Leveling with the Gods – Chapter 408

Chapter 408


Slash, slash, slash-.

Asura's sword resonated.

The four swords trembled and began emitting Arcane Power. Their faces were already filled with maniacal grins.


The Lion King exclaimed in surprise at Asura's reaction.

That was because he knew what Asura was about to use.

And Hercules knew the same.

"He's lost his mind already."

There was no way to stop Asura in that state.

They had to prevent him from going berserk.


Hercules moved.

In between the team members and Asura.

He was willing to block Asura's ability with his own body.

[Asura Pacheon Sword (Asura Heaven Destroyer Sword)]

A massive wave approached.

The red waves swept away intruders and rampaged through the entire dungeon.

And upfront...


Hercules stood in the path of Asura's ability, stretching out fully.

Just as the red wave was crashing upon Hercules.


He felt a refreshing sensation in front of him.


The blue waves clashed with the red waves. Asura's sword strikes nullified the force of the wave that appeared in front of Hercules.

Hercules turned to YuWon with his head tilted.

This refreshing sensation felt familiar to him.

"It's Poseidon this time, right?"

In terms of defense, Poseidon was considered the best among the Three Gods.


The wave that blocked Asura's attack sank.

The Arcane Power-composed water evaporated quickly and dispersed.

The team members' gazes centered on YuWon.

"Let's take a break."

It was the first time since they began the attack that YuWon voiced his opinion.


The still-energetic Lion King asked in response to YuWon's question.

"We need to rest."


YuWon seemed to be in good shape.

Well, there was no reason he shouldn't be.

Most of the fight had been carried out by Hercules, the Lion King, and Asura.

What YuWon did was limited to throwing spears from the rear and shielding his companions from Asura's sword strikes.

"Okay, then."


Hercules gripped the Lion King's shoulder.

"Let's go."

"Don't pretend to be close."

Hercules and the Lion King, who were standing at the front, turned back.

Kali turned around without saying a word, and Siegfried and Asura started to move as well.

"What are you trying to do?"

That was Asura's question as he passed by them.

He wore a dissatisfied expression on his face, as if the excitement of the previous battle had not completely faded.

Indeed, Asura was a passionate fighter. If it was about enjoying the fight, he was probably even more passionate than Son OhGong, if not more.


"If you're just wasting time..."

"Anyway, you'll get tired of fighting soon."


YuWon gazed at him with determination.

"So, when that time comes, don't go crazy like before, and keep your position."

"Did I go crazy?"

"That's right, if you fight that way again this time..."


YuWon gripped Asura's shoulder.

"It will be a complete defeat."


YuWon's threatening reaction baffled Asura and made him look puzzled.

He wondered why YuWon was reacting this way for some reason.

Asura's surprise momentarily faded, then turned into an intrigued expression.

"I don't know why you're reacting like this, but if you interfered for some unnecessary reason after my body was fully relaxed, I won't let it slide."

"Don't worry."

YuWon headed towards one of the team members who had gathered in one place.

"You'll be able to fight until you get tired soon."


Siegfried, with whom he had made eye contact, looked puzzled

He, still holding Gram and Balmung in his hands, looked at YuWon's red eyes and asked, "Are those Cinder Eyes...?"

Cinder Eyes made their way through Siegfried's body. It didn't feel good to be pierced by them.

The others were also slightly surprised to see the Cinder Eyes.

"Cinder Eyes?"

"Did Kim YuWon also have them?"

"Something has changed..."

Asura was taken aback, and the Lion King was bewildered.

Kali, who had less surprise on her face than the others, had been observing YuWon since they entered the nest. She was probably the first to notice the changes in YuWon among the team members.

"It's not Kim YuWon, it's Son OhGong."

The Lion King spoke these words after deep thought.

Son OhGong also had an ability to transform into someone else, in addition to the Cinder Eyes. He didn't use it frequently, as it would take time to adapt to the target's body, and his strength would drastically decrease after the transformation.

However, the Lion King had no choice but to think that Kim YuWon was Son OhGong.

Son OhGong was the only one with Cinder Eyes in this Tower.

"What? So would that mess up the positions, wouldn't it? Is that why you called him...?"

"It's not Son OhGong; it's Kim YuWon."Tp vl updates on n/(o)/v/lb/in(.)com

The Lion King turned his head at Hrcules' explanation, with an expression that seemed to say, "Do you know something?"

"There's a way."

"A way?"

"The Clock Movement."

Even Asura noticed the clue. Not only Hrcules felt strange; even the other group members were aware of the change in YuWon, although they didn't ask outright.

And now, through the Cinder Eyes, their certainty was correct.

"The... Clock Movement?"

The Lion King was in the same situation. Despite joining the group relatively late, he had hardly heard of the Clock Movement. An item that could turn back time. Even if Chronos existed, the Lion King thought it was an absurd story.


"Did you really create it?"

YuWon didn't deny his teammates' words.

"The Clock Movement..."

There was a crunch in Siegfried's fist, holding Gram and Balmung.

"It seems you finally succeeded. But why are you looking at me like that?"

"It was hard to recognize immediately."

Everyone present here was a high-level High-Ranker. Despite the existence of the Cinder Eyes, it was not easy to penetrate their thoughts. Moreover...

"I'm not so familiar with these eyes yet."

Currently, YuWon's Cinder Eyes were not as powerful as Son OhGong's. Son OhGong's Cinder Eyes could penetrate most people, except for a few like Odin.

Indeed, in front of Son OhGong, lying was dangerous, and Son OhGong didn't even deliberately use his Cinder Eyes with close people. There was nothing less interesting than seeing through people's lies.

But that's precisely why YuWon thought that if Son OhGong were here, it would be better.

"It was difficult to recognize them all here. But for one or two people, it's a different story."

"What are you saying now?"

"Where's Siegfried?"


The surprised Lion King turned to look at Siegfried.

And there, Siegfried was no longer present.

"Where did he go...?"


A resonating metallic sound echoed in the nest.

The Lion King's head turned to the side. Sensing an imminent threat, he instinctively raised his fist and extended his long claws.

In the place where he turned his head...


It was Siegfried, who threw Gram and Balmung toward YuWon, and Hrcules, who blocked Siegfried's sword.

Crack, crack!


Using his strength, Hrcules pushed Siegfried along with the sword. At the same time, Hrcules raised his arm high.


As Siegfried leaped backward, a drop of blood fell to the ground.

It was a small wound on Hrcules's arm.

That meant he had used all his strength in wielding the sword. In an instant, the team members spread out around Siegfried.


Siegfried, who distanced himself from the group, dropped the two swords he held to the ground.

"Where did you start noticing?"

"The fact that you have memories doesn't mean you can imitate their personality."

YuWon's gaze went to the two swords that Siegfried had dropped to the ground.

Of the four members, excluding himself, Hrcules and Asura.

YuWon had found the person with the highest probability.

Initially, he thought of the Lion King. After all, they had a clear enmity with Hrcules.

But his thoughts changed as it progressed.

"The Siegfried I know is not the kind of person who draws his sword before a fight."

He felt something strange when the dispute between the Lion King and Hrcules broke out some time ago.


He was a comrade who had a personality closer to righteousness than anyone else on the team.

While his action to prevent the team's division was undoubtedly Siegfried's own, his approach was somewhat excessive.

Especially drawing his sword first...

It was behavior that didn't seem like Siegfried's own, and if Hrcules hadn't stepped back first at that time, it surely would have ended in a fight.

"What's going on here?"

"Kim YuWon, explain in detail."

"Are you saying Siegfried betrayed us?"

The team members' question was answered by Asura, who was standing with them.



A chilling energy was felt behind Siegfried.


Four arms and swords unfolded behind Siegfried.

"We'll find out if we confront him."


Asura's sword cut through Siegfried's body.

A body was cut with extreme ease.

Although the situation was urgent, it seemed like he had acted too hastily.

Even YuWon, who had anticipated this possibility, was surprised.

'Certainly, it's Asura.'

His rash temperament was still present. Asura had a sharp-tempered personality like a sword, and he never hesitated to use violence against those he considered enemies, even if they were allies.

Even if it meant treating an enemy within the team the same way.

And sometimes, Asura's hasty hand proved useful.


The image of Siegfried, who had been cut, flickered in a blurry manner.

Siegfried's form, wavering without a defined shape, furrowed Asura's brow.

"What is this?"

It didn't feel like he had cut something correctly in his hand. It was as if he were cutting an indistinguishable substance, like water or fire.

Of course, Siegfried didn't have this kind of ability.

Siegfried's form, which had been cut by Asura's sword, transformed into a purple liquid.

It was a form similar to when the tentacles cut by Asura's sword melted a moment ago.



"This guy?"

YuWon's explanations increased the caution among the team members toward Siegfried's blurry form.


One of the Outer Gods of the highest rank and the team's target in this mission.

However, since Siegfried turned into this Ubbo-Sathla, it was natural for everyone to be on guard.

"In fact, it's just one of the many facets of the creature that devoured Siegfried."

"What are you saying?"

"According to the information Daedalus brought, Ubbo-Sathla..."

As he spoke.

Hrcules' eyes widened. Two people, including Hrcules, realized the situation.

"That's right."


The nest began to tremble.

"According to the information Daedalus brought..."

"Me! I want to join too!"

Before the team was formed.

While they were choosing team members to capture Ubbo-Sathla, Son OhGong raised his hand.

He wanted to join the group as well.

"If we add Son OhGong, we'll be strong. He can take the same position as the Lion King, and in case of a shortage of similar members, he can compensate..."

"So we'll include the Lion King, Kali, Kim YuWon, Asura, and Son OhGong, correct?"

Son OhGong's participation was almost certain.

There was no reason to object.


"I think Hrcules would be better than Son OhGong."

Daedalus expressed a different opinion.


"He and the Lion King probably won't get along very well."

"Hrcules also holds the same position. Furthermore, his strength and defense are superior."

"But why?"

The discord with the Lion King.

Despite that, Daedalus recommended Hrcules instead of Son OhGong.

"Still, it's necessary. And..."

That was Daedalus's opinion.

"What if the other member is Siegfried?"

YuWon looked at the shaking nest ceiling.

The deeper he went, the more uncomfortable he felt.

"It wasn't false."

"If I remember, it's probably more or less the same. However, the details may be a little different."

Daedalus's words were wrong.

This Dungeon was identical to Ubbo-Sathla's nest as YuWon remembered it.

Even in the smallest details.

"This place is real."

The traitor was not just one.


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