Beastmaster of the Ages – Chapter 62 - Celestial Wings

Chapter 62 - Celestial Wings

Even though they were still a distance apart, Li Tianmings eyes caught Jiang Feilings.

Big brother Tianming. Her cry was soft as she trotted towards Li Tianming, dragging Jiang Qingluan along. The crowd automatically cleared a path for the pair as they approached the arena.

Who was Princess Ling calling?

I didnt hear clearly...

Why did I hear Li Tianming?

Bro, you deaf? How would these two even know each other?

Yeah, the difference between ** and silvers smaller.

And yet, for all their denials, Jiang Feiling had stopped in front of Li Tianming, a brilliant smile on her face. Big brother Tianming, I watched your performance just now, they were really amazing! I cant believe you really came to Ignispolis.

Linger, Ive told you to stay away from this farmer. Havent you heard what he did three years ago? So what if this bastard can accomplish something today? Princess Qing rolled her eyes.

Dont say that. I can see for myself what kind of a person he is. His heart is pure he would never do such a thing, Jiang Feiling replied, simply because she trusted her judgement. She was a special girl, and had her own ways of interpreting the world around her.

Here we go again. Jiang Qingluan slapped her forehead, but there was nothing she could do.

She glared at Li Tianming, Farmer, now that you are in Ignispolis and had finally found us, its about time you give me back my jade pendant.

The stage was dead silent other than the three of them everyone was listening to their conversation with bated breath.

Must I? Li Tianming asked.


What a pity, I just dont want to return it.

Jiang Qingluan gritted her teeth. Linger, now that you have seen this man, can we leave now? Hes about to become an embarrassment. She pursed her lips, acutely aware of the audiences gawking.

No, you can go first. I want to try my newly awakened ability with Brother Tianming. And I want to support his battle, Jiang Feiling immediately replied.

You... Jiang Qingluan was speechless. Jiang Feiling was in fact not a patient person, and would never hold back once she made her decision.

Hurry up then. This guy has a trashy reputation. Being together with him will put you under public scrutiny too. Jiang Qingluan threw another glare at Li Tianming. No matter how she saw it, Li Tianming looked like the evil one deceiving innocent girls.

Dont accuse him, big brother is a clean person. Jiang Feilings eyes were firmer than ever.

Whatever, just hurry. Jiang Qingluan knew there was no way she could stop Linger. As such, Jiang Feiling finally had the chance to talk to Li Tianming without being interrupted.

Big brother, after I returned to Ignispolis, another of the abilities in my nails was unsealed. Other than Spiritual Attachment and Temporal Field, I learnt a third ability, Jiang Feiling said eagerly. The last time they met, she promised that she would try her newly awakened abilities with Li Tianming.

Care to show me? Li Tianming was totally aware of the audience staring at them, but he couldnt care less. Right now, this world belonged to them and them alone.

The ability is somewhat like Spiritual Attachment, and requires me to attach to big brothers body too. Jiang Feiling said with anticipation.

Spiritual Attachment had allowed her to fuse into his body and give a mystical power to his beast ki. The effects were capable of boosting Li Tianmings strength by almost an entire level. What would the new ability do? Li Tianming looked forward to it just as much.

As for the spectators, some were confused, while others were irked. Li Tianming just smirked, enjoying their reactions. The two princesses had stunned everyone who had looked down on him. Everyone thought of him to be just a beggar, but why was this beggar so close with the princesses? And was he actually teasing that Princess Qing...

But before they could express their annoyance, the events that followed transcended their imagination.

Big brother, ready?

Naturally. Li Tianming opened his arms wide, looking as if he was about to embrace Princess Ling.

Although Princess Ling was picked up by the Vermilion Bird King and was therefore not his bloodline descendent, she had been treated like a real daughter, even given a prestigious position in the royal clan. She had no lifebound beasts and no means to cultivate, but it was said that she possessed the power to make Princess Qing stronger.

The audience blanched right after Li Tianming finished his words. Jiang Feilings body had broke apart into millions of sparkles, gathering around Li Tianmings body and his back in particular to form something.


With a brilliant radiance, a pair of blinding white wings had appeared on Li Tianmings back. The wings were woven by the sparkles, which were tightly packed together.

As the wings spread wide, Li Tianming took to the air with a single flap like a flying beast. Like a fledgling flying for the first time, he mucked around in mid-air for a few moments, before landing catastrophically.

It was quite a fast demonstration, and as Li Tianming landed, the sparkles regathered in front of Li Tianming to form back into Jiang Feiling. Part of the radiance remained on her body, making her look even more like a fairy.

Big brother, look at that! The Celestial Wings had complete synchronization too! Elated by the results, Jiang Feiling wanted to hug Li Tianming. Common sense, however, informed her that there were too many people, and it was with some reluctance that she hugged Jiang Qingluan instead.

Qinger, Qinger, did you see that? Big brother is incredible, he fully synchronised with the Celestial Wings too! Did you see the speed at which he was flying?

Oh. Oh. Jiang Qingluan could feel her head aching. How could she not be jealous of Li Tianming? Unfortunately, she could only close her eyes and swallow this bitter farmer pill.

Jiang Feiling, on the other hand, was overjoyed. She had gotten the results that she wanted. Li Tianming and her were practically made for each other.

This was within Jiang Qingluans expectations as well, but she could only curse at Li Tianming in her mind. Ever since they met at Red Twill Mountain, all of Jiang Feilings other skills showed signs of awakening. It wouldnt be that bad if he was a prince charming, but the notorious farmer, Li Tianming, was worlds away from that.

My head hurts... Pursing her lips, she said, Linger, you got what you wanted, can we go now?

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No, I still want to support big brothers battle, Jiang Feiling said hopefully. Big brother, Qinger is a disciple of the sanctum and both of us live there. If you become the prime disciple today, you can come and visit us more often!

Chapter end

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