The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirth – Chapter 130

Chapter 130

Liu Hua stroked Yan's head: "No need, Yan can have Xu Yi's share."

Sui Yan didn't listen to those words. She crawled out of Xu Yi's embrace, went around Liu Hua, and crawled onto the other side of Liu Hua.

The little cub cupped her chubby face, staring intently at Liu Hua's belly, occasionally reaching out to gently touch it.

Liu Hua felt a bit exasperated: "Alright, alright, it's just a pregnancy, not a big deal. Stop staring!"

A pregnant woman's words are law.

The crowd surrounding them obediently dispersed.

Zhou Yuyuan was about to leave with Old Master Bai, planning to make some soup for Liu Hua: "Little Hua, you rest well. Auntie will come back later."

Yang Huijun hesitated for a moment before asking: "Little Hua, I think our place is too far from yours. Can I move closer to your home with your father?"

Liu Hua felt helpless: "Mom, really, there's no need. Liu Man and Xu Yi are home every day to take care of me. Sui Yu and the others are sensible too, they'll look after me."

Yang Huijun sighed: "Alright then."

Old Master Bai was quite open-minded, smiling as he said: "It's fine, we'll visit often. But you can't look down on us old folks."

Liu Hua said impatiently: "Dad, why would you say that? We would never look down on you!"

Sui Yan chimed in: "That's right, Grandpa and Grandma's cooking is so delicious. Yan loves it!"

Liu Hua pinched Yan's chubby cheeks: "You only care about food, little piggy Yan!"

The little cub dared not move with her mother pinching her, puffing out her cheeks: "Yan is not a little piggy!"

The little cub was behaving so well that Liu Hua couldn't resist playfully tormenting her.

Xu Yi watched the little cub's flustered look and couldn't help but smile. He kindly came to her rescue: "Alright, alright, are you tired? Want to go rest?"

Liu Hua yawned: "Mm, I didn't feel it until you mentioned it, now I'm a bit sleepy."

Yang Huijun smiled and gently stroked Liu Hua's hair: "Go rest for a bit, don't overexert yourself."

Apart from her precious daughter, Liu Hua was probably the most popular person in this neighborhood.

So after she became pregnant, almost every day someone would bring a small gift to visit her.

This continued until the children were about to go on summer vacation, because...

Ye Wan was going into labor.

By this time, Liu Hua's belly was already quite large. Every day after school, the first thing Sui Yan would do was run to her mother's side and carefully touch her belly.

Because Qiao Ze had said that a pregnant woman's belly shouldn't be rubbed in circles, or the umbilical cord might wrap around the baby's neck.

So the little cub didn't dare touch too much, only lightly brushing it.

Liu Hua felt everyone was being a bit too cautious.

On this day, as usual, the little cub followed her brothers home from school.

Qiao Ze kicked a small stone on the road: "When can we watch your drama?"

Sui Zhi held his sister's hand: "I don't know, I didn't ask. By the way, people from the crew secretly took photos and videos of Yan before and posted them online."

Yan swung their joined hands back and forth, asking: "Brother, why did they secretly film Yan?"

Sui Zhi smiled: "Because Yan is so cute."

Qiao Ze frowned slightly. He didn't pay much attention to online matters, at most checking the news or medical journals, so he wasn't clear on these things.

"So how was it handled in the end?"

Sui Zhi said nonchalantly: "Yuan Mo and my dad were prepared early on. Not long after the videos were posted, they made those people delete them."

Qiao Ze felt relieved: "That's good then."

Yan suddenly let go of their hands and dashed through the door: "Mommy, mommy! Ti Zi, I'm home!"

Liu Hua stood up, supporting her back: "Little cub, don't run so fast!"

The little cub slowed down: "Okay!"

Ever since learning of Liu Hua's pregnancy, Ti Zi hadn't dared get too close to her. Everyone was so protective of it, not trimming its claws or teeth, so it was afraid of accidentally hurting Liu Hua.

After all, the strength of a nearly mature Wolf King couldn't be underestimated.Gtt the latest chpters on n/velbin(.)com

So it could only watch from afar.

Yan approached Liu Hua and carefully pressed her ear against Liu Hua's belly: "Little brother, when can you come out and play?"

Liu Hua amusedly pinched the little cub's face: "Little cub, it'll be a few more months before your little brother is born."

Yan looked dissatisfied: "Does little brother not want to play with Yan? Is that why he won't come out?"

Sui Yu, who had just finished his entrance exams a few days ago, walked out of the kitchen: "Yan, little brother loves you the most."

That wasn't just talk. Liu Hua was already 7 months pregnant, so logically the baby should be responding to the outside world.

But strangely, there hadn't been any movement at all, almost scaring everyone at the time.

They were about to get it checked when the baby finally moved a little, after Yan's casual babbling.

After the checkup, the doctor only said the baby was very healthy, just lazy and unwilling to move.

And all this time, the baby in Liu Hua's belly indeed hadn't moved much. Only when his sister came running over chattering away would he graciously stretch out his arms and kick his legs.

Thinking about it, Liu Hua couldn't help but laugh: "Yes, yes, little brother only listens to you."

The little cub looked quite calm: "Not really! Little brother must think I'm cuter than him."

Liu Man smiled and poked Yan's face: "Yan is the cutest!"

Ti Zi lay down in the corner, its wolf eyes filled with a warm smile.

As they were playing around, Xu Yi came in carrying a box he had brought as a gift for Liu Hua: "Little Hua, it seems our neighbor has given birth."

Liu Hua was startled, almost standing up: "Really? Ye Wan has given birth?"

Xu Yi felt a bit helpless: "Don't get so worked up."

Liu Hua cleared her throat: "I'm just happy for her! You should go check on her later, bring some gifts."

Xu Yi frowned slightly: "Let Liu Man go, I'll stay home with you." Before Liu Hua could speak, he continued with a hint of petulance: "I'm only home for so little time each day, yet you still want to send me out."

Liu Hua: "..."What's with this man?

Yan struggled a bit as Liu Man surreptitiously led her away: "Mommy, can Yan go see Auntie Ye and the little brother?"

Liu Hua waved her hand: "Go on, go on, let your brother go with you. Liu Man, go to the storeroom and get some more boxes of nutritional supplements for the new mother. Ti Zi, come here and let your father comb your fur."

Ti Zi had been unwilling to let her touch it, and she knew its intentions, so she could only accept its kindness.

Liu Man seemed a bit resigned towards her mistress: "Yes, Madam, I understand!"

Sui Yu picked up her little sister and followed Liu Man toward the storeroom: "Sister Liu Man, let us help you carry them."

Sui Yan raised her hand high: "Yan wants to carry too! Ti Zi, wait for me at home!"

She was indeed a strong one!

Chapter end

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