Naruto: I Am Not Really Related – Chapter 42: Only The Winner Will Persist

Chapter 42: Only The Winner Will Persist

"Zi, Zi, Zi..."

As the oil dripped down, the alluring fragrance quickly spread out, causing people to swallow their saliva repeatedly.

Hyuga Tokugawa and the others resisted the thought of sweeping it away as they looked at Haru with eager eyes.

Although Haru was not such a hypocritical and stingy person, he was still quite satisfied with his little brother's 'understanding of the rules'. At least this expensive roasted meat was not treated for nothing... If he could eat without paying, why didn't it count as a treat?

Therefore, he took the lead and picked up a piece of roasted pig spine and placed it on Little Tsunade's plate. Then, he picked up another piece for himself. "Let's eat. Don't be polite. Eat as much as you can!"

When these words came out, Hyuga Tokugawa and the others who had been impatient for a long time immediately stretched out their chopsticks and began to grab the roasted meat at the same time. Then, regardless of whether it was hot or not, they directly stuffed it into their mouths. They were so hot that they could not bear to spit it out. At the same time, their hands did not stop moving. They continued to attack the 'enemy'. It was like a battlefield.

Seeing this, Haru did not fight with them for it. This whole pig was hundreds of kilograms. Even if they risked their lives to eat, how much could they eat?

As for distress money...

He was already prepared to eat and dash. How could he still care about money?

Therefore, Haru calmly dipped it in the special sauce and happily put it into his mouth to chew. His eyes immediately lit up!

To be honest, it was not that he had never eaten roasted pork before, but whether it was the taste or the taste, it was all ordinary, and it was not as delicious as beef at all.

But this time, it was different. Not only did this perfectly roasted pork tenderloin not have any flavor after entering its mouth, but it was also crispy on the outside and smooth on the inside. It was exquisite and delicate. One could even feel the pleasure of the meat juice bursting out in the mouth. Coupled with the unique sauce, it simply left an endless aftertaste, leaving a lingering fragrance in its mouth!

No wonder Nishi would change his normal state and shamelessly boast that their Akamichi family's roasted meat was Konoha's best.

Whether it was the bone tearing show from before or the current Taotie Feast, it was enough to prove that Nishi was not boasting. The research of the Akamichi family on roasting meat was, indeed, something.

'It is so fragrant!'

'But it must be really expensive!'

Just as Haru clicked his tongue in amazement and was about to move his chopsticks a second time, his face couldn't help but darken.

Because the densely packed roast meat from before had all disappeared and was replaced by raw meat that had just been put down and had not yet been roasted.

It was truly because Akimichi Nishi's combat strength was too terrifying. The chopsticks in his hands waved out afterimages. In the time it took for others to eat a piece of meat, he could stuff five pieces into his mouth.


Nishi, who had cultivated the awareness to fight at a dining table since he was a child, would be afraid of heat?

Who had ever experienced the experience of being hungry after a second of hesitation?

The unique secret sauce?

He ate this thing with rice every day and was already tired of eating it.

Of course, when he was half full, he could still slow down his eating speed and eat it with some sauce to buy some time to digest it.

Nishi was a guy who really treated eating as a battle and regarded it as a life art!

Then, Haru saw Nishi sweep the area with a swish, and his eyes were particularly serious. He couldn't help but put down his chopsticks and helplessly say, "I said that if we eat today, we will definitely let everyone eat their fill. They haven't cooked yet. You are too anxious."

For the first time, Akimichi Nishi didn't laugh foolishly. Instead, he said thoughtfully, "This kind of half-cooked meat is the real art. Boss, you don't understand."

As soon as they entered the food field, even Nishi became particularly confident. He even dared to talk back to the boss.

Fortunately, Haru was too lazy to argue with a foodie. He simply divided a small area to roast meat for Tsunade. As for the rest... let them fight for it.

Although Akimichi Nishi was particularly obsessed with eating, he also realized his previous behavior after seeing Haru's actions. He was embarrassed and slightly slowed down the frequency of stretching his chopsticks. He directly regarded the area of the 'circle of light' as a forbidden area.

This time, Haru and Tsunade could finally eat two pieces of meat.

Although Tsunade was a poisonous devil that pricked his heart, Haru was still very generous and abandoned the 'previous hatred'. He took good care of the little fellow. iscover nw chaptrs n n0e(l)bi(.)com

At most, he would secretly put a few more garlic that Tsunade disliked the most when wrapping the meat with raw vegetables. Then, he smiled and looked at the little fellow who did not know. Her face changed from smiling to frowning and crying.

Alas, not many uncles were as broad-minded as him, who liked to take care of his little niece.

"Don't waste it! Don't you want to eat meat?"

Seeing that Tsunade was about to spit it out with a bitter face, Haru immediately put on a straight face and threatened.

Therefore, Tsunade had no choice but to close her eyes and swallow them down.

"Quick, drink some water."

Tsunade immediately took the cup of water that Haru handed over to her and drank a big gulp without any doubt.

Then, her face turned ashen, and he instantly spat it out!

On the other side, Inuzuka Kou and Sesshomaru were immediately hit by the attack and looked up blankly.


At this time, the evil uncle Haru immediately laughed and leaned back. He had just quietly poured a lot of vinegar into Tsunade's cup. It would be strange if she could drink it.

"Haruru, you eat it too!"

With tears in her eyes, Little Tsunade immediately began her revenge, and it was the kind of revenge that was not concealed at all.

She wrapped the garlic with lettuce chili... smiled kindly and put it to Haru's mouth, and even put on an innocent look.

'Hehe, do you really think uncle didn't see that you didn't even put a piece of meat?'

Haru took it and stuffed it directly into Hyuga Tokugawa's mouth.

"Is it delicious? Big Sister Tsunade personally made this. You better think about the consequences before you answer."

Hyuga Tokugawa, whose face turned green in an instant, could not say anything else. He could only bite and chew. Hot tears and snot flowed down at the same time, but he did not dare to spit them out.

In the end, it was as if his whole family had died, and it took a lot of effort to swallow it.

Then he was moved to tears and raised his thumb. "It smells so good!"


Tsunade, who had been seen through, snorted. She had already decided that when she got home, she would definitely go and complain!

Expose the evil deeds of the bad Haruru!

Not only did he trick her into eating garlic and chili, but he also poured vinegar into her cup.

At this moment, Haru, who was still immersed in the joy of getting her revenge, was still unaware of the seriousness of the problem.

After offending the most favored little Princess in the family, how could he still think about it?

Dream on!

Ignoring Little Tsunade's murderous glare from time to time, Haru calmly ate the barbecue.

The frequency was not fast, not slow, and neither did he fight over it.

It was not until Hyuga Tokugawa, and the others ate until their stomachs were round and almost spat out that Haru decisively bared his fangs.

He started eating alone, and the others could only hold their stomachs and watch.

It had to be said that they had enjoyed eating just now, but now, they could only watch others eat and torture them!

The tempting smell of roasted meat kept drilling into their noses...

But they really couldn't eat a single bite anymore....

Chapter end

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