The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 51

Chapter 51

Sui Yan hurriedly opened her mouth, "It's nothing, nothing!"

Sui Yu helplessly held his forehead. Little fool, does this look like nothing to you?

Ye Anning bent down and fished Sui Yu's phone out from the cracks in the sofa and threw it to him, "Don't keep giving your phone to Yan Yan to play with. She loves lying down and playing with phones the most."

Sui Yu narrowed his eyes, "Yan Yan, has brother not told you not to lie down and look at your phone?"

Sui Yan grieved, "Sis, you promised not to tell brother..."

Sui Yu was almost laughed at by her, "You still don't want to tell me?"

Ye Anning coughed drily, "Let's not talk about this anymore. Just pay more attention next time and don't give the phone to Yan Yan. We have something to tell you."

Sui Yu frowned, "What is it?"

Ye Anning lowered her voice, "It's about Lu Yunling."

"Sister, I want to listen too!" The little girl found that her brother was not angry with her anymore, and she happily came over again.

Shen Nian's long, slender fingers tapped Sui Yan's forehead, "Little kids can't listen."

Sui Yan the little kid wondered, "But we're all little kids!"

Ye Anning shook her finger, "No, only Yan Yan is a little kid."

Although this was the truth, the only little kid felt that her sister was just angry with her.

So she got angry.

"Humph!" The little girl crossed her arms, angry enough to turn her back on her brother and sisters.

Seeing the angry little dumpling, Sui Yu laughed until he couldn't stand it. He beckoned Ti Zi, who was lying nearby, and whispered to it, "Ti Zi, keep an eye on Yan Yan. We'll go upstairs to chat."

Sui Zhi Qiao Ze and Qi Linhan were all upstairs in the study. Sui Yu didn't want the little girl to know about these troubles, so he simply hid from her to talk.

Ti Zi silently nodded, then saw Sui Yu stuff the phone back to Sui Yan.

It rolled its eyes.

Sui Yu comforted his sister, "Yan Yan, I'm going upstairs with your sisters to get some stuff. Be good and stay here playing with your phone. If anything happens, call Sister Man. You can't run around, do you hear me?"

Sui Yan looked at her brother, then looked at the phone. The little girl said very seriously, "I heard it!"

Ti Zi rolled its eyes again.

Do they really understand the little cub so well!

Now that she could play with her phone again, the little girl almost lay down on the sofa to continue playing in front of her brother and sisters.

But facing Sui Yu's warning gaze, she obediently sat down and put the phone far away to watch.

Sui Yu nodded satisfied and said to Ye Anning, "Let's go upstairs, they are all up there."

Ye Anning and Shen Nian looked at Sui Yan before following Sui Yu upstairs.

The little Sui Yan played with her phone alone for a while. Soon, she heard someone calling her from outside the door.

"Yan Yan!" Li Yuan's voice was extremely penetrating that it almost scared the little girl.

Having heard the voice, Liu Man also ran out from the dining room to open the door, "Little Yuan, are you here to play with Yan Yan?"

Li Yuan was very polite now, "Yes, Sister Man."

Liu Man smiled with pursed lips and took two steps back to let him in.

Li Yuan walked in while shouting, "Yan Yan, my house has a little bunny!"

Sui Yan finally put down her phone and looked at Li Yuan blankly, "What?"

Li Yuan was almost jumping for joy, "A little bunny! My relative left it at my house to raise. It's super cute!"

The little girl's eyes lit up, "A white little bunny?"Expplre ptodte stories at no/el//bin(.)cm

Li Yuan nodded eagerly, "Yeah, yeah. Yan Yan, do you want to go see?"

Sui Yan's eyes shone as she looked up at Liu Man walking over, "Sister Man, can I go take a look?"

Liu Man smiled with a nod, "Of course."

The little girl cheered, "Oh! Go see the little bunny! Ti Zi let's go!"

Seeing his sister so happy, Li Yuan was even more delighted. He took his sister and bounced to his house.

Liu Man gently watched the two little kids and half-grown wolf leave. She suddenly realized something.

Ti Zi is a wolf... Don't wolves eat rabbits...?

She hurriedly chased them, "Yan Yan, wait!"

The two families lived close by. By the time Liu Man got there, she saw the little bunny already surrounded by the two kids and a little wolf.

The little bunny was in Li's backyard where there was a small patch of grass to raise it.

Sui Yan stretched out her chubby little finger and touched the bunny's ear. She was delighted to see the bunny move.

The little girl excitedly pulled Li Yuan's sleeve, "Look, look! The little bunny moved!"

Li Yuan boasted, "This is a real little bunny. Of course it moves!"

Looking at the little bunny, Ti Zi felt strangely hungry. It yawned with its wolf mouth, blowing hot air on the little bunny and scaring it directly to the corner to curl up.

Sui Yan scratched her head, "Why did the little bunny run away? Did we scare it?"

Li Yuan didn't know either. He thought about it, "It's okay. I'll go grab it again."

The little boy, imitating his parents, caught the bunny by the ears and dragged it back over.

The poor little bunny kept thrashing, trying to break free from the claw.

But it was useless. It was still dragged to Sui Yan and Ti Zi's faces.

Sui Yan gently touched the little bunny. In her soft voice, the little girl said, "Little bunny, don't be afraid. Yan Yan won't hurt you."

Ti Zi looked at the little bunny and felt mischievous. It suddenly let out two howls, "Awoo!"

To Sui Yan, Ti Zi's howl was super super cute, and Li Yuan only felt a little scary.

But in the eyes of the little bunny, it was tantamount to a big, bloody mouth opening before it.

The wolf's howl was like a bolt from the blue.

It shuddered in fright and escaped back to the corner to curl up again.

Sui Yan looked at her little hand that had just touched the bunny, grievously, "Yan Yan didn't hurt the little bunny. Why did it run away?"

Ti Zi felt unusually guilty. It nuzzled the little girl as if to comfort her.

Liu Man, who had just arrived, looked at this scene complicatedly.

She didn't expect Ti Zi to actually have such bad taste!

However, since Ti Zi didn't even bite the bunny, it probably wouldn't hurt the kids either.

Thinking of this point, Liu Man was even more at ease with Ti Zi.

Ti Zi probably didn't expect that its momentary bad taste would have this kind of effect.

Li Yuan gently patted his sister's head, "It's okay, Yan Yan. I'll catch it back for you again."

Liu Man helplessly held her forehead. She quickly stopped the kids' actions, "Little Yuan, Yan Yan, stop playing with the little bunny."

Seeing Liu Man, Sui Yan aggrievedly hugged her thighs, "Sister Man, the little bunny doesn't want Yan Yan to touch it."

Liu Man almost couldn't help laughing. She coughed drily, "Yan Yan, the little bunny is afraid of Ti Zi."

The little girl looked puzzledly at the shivering little bunny curled up in the corner, then at the "arrogantly rampant" Ti Zi beside her.

She seemed to understand what was going on!

Sui Yan pouted, very dissatisfied, "What! The little bunny doesn't want to play with Ti Zi! Then Yan Yan doesn't want to play with the little bunny either!"


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