Leveling with the Gods – Chapter 483

Chapter 483


No matter how many times you see it, it's still repulsive.

A viscous substance surrounding the slab. A fragment of Ubbo-Sathla, with the power to absorb life and magic (Arcane Power).

Not even half magic worked against it.


['Otherworld Adversary' confronts the fragment of 'Amorphous Idiot']

[Tartarus is summoned.]

['Otherworld Sword' inflicts severe wounds on the fragment of 'Amorphous Idiot'.]


The fragment of Ubbo-Sathla was torn to pieces. Hercules extended his fist towards the viscous substance trying to regroup.



The viscous substances burst, revealing the hidden slab inside. While the viscous substance tried to regroup, Pandora moved.


Pandora grabbed the slab.

Just as she was about to apply force to destroy the slab.

"Don't break it."


Pandora stopped for a moment. And that brief pause was enough time for the scattered fragments of Ubbo-Sathla to join together again.


Fortunately, she wasn't just a burden following YuWon, not a dead weight.

Although she couldn't compare to YuWon or Hercules, she had enough power to rival a two-digit High-Ranker.

Pandora tore the viscous substance that was beginning to wrap the slab again with one hand and finally jumped back with the slab.



Pandora groaned slightly with a furrowed brow. Looking down, there were marks on her skin as if it were melting from the heat.

"I told you to be careful."


YuWon approached Pandora and examined her hands.

Fortunately, the wounds were not serious. YuWon asked with relief.

"Are you okay?"


A clumsy response.

After examining Pandora's wounds first, YuWon confirmed the slab she held in her hand.

Anyway, the recovery of the slab was complete. Hercules was in front, preventing the viscous substance from regaining the slab, just as they had planned.

'Let's leave that to him...'

YuWon examined the slab held by Pandora's hand.

In this Tower, there were countless languages and writings. And those languages were usually interpreted and read through the System.

But this was different.

[Cannot be read.]

[Interpretation required.]

[Interpretation is impossible, access to information is not possible...]

A language that the System couldn't interpret.

He wasn't surprised.

After all, he already knew he couldn't read it.



YuWon returned the slab he had received from Pandora.

"Can you read this?"


After checking the letters on the slab, Pandora tilted her head.

"You can't read it?"

She asked incredulously.

YuWon's eyes widened.

"Can you really read it?"

"Yes, I can. Well, it's a bit difficult to interpret."

Pandora's eyes followed the letters on the slab. Clearly, she was reading the letters that Ubbo-Sathla had been guarding.

'That's true.'

The possibility was less than fifty percent.

No, to be honest, he wasn't even sure if it was possible.

It was natural.

Pandora had lived as an Outer since becoming a Ranker. Although her power as an Outer had now disappeared, she was an existence on the border between Ranker and Outer.

If authorization to read these letters was reserved only for the Outers.

Whether Pandora, who was somewhere on the border, could read the letters or not was an uncertain hypothesis.

"Pandora, how long do you think the interpretation will take?"

"I don't know. I can't say how long it will take."

"I guess we can't do it quickly, right?"

If it were possible, YuWon wanted to know everything here and now, but if it wasn't possible, there was no other choice.

"Don't break it and keep it safe."


"No, no! Don't hold it so tightly. It will break easily."

YuWon quickly stopped Pandora, who was holding the slab tightly, and looked at the fragments of Ubbo-Sathla blocking Hercules.

The fragment dispersed in Hercules' hand, whose fist was wrapped with Lightning Bolt.

Lightning Bolt only played the role of protecting Hercules' body and couldn't inflict a real impact.

With a dull sound, time passed, and the fragments quickly reassembled while Hercules frowned at the sight of the fragments...

"Why haven't you broken the slab yet?" Hercules wondered, wondering why YuWon was wasting time with the slab.

Suddenly, Hercules looked to where YuWon and Pandora were.

"Where did he go?"

Pandora was there alone, holding the slab in her hands.

With a snap, at that moment, YuWon passed by Hercules.

What is he up to? Although he was supposed to wait, YuWon stepped forward as if indicating for him to step back.

Hercules held his breath as he saw YuWon's figure heading towards the undulating fragments of Ubbo-Sathla.

'I'm not sure what he's doing, but it looks like I have to watch for now.'

As the distance closed a bit, YuWon stopped his steps.

Perhaps he also noticed something, as he stopped moving so close to the slab.

It was at that moment that Ubbo-Sathla spoke.

-Why are you here?

It was a question he had already heard in the Trial he overcame to obtain the 'Otherworld Adversary.'

But, at this moment, Ubbo-Sathla wasn't looking at him.

"Right. Why?"

Upon hearing that question, he remembered what had happened just before.

For YuWon, not more than about thirty days had passed since then; it wasn't such a distant time.

But for someone else, it seemed like more than a year had gone by.

-I am... .

It seemed like a very short dream.

At first, he was very confused.

He didn't know if it was real or if he had just had a dream after a long time.

In that dream, YuWon encountered Danpung.

-I am...

A little boy who barely reached his knees was sitting with his back to YuWon in total darkness.

In a place so deep and dark that it didn't compare to Tartarus, Danpung sat alone, with his back turned, muttering something.

-I am... .

As if he were striving not to forget that Name.


At the end of the brief dream, Danpung dispersed.

It seemed like he had dissolved into the darkness.

The boy turned into a formless existence.

'Where could he have gone?'

He had a vague idea.

If he lost consciousness and stole the name from Tulzscha, or if Ubbo-Sathla saw him through him like another person, he couldn't not know.

Danpung hadn't disappeared.

Perhaps, the boy was...

'It might be the Name he muttered.'


Shadows appeared around YuWon. Countless teeth hidden within those shadows.

YuWon glanced at them.

['Amorphous Chaos' reveals its teeth.]

[Divine Power is consumed.]


The shadows spread in all directions as if filling a giant nest.

The shadows completely filled the nest.

Hercules, who was watching what YuWon was trying to do, was surprised and clenched his fist again at the inexplicable threat.

"What the hell is going on again...?"


Faced with the inexplicable threat, Hercules raised the force of Lightning Bolt in his fist, but a small, slender hand landed on the raised fist.

Pandora appeared in Hercules' view as he turned his head. She looked at him confidently and said:

"It'll be okay."


What else does she know?

Holding the slab as if it were a treasure, she looked at YuWon.

['Amorphous Chaos' reveals its teeth towards the 'Amorphous Idiot'.]

['Amorphous Chaos' questions the unknown name.]

There was a rapid decrease in Divine Power.

The difference between knowing a Name and not knowing it was so great.

Amorphous Chaos.

The moment YuWon realized that what he knew as the Predator was actually the Name of someone, the size of the Name swelled to become unbelievably enormous.

Divine Power was the strength needed to use a Name.

However, at this rate, the time to use a Name wouldn't be so long.

YuWon looked at the fragments of Ubbo-Sathla, taking an indeterminate form in front of him.


'He doesn't seem particularly appealing.'

Now, YuWon could see various Names and possess the strength to take those Names.

And since then, YuWon began to covet those Names he saw.

It wasn't just because he wanted more power.

It was because Amorphous Chaos desired the Names of those beings.

But, why?

'That... is not a name he needs.'

The presence in front of him.

Why didn't it covet the name "Amorphous Idiot" that the existence in front of him, an Outer with the real name Ubbo-Sathla, had?

Although he knew more than most, what YuWon knew about the Outers barely scratched the surface.

So, for now, it was better to rely on his instinct.

"Break that."


Was he waiting for YuWon's order?

As soon as the word fell, the black darkness filling the nest rushed over Ubbo-Sathla's fragment.

Crunch, crunch-.

The teeth bit into Ubbo-Sathla's flesh that enveloped the slab.

At first, YuWon thought those teeth only pierced and crushed the flesh of living beings.

But it wasn't like that.

'They chew and tear Names, not flesh.'

Perhaps it was because he realized that the teeth of Amorphous Chaos were not a simple ability but the power of a Name...

The teeth ripped, destroyed, and trampled the name "Amorphous Idiot."

A Name that devours Names.

Otherworld Adversary/Enemy.

That was the true identity of the first Name YuWon possessed.

"Was that the real body of Danpung? Or...?"


Through Amorphous Chaos, chewing and tearing Names, YuWon tried to see Danpung.

The guy who suddenly disappeared along with that strange dream.

That might be the key to finding that guy.


It was the first time he looked at something so focused.

As he looked deeper, YuWon felt increasingly absorbed, as if he could never get out.

And not only that.

Even at this moment, the Divine Power involved in using the name "Amorphous Chaos" was enormous.

Although "Amorphous Idiot" was already too shattered to maintain its Name...

'I see.'

However, YuWon couldn't stop using the Name.


Within the Chaos that chewed and tore Names.

Something began to be visible in YuWon's eyes, albeit vaguely.

And the moment he realized its identity...

"Let's see it."

What had been blurry suddenly became so clear that he couldn't realize when it happened.

Beyond the unfathomable Chaos.

Inside the vast darkness of indeterminate size.

Within it, Danpung was sitting on a giant throne, sleeping peacefully.

He had an extremely innocent face.

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