eight years old!!!

Qiao Ze and Shen Nian: "..."

Sui Zhi stretched lazily: "I guess we've said what needs to be said, I'll go downstairs to play with Sui Yan."

Sui Yu and Qi Linhan got up at the same time: "Let's go."

Ye Anning followed: Wait for me.

Qiao Ze and Shen Nian again: "..."

Qiao Ze sighed and said seriously to Shen Nian: "Don't put too much psychological pressure on yourself."

Shen Nian looked confused: "Huh?"

Qiao Ze smiled and leaned over to Shen Nian's ear: "I mean, I will wait for you to grow up."

If there hadn't been those misunderstandings in their previous life, they could have been very happy too.

The warm breath brushed over her hair. Shen Nian shuddered slightly. Rarely, her old face turned red, and she actually slipped away too.

Qiao Ze smiled helplessly, and it took a few minutes before he was going to go downstairs.

When the two of them went downstairs, they saw Sui Yan talking excitedly to Sui Yu about something.

When they got closer, they finally heard clearly what the little girl was saying: "That little rabbit didn't even like Ti Zi! It doesn't want to play with Ti Zi! Ti Zi is so cute!"

Shen Nian was a little curious: "What little rabbit?"

Sui Yan blinked and righteously recounted what happened again.

The little girl emphasized in particular: Our Ti Zi is the cutest! The little rabbit is the worst!

Ti Zi arrogantly: "Awoo!"

Sui Yu could almost see the smugness on Ti Zi's face. He twitched his mouth: "Sui Yan, of course the rabbit would be scared of Ti Zi. Ti Zi is a wolf!"

How could a rabbit play with a wolf! It's not a fairy tale!

Sui Yan didn't accept this reason: But Ti Zi never bites anyone, and it wont bite little rabbits either. It is super super obedient!

Ye Anning firmly agreed: "That's right!"

No matter what, just agreeing with the little rascal is right!

Liu Man held back her laugh and ran back to the dining room.

Ti Zi becomes the biggest winner! Successfully won little Sui Yan's distress and favor!

Qi Linhan was itching to bite someone when watching this scene.

Shen Nian tilted her head looking for a long time, then whispered to Ye Anning: Dont you think Ti Zi is so sly?

That sneaky little wolf cub!

Ye Anning deeply agreed: "It's totally too sly. It just saw that Sui Yan is easy to fool."

Ti Zi glanced over here expressionlessly, then blatantly nuzzled Sui Yan's calf right in front of them.

A certain little fool didn't notice Ti Zi's little moves at all. She thought it was really sad. The little girl rubbed Ti Zi's head: Dont be sad Ti Zi, Ill get you something yummy.

After saying that, she pattered towards the dining room. Watching Sui Yan run into the dining room, Sui Zhi only then coldly snorted: Sneaky wolf!

Ti Zi rolled its eyes at Sui Zhi.

Sui Zhi frowned, just about to complain some more, when Sui Yan came running out carrying a small bag.

"Brother, move over!"

The blocked Sui Zhi: "..." Little sister, you've gone too far!

Sui Yan opened a pack of chicken jerky for Ti Zi, then pinched a piece in her little hand to feed Ti Zi.

Qiao Ze blocked her hand: "Sui Yan, don't hand feed Ti Zi."

Sui Yan turned her head in confusion: "Why? Brother, Ti Zi doesn't bite."

Qi Linhan frowned: "Ti Zi's teeth are very sharp. If you accidentally touch them, your hands will get hurt."

Ti Zi knew it too, so when Sui Yan tries to feed it, it didnt even open its mouth. It nuzzled the little girl's hand, signaling her to just put the jerky on the ground.

Sui Yan wrinkled her little eyebrows unwillingly, took a plate and placed it on the ground, then put the jerky on the plate.

The little girl patted the little wolf's head pedantically: There, go ahead and eat Ti Zi!

Squatting in front of Ti Zi, watching it eat slowly, little Sui Yan felt that she was also a little hungry.

The little girl secretly glanced at her siblings, and found that their attention was no longer on her side.

So she secretly made a move on the remaining chicken jerky in the bag...


Ti Zi was shocked to see Sui Yan stuff a piece of jerky into her mouth. It barked urgently.

Sui Yu and the others all looked over at the little girl in confusion, and suddenly found that she seemed to be eating something.

Ye Anning walked straight to Sui Yan's side, frowning as she pinched her cheeks: "Sui Yan! What are you eating?"

With her cheeks being pinched, the little girl spoke unclearly: "Sis..."

Ye Anning said coldly: "Spit it out!"

Chapter end

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