Leveling with the Gods – Chapter 447

Chapter 447


Floor 65.

A world under the dominion of Asgard called Valhalla.

Unusual weather loomed over the world inhabited by tens of billions of people, snatching away the lives of its inhabitants.

"Breathing... is difficult..."

"Cough... cough..."

People collapsed, suffering.

This was happening beyond the battlefield covered by the Black Woods. The influence of Shub-Niggurath was draining the life from living beings, with no distinction between races and plants.


The once green and healthy plants withered and blackened. The woods was transforming into Shub-Niggurath's territory, and those who lost their lives lay on the streets like corpses.

This didn't only affect the common citizens of Valhalla.


Players collapsed one after another.

Even the Rankers, some injured or exhausted, lost consciousness under the influence of 'Fertility.'

"This is a nightmare..."

"This... really seems like... the end..."

"Awake! If you lose consciousness here, it's truly over for you."

Agni and Kubera maintained their blurred vision and helped the Rankers under their command, whose skin was drying up and turning into mummies.

However, it seemed that the number of people that could be saved was limited. Agni looked at the dying Deva Rankers and murmured.

"Is it trying... to destroy the world...?"


The crimson flame surrounding Agni's body trembled dangerously.

Agni, a High-Ranker who controlled flames, could see and feel wherever the fire was within his power.

Shub-Niggurath's 'Fertility' was not limited to the battlefield. The same situation was occurring in all the places confirmed through the flames.


The world was dying.

It was not just the people, animals, and all forms of life that dwelled within it. If the world were considered in its broadest sense as a single organism, it was dying right now.

Vishnu looked up at the sky.

The sky had changed from purple to pitch-black.

'Has it finally come...?'

Vishnu had foreseen the fate.

He had wanted to stop this moment. The moment when the sky turned black, and everything beneath it was dying.

That's why he chose to become one again and sacrificed one of the three.

He believed that otherwise, it would be impossible to change the fate that was already decided.


'It seems that what should happen will happen.'

Fate did not change.

The black sky appeared, and the world was dying. And he was certain this would not be the end of this world.

After this.

And after that, over and over.


Vishnu took a step forward.

He couldn't afford to leave Shub-Niggurath unchecked. He couldn't estimate how many people would die per minute, per second.

So, when Vishnu prepared to rush toward Shub-Niggurath once more...

"Take positions," YuWon said.

YuWon's words drew the group's attention to him.

"Hercules and Odin at the front, I'll stay behind to support. Zeus will throw his spear, and Vishnu will bind that guy's movements."

It was a classic formation.

Each taking on the role they were best at for battle.

Vishnu, who had advanced toward Shub-Niggurath, was surprised when he looked at YuWon.

For a moment, his heart raced, and he was about to rush forward on his own. But he was not alone now, and it was not necessary for him to advance when there was a High-Ranker like Hercules by his side.

Probably, YuWon had decided his position after observing Vishnu's actions.

"No need to hurry. In fact, we must not hurry."

YuWon felt the same way as well.

"The more we rush, the worse the outcome will be."

Rather, they had to buy time. Time was their enemy and their ally simultaneously.

'I wish I could hurry...'

YuWon glanced behind the Black Woods.

'The 'Fertility' is too strong.'

There was nothing he could do for now.

He could only dig two hideouts.

"I'm not sure if it will work..."


YuWon glanced at Odin, Hercules, Zeus, and Vishnu after looking at Danpung under his feet.

'It's not impossible.'

Crack, crack.

Odin and Hercules moved forward. The Perverse Fertility Deity smiled as she watched the two.

-My children


Odin and Hercules.

When the two took off from the ground...


The battle began again.



Hercules' punch fired a Lightning Bolt.

The power of the Lightning Bolt not only increased the strength in Hercules' punch but also made it faster and more powerful due to its attribute.

Bam, bum, crack!

Hercules' punch hit Shub-Niggurath's body. However, the punch, which had the power to shatter even mountains, never reached Shub-Niggurath.

Bam, bum!


Black horns sprouted around Shub-Niggurath's body.

They often blocked Hercules' punch. Hercules didn't seem to care and waved his lightning-clad fist.

He extended the punch, then did it again.


Amid the destruction of the horns, the force grabbing Hercules began to pull him.

Shub-Niggurath reached out her hand forward.

He was sure no one could overpower her in strength, but her arm didn't move an inch. When he came face to face with her purple eyes, Hercules' strength slowly dissipated.

-For now, one at a time.



Hercules' eyes widened. He felt every cell in his body dying along with his skin.

But that only lasted a moment.


Another punch came in through the path Hercules had opened.


Hercules's club, made from the branches of Yggdrasil, pierced Shub-Niggurath's stomach.

Crack, kugugugu!

Shub-Niggurath, struck by the club, broke the Black Woods' trees as she flew. Hercules, who finally managed to free himself from her grip, gasped and exhaled heavily.

Behind Hercules, Odin handed him back his club and asked, "Are you okay?"

"... I'm alive."

Hercules finished his response with a slight nod.

He got up immediately after receiving his club and brandished it.


The head of the massive goat rose toward Hercules and Odin. As the giant horned goat staggered, Hercules and Odin repositioned themselves.

"It seems there's no time to rest."


The massive goat bellowed in what seemed like pain or anger.

Around it, suddenly, purple-furred goat began to bleat.




A herd of goat had interposed themselves in front of Shub-Niggurath.

And leading these goat, even giant goats.

"Don't worry."


"It's not our role to surpass them."


It was then that a purple flame blazed before their eyes.

["The Giant's Heart" influences "Holy Fire"]

["Golden Cinder Eyes" influences "Holy Fire"]

In an instant, the Black Woods lit up brilliantly.

Purple flames erupted under the darkened sky, and the figure of a colossal giant took form above them.

["Heavenly Demon Spirit" influences "Holy Fire."]

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The giant, wielding a massive sword of flames, raised it high.

Beneath the giant, YuWon got into position, preparing to swing his sword.

'The Heavenly Demon Spirit is a vessel that wields the Holy Fire.'

Frrrrr... BOOM!

The Heavenly Demon Spirit giant was completely engulfed in flames. A scorching heat filled the woods, and the flames' purple color grew even deeper.

["The Otherworld Opponent" merges with "Holy Fire"]

So, as the Heavenly Demon Spirit moved following YuWon's sword.


A Golden Bolt of Lightning descended from the sky.


The flames and the Lightning swept through the woods. The herd of goat obstructing the view was cleared, opening a wide path.

And at the end of that path, green energy flowed from beneath Shub-Niggurath's feet.


It soared upward, holding Shub-Niggurath.

It was Vishnu's ability.


A wooden pillar wrapped around Shub-Niggurath's body.

Thunk, thunk...

And at that moment, Odin and Hercules advanced toward Shub-Niggurath.


A Golden Bolt of Lightning burst from Hercules' club. Odin's Gungnir was in his hand, and white light burst from the tip of his spear.

"We got her!"

But just before Hercules' club and Odin's Gungnir could pierce Shub-Niggurath's head.


The sight of Hercules and Odin rushing at her trembled, and their balance crumbled.

'What's happening...?'

'What has happened...?'

At the same time, shared thoughts emerged.

They didn't blink, but their visions became blurry, and suddenly, the positions of the three had changed. The tree that was wrapping around Shub-Niggurath had trapped Odin and Hercules in their place, holding them tightly.

And the color of that tree...

-Did you not know?

Suddenly, it had transformed into a black tree identical to the Black Woods.

-All lives belong to me.

Creak, creak...



Hercules shouted without making a sound, feeling the pressure from the tree that threatened to crush him. Odin tried to cast a spell using his hand, but the tree absorbed all of his Arcane Power.

"Curse it!"


Through Vishnu, green energy emerged. He wanted to regain control over the ability transferred to Shub-Niggurath.



In the attempt, Arcane Power recoiled from Vishnu. With black blood dripping from his lips, he quickly turned his head.

"Kim... YuWon."

He already knew YuWon would be next in line, given the two who were fighting in front of him had been subdued.

Surprisingly, YuWon wasn't moving at all.


"You've come quickly."

He muttered incomprehensible words while staring at Shub-Niggurath.

"Faster than I thought."


Vishnu's gaze turned to Zeus. It was already too late to approach, so he was thinking of quickly launching his spear.

But the response was the same with Zeus. His gleaming golden eyes had also frozen.

'What the hell are you two doing...?'

When Vishnu tried to move, thinking he couldn't allow this to continue...


One side of the Black Woods warped slightly. Shub-Niggurath turned her head toward that distortion.


An arm passing through the distorted space.

-You are...

In the distorted space, the arm's owner appeared, and Shub-Niggurath's expression distorted considerably, more than it already was.

On the other hand...

"I never thought I'd be glad to see you."

YuWon smiled as he saw the puzzle piece he had been waiting for.

"We meet here again."


The familiar black robe.

Foolish Chaos appeared on the battlefield with a laugh mixed in his voice.

"Black Woods Bitch."


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