The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 48

Chapter 48

Sui Yan: "..." Sister, you lied to me too?

Sui Zhi put the hat back on the little girl's clothes and casually asked, "So where are we going after all?"

Ye Anning pointed at the map: "Carousel."

The area around the carousel was surrounded by particularly dreamy shades of pink. Sui Yan's eyes lit up, "Sister, it's so beautiful here!"

Ye Anning was past the age of liking the pink and girly colors, but she still played along with Sui Yan: "Yeah, very beautiful."

Sui Yan grabbed Ye Anning and Shen Nian's hands, the little girl looked up at them, "Sister, let's play this!"

Ye Anning rubbed the little girl's head, "Okay."

Liu Hua took out some cards from her bag, "You kids take these and go play, be careful not to lose them!"

These were VIP cards specially prepared for the kids by Sui Jinhong's assistant. The three girls' cards were extra special, with little princess markings on them.

Sui Yan happily took the cards, then pulled her sisters towards the carousel.

Liu Hua and the others watched from below, especially Sui Yu said there's no way he would get on such a girly little horse.

Sui Yan stood at the entrance, stretching out her little hands to offer her card to the lady standing there, "Sister, mine, mine!"

The lady was charmed by the little dinosaur standing on her tiptoes and straining to reach up. She smiled and rubbed Sui Yan's head, giving her two balloons.

The other kids only got one balloon!

But Sui Yan thought about it, and gave the extra balloon back to the lady. The little girl earnestly explained, "Sister, the other kids will be unhappy if you do this."

The lady was surprised, she laughed and took back the balloon Sui Yan handed her, "Okay, sister will pay attention from now on."

Wow! What an angel!

Shortly after, Ye Anning and the others also got their balloons.

They thought the little girl would love the dreamy carousel, but she just quietly hugged the wooden horse's neck, not seeming very excited.

Ye Anning pinched the little girl's cheek, asking gently over the soft music, "Doesn't A Yan like this?"

Sui Yan pressed her face against the wooden horse's neck, thinking carefully before replying, "Sister, I think this is not...fun."

Shen Nian poked at the balloon tied to the little girl's wrist, "Not fun or not exciting enough? How about we go to the haunted house instead?"

Sui Yan listened and eagerly nodded, "Wanna go to the haunted house!"

Ye Anning was a little helpless, "A Yan, don't move around, we have to wait until the ride is over before getting off."

The little girl obediently hugged the little horse's neck again, "A Yan knows."

Having something she wanted to play more, Sui Yan grew impatient waiting. When the carousel slowly came to a stop, she almost couldn't wait to pull her sister out.

Liu Hua and the others were waiting at the exit. As soon as the three girls came out, they saw them.

Liu Man waved at Sui Yan, "A Yan, we're over here!"

Sui Yan had three balloons tied to her little arms, pattering over and immediately calling out, "Mom, A Man, can we go to the haunted house next?"

Liu Hua frowned, "Haunted house?"

The little girl pouted, "Mommy, mommy!"

Liu Hua felt a headache coming on from the little rascal, "Okay, okay, haunted house it is. But A Yan can only let mommy hold you, no walking by yourself."

Sui Yan thought about it reluctantly before agreeing, "Oh, fine."

The haunted house was a bit far from the carousel. Sui Yu looked around and directly called over a sightseeing car.

Sui Yan was held in her mom's arms, looking all around. Liu Hua couldn't resist pinching the little girl's fair and tender little cheek, "A Yan, stop moving around, mommy can't hold you anymore."

Sui Yan obediently settled down. Sui Yu frowned, "Mom, let us hold A Yan."

Liu Hua readily handed the little rascal over to Sui Yu's arms, "Fine, you hold your little sister yourself."

Her actions were so slick that Sui Yu was a little dumbfounded.

Sui Yan didn't care who held her. The little girl gripped the railing of the sightseeing car, eyes wide open watching the scenery all around.

The three balloons tied around her wrist floated along with the breeze.

Sui Yu pointed to a Peppa Pig balloon and said to the little girl, "A Yan, doesn't that look like you?"

Sui Yan huffed angrily, arms crossed as she tattled to the others, "Mommy, brother said A Yan is a pig!"nw stries at n/vel/b/i/n(.)co

Liu Hua deeply felt the little rascal was too energetic. She waved her hand dismissively, "Mmhmm."

Not getting a satisfactory response, Sui Yan went to bother her sister again, "Sis sis, brother said A Yan is a pig!"

Ye Anning played along as usual, "How could he say that! Our A Yan is clearly a silly goose!"

Sui Yan: "..." She's not that dumb to not understand!

It wasn't until Qi Linhan made a show of scolding Sui Yu that Sui Yan stopped fussing.

The other passengers on the sightseeing car couldn't help but smile at this family - the little girl is so cute!

Liu Hua had originally thought to let Sui Yan just look at the haunted house entrance, figuring she'd get scared and not dare to go in. But unexpectedly...

"Wow! This place looks so cool!" said the little rascal in a dinosaur costume, face full of awe.

Liu Hua and Liu Man's faces were full of question marks. What exactly was so cool about the entrance plastered with 3D skulls and fierce looking monsters and ghosts?

But Sui Yan really seemed to not be scared at all. Liu Hua helplessly sighed, "Alright, let's get ready to go in."

Sui Yan hugged her brother's neck, "Mommy, I'm ready!"

At the small window by the entrance, the ticket clerk had a zombie's face sticking out when Ye Anning handed over everyone's cards.

Probably to set the atmosphere, the clerk casually scraped Ye Anning's hand with her long nails as she took the cards.

Although not very scared, Ye Anning still couldn't help shuddering.

Quickly taking the cards back, Ye Anning ran back to the others, "Okay, we can go in now."

It was very dark inside the haunted house, with only a few dim lights flickering occasionally.

Even Liu Hua, a grown up, was a little scared. She looked worriedly at Sui Yan, but found the little girl looking around eagerly.

"..." Oh well, better keep an eye on her.

Sui Yu and the others weren't scared, but Ye Anning and Shen Nian looked a little timid.

Qi Linhan, Sui Zhi and Qiao Ze surrounded the few girls and Sui Yu holding the little rascal in the middle as they slowly walked forward.

With the eerie sound effects in his ears, Sui Yu was still quite worried about his little sister.

Although she didn't look scared at all right now.

After not too long, Sui Yu suddenly heard a strange sound next to his ear. Before he could react, a hanging female ghost suddenly appeared in front of them.

They were prepared for scares from the front and back, but who could expect a ghost hanging from above!

Chapter end

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