The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 44

Chapter 44

Li Shengming's face was even more ugly: "Is this how I usually teach you?"

Li Yuan realized he had made a big mistake, and didn't even dare make a sound now.

Qiao Ze calmly added fuel to the fire: "Many of A Yan's toys are broken."

He casually picked one up, and there were indeed a few cracks on it, and even some small modules had broken corners.

Li Shengming was ashamed and embarrassed. He had asked Liu Hua to help look after the child, but instead his own child had badly offended her little princess.

He tried to open his mouth: "Can these toys still be bought? I'll go buy them again for A Yan, okay?"

Liu Hua didn't really know about this. She took a deep breath: "They can't be bought anymore. Most of them are limited editions. A Yan doesn't even play with them herself that much."

The little girl cherished these toys very much, but she also loved to share her toys with everyone to play with, because Sui Zhi and the others would cherish these delicate little things.

But now...

Sui Yan sniffed and her voice still had a bit of crying: "Brother, A Yan hates him." The little girl pointed at Li Yuan and said to Sui Zhi.

It was Sui Yan's first time disliking someone so much.

Li Shengming felt both ashamed and angry. In the past few days, he had come to deeply recognize how doted on Sui Yan was by several nearby families.

Moreover, he himself also liked soft, cute little girls very much, and was just worried that he didn't have a daughter.

Immediately he slapped Li Yuan hard on the butt.

Li Yuan was also stunned. How could this little sister who looked so well-behaved, soft and cute suddenly cry, and even dislike him!

He was even hit!

Before he could react, Li Shengming slapped him hard several more times.

"Am I too indulgent of you? Messing with other people's toys? Dare to break them? I see your skin is itchy."

Li Shengming was angrily grinding his teeth while beating and cursing.

Liu Hua was a little headache. She should have stopped Li Shengming from beating Li Yuan, but seeing her own little darling crying so miserably, she didn't want to stop it.

And Li Yuan was pressed by his old father and beaten violently. After being stunned, he couldn't help crying loudly.

His crying scared little Sui Yan. The little girl hesitated for a moment, and gently tugged at Li Shengming's clothes: "Uncle Li..."

Li Shengming's actions stopped for a moment, and he suddenly realized that he might have scared the little girl. He said as gently as possible: "A Yan wait a minute, uncle will teach this brat a lesson first."

When Li Yuan heard this, he cried even louder.

Liu Hua sighed: "Li Shengming, stop beating him. Its okay as long as the child knows he was wrong."

Li Shengming didn't want to make trouble in someone else's home either, so he coldly asked Li Yuan: "Do you know you were wrong?"

Li Yuan shivered in fear: "I, I know I was wrong."

Li Shengming's voice was also cold: "What was wrong?"

Li Yuan cried miserably: "I shouldn't have messed with other people's toys. I shouldn't have broken them."

In fact, it wasn't entirely Li Yuan's fault either. After all, most of the time before, he had played in his father's company.

The employees there naturally tried their best to spoil this young master, basically giving him whatever he saw that he wanted, and the attitude was also exceptionally good.

So for so long, Li Yuan didn't feel at all that messing with other people's things was impolite.

But after being brutally beaten this time, he should be able to learn something.

Li Shengming didn't say anything. He just looked at Sui Yan and said, "A Yan, can you give uncle pictures of the boxes of the toys? Uncle will buy them again for you, okay?"

Sui Yan wiped her tears clean, then turned to look at Liu Hua.

Liu Hua just gently said, "Does A Yan want to forgive this brother?"

The little girl pouted: "Then hes not allowed to come to our house anymore or touch A Yans toys."

She was traumatized.

Li Shengming readily agreed: A Yan dont worry, uncle will keep this brat under control. Even if the little girl didn't say it, he would pay attention to this point.

Unexpectedly, Li Yuan was unwilling: "No!"

Li Shengming glared fiercely at him. Li Yuan shrank back, but still stubbornly said, "I want to play with my sister."

Everyone: "..."

The innocent little girl blinked blankly.

Li Shengming almost laughed angrily at his son's words: "You just broke your sister's toys. Now you still have the nerve to want to play with your sister?"

Li Yuan weakly said, "I know I was wrong now." His butt that had just been violently beaten still hurt!

Li Shengming was ruthless: "But your sister's toys are already broken, and most likely can never be bought again."

Li Yuan: "..." Could it be that he really didn't have a chance to play with such a cute and soft sister ever again?

The little boy racked his brains, and suddenly had a flash of inspiration: "Can I give all my toys to my sister?"

The confused little girl who was watching from the side blurted out: "But I don't want your toys."

Li Yuan: "..." He looked aggrieved with red eyes.

Although everyone felt he deserved it.

Li Shengming didn't know why he felt a little like laughing. He quickly took pictures of Sui Yan's toy boxes, then directly dragged his smelly brat to go home: "A Yan, uncle will come bring you new toys in a few days."

When Li Shengming had just walked to the door, he suddenly saw a circle of people standing outside. He smiled awkwardly and explained, "Uh, kids don't know any better. I already beat him."

After saying that, he slipped home very quickly.

Seeing that things were almost resolved, Ye Wan, Lin Yifeng and An Sitong, who had been attracted by the children's crying, finally walked into Liu Hua's house.

As soon as An Sitong entered, she looked everywhere for her beloved little darling. She just didn't expect to see her little darling with red eyes squatting in the middle of the living room cleaning up toys.

It distressed her badly.FOlloow ewest stories at n(v)el/bi/n(.)com

She went over and squatted down beside Sui Yan, gently asking in a soft voice: "What's wrong with A Yan? Did that little brother bully you just now?"

The little girl looked at An Sitong blankly and grievously explained: "Auntie, the brother from earlier broke A Yan's toys."

An Sitong had seen the little girl show off her toys before. She had also casually asked Qi Linhan about the price of such toys.

She felt even more distressed instantly: "Its okay, dont cry. Auntie will buy them again for A Yan."

Sui Yan was somewhat shyly smiling: "Auntie, Uncle Li said he would buy new ones for A Yan."

An Sitong pinched the little girl's face: "It doesnt matter, auntie will also buy them for A Yan."

Liu Hua disdainfully said from the side: Dont make trouble. A Yan still has to clean up her toys."

An Sitong reacted slowly and reluctantly retreated: Then A Yan clean up. Auntie wont bother you."

She was afraid of breaking the toys, so she didn't help.

So several adults sat on the sofa chatting while watching a bunch of kids sitting on the floor cleaning up toys.

As for Li Yuan who was dragged home by his father, he was violently beaten again by his mother who understood the situation.

He lay on the bed crying miserably: "Mom, I want to play with my sister."

Lis mother rolled her eyes: "Keep dreaming. If I were your sister I'd want to beat you up too." She had also seen the little girl from the Liu family before and liked her very much too.

Li Yuan: "But mom, you already beat me violently just now."

Chapter end

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