Martial God Asura – Chapter 119 - A Worthwhile Journey

Chapter 119 - A Worthwhile Journey

MGA: Chapter 119 - A Worthwhile Journey

*humm humm humm*

The dark lights broke through the air and they were closely-packed. It was like a group of dark-green shooting stars. As they quickly flew, they let out strange cries.

It turned out that they were not fireflies and they were just a group of dark-green monsters. They had the appearance of mosquitoes and flew in the air with a pair of wings. Their body was as high as a person and they had a pair of red eyes. Their entire body gave out dark light and they were extremely dreadful.

Every single monster had quite some strength as they were comparable to the Origin realm experts of humans. Several tens of thousands were gathered together. The might was terrifying and it was simply like an army formed by Origin realm experts as they headed towards Chu Feng.


Eggy yelled in alarm as she lent her power to Chu Feng in order to raise his cultivation.

Chu Feng did not dare to be slow in any way as he worked the Origin power in his body, used the Imperial Sky Technique and quickly started to escape.


But just at that time, dazzling light was released under Chu Fengs feet. The Anti-Demon Symbols engraved on the wall emitted a red-coloured light and it flooded the cave in that area.

*poof poof poof*

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At the same time, the dark-green light already rushed into the red-coloured area. But just as they entered, all of them exploded. No remains were left and they completely disappeared.

These Anti-Demon Symbols are strong! Chu Feng was stunned in his heart. If it wasnt for the obstruction by the symbols, he really would not be able to escape.

Dont stop, run! Just as Chu Feng stopped moving to watch, Eggy yelled in alarm once again.

*rumble rumble* Only then did Chu Feng discover while being stupefied, in the middle of the lake, huge waves were already lifted up. The wave was several dozen feet tall and it was like a wild, fierce beast as it surged towards him.

The most important thing was that within the dark-blue wave, two rays of dark-green light shot out. It was a pair of eyes. It was inordinately big. So big that it was ineffable.

Just with a glance, it made Chu Fengs body violently quiver. A hint of indescribable fear rose from his heart. There was no pressure. There was no deterrence. Nothing but the gaze was enough to make people hear the wind and lose all courage.

Without much thinking, Chu Feng already knew what it was. It was most likely the Evil Spirit that Eggy talked about. The thing that made Chu Feng not dare to continue thinking was; If the pair of eyes were already like so, how enormous would its body be?

Feeling that something was wrong, Chu Feng started to run for his life. However, the speed of the Imperial Sky Technique could already be said to be scary yet it could not even match the surge of the wave.

The huge wave that reached the sky rumbled and it already rushed into the Anti-Demon Symbol area that was flooded with red light. However, the force was too strong and even if its speed and size was not the same, it was proportional and it continued to force its way to Chu Feng.

Whats happening? Did the Anti-Demon Symbols fail? Chu Feng was slightly fearful when the Anti-Demon Symbols did not block the huge wave. If that Evil Spirit caught up, he would die without a doubt.

Waves are not Evil Spirits so how can the Anti-Demon Symbols block it? Dont worry, the Evil Spirit will not dare to near the Anti-Demon Symbols. You will be fine as long as you dont get swept by the lake waves. Eggy reminded.

Just at that time, the huge wave already approached. A huge spray of water already fiercely slammed down at Chu Feng.

Dont look down on me!

He was already unable to avoid the wave. Seeing that he was going to be submerged by the water, Chu Feng tipped with his toes against the wave and actually advanced forward borrowing the power of the huge wave. The crisis of the wave had resolved.


At that moment, Chu Feng could hear the horrifying roar that was sent out. Luckily, the deafening sound was far or else if it was emitted near him, Chu Feng felt that he would have been jolted to death just by that roar.

Thats too terrifying! Thats an Evil Spirit?

As the Evil Spirit did not dare to enter the area of the Anti-Demon Symbols, the stirred up waves started to slowly vanish. Looking at the disappearing waves, Chu Feng finally took a breath of relief.

That Evil Spirit was too terrorizing. If he did not listen to what Eggy said and left the Anti-Demon Symbol area, he would have certainly been killed and his Source energy would even be absorbed. He would have died very thoroughly.

Evil Spirits are not scary, its just that youre too weak. Look carefully. The wave just now surged in quite a bit and some of the bones that were in the lake might have got thrown up here. Perhaps it contains somes of the things you want. Eggy reminded.

Youre probably right. While stepping on the wet cave rocks and borrowing the light from the World Spirit Compass, after some searching, Chu Feng was delighted.

Indeed, like how Eggy said it was, under the surge of the wave, many bones got flushed into the cave. Not only bones. There were even spiritual beads. Right in front of his eyes, there were several spiritual beads scattered everywhere. Within the thin water, it emitted sparkling radiance.

The force of the wave just now was very big and you can find some spiritual beads right in front of your eyes. If you searched with even more detail, perhaps you could find even more spiritual beads. You may even find Origin beads so you better look thoroughly.

Eggy was also happy for Chu Feng. Although spiritual beads were useless to her, they were useful to Chu Feng. Right now, in the Evil Tomb, she already profited greatly so naturally she didnt want Chu Feng to return with empty hands.


Chu Feng did not hesitate and he started to search in detail in that area. After around 4 hours of searching, Chu Feng found over 3000 spiritual beads and 7 Origin beads.

One Origin bead was equivalent to a thousand spiritual bead which meant that Chu Feng got over 10 thousand spiritual beads. If he could get first place in the New Excellence Assembly and get 5000 more spiritual beads, Chu Feng could hopefully enter the Origin realm. That harvest could not be said to be not plentiful. At least, it was a worthwhile journey.

Knowing that he could not continue forward, Chu Feng started to return to where he started at. When he climbed out of the dark cave, he astonishedly discovered that it was already noon as the bright sun was hung up high in the sky.

Damn! This isnt good. I wont miss the time of the New Excellence Assembly right?

Chu Feng was quite speechless. When he was in the Evil Tomb, he was a bit too careful and he forgot about the issue of time. He never would have thought that he stayed in the Evil Tomb for such a long time. A days worth of time already passed, and if he did not hurry, he might miss the New Excellence Assembly.

Although Chu Feng already got over 10 thousand spiritual beads in the Evil Tomb, to him that desperately needed cultivation resources, he also needed to get his hands on the 5000 spiritual bead reward from the New Excellence Assembly.

Thinking to that point, Chu Feng quickly dissolved the Spirit Formation. After doing that, the black hole towards the Evil Tomb disappeared and it was replaced by green grass. Normal people could not see the inklings. After doing all that, Chu Feng ran for his life towards the Vermilion Bird City.

In reality, the New Excellence Assembly really did enter the late stages. Within the Vermilion Bird Citys plaza, all of the new excellent disciples that were participating in the New Excellence Assembly started to carry their spoils and they were returning.

Within the plaza, there were 5 battling stages and they were set up for choosing the victor. Outside of the plaza, people formed mountains and oceans. Even the famous people in the Vermilion Bird City came and they wanted to see what kind of actions the people from all sorts of cities would bring.

Chapter end

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